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Metamorph.exe - Merfolk Transformation
       It took him hours to recuperate from what had happened. Aris was lying on his couch twiddling his fingers, happy that he had them back. That had to have been the oddest experience he had ever gone through, not that he experienced many odd things. But he couldn't imagine anything like it. Just what exactly did he find in that warehouse? Some kind of super-advanced computer chip that turns you into animals? How was that even remotely possible!?
       Aris laid on his couch, unsure of what to do next. He didn't even turn his TV on. He couldn't even imagine what he found. He was partly scared of it, but at the same time, it entirely intrigued him. If only he could find out how the thing worked. Aris really wished that were possible, but since that computer chip was stuck somewhere in his body, he couldn't do anything with it. He started to think about that program on his computer. Sure, turning into a goose was weird as hell, but it was also pretty cool, at the same time.
:iconxentience:Xentience 38 9
Gotta Summon 'Em All Part 2 :iconfluoxyd:Fluoxyd 117 24 My little Shop I :iconthelittlelight:TheLittlelight 88 22 everything ends with Shinigami :icondanneamu:DanNeamu 134 110 Raptorfied :iconageaus:Ageaus 97 15 A Beautiful Persuasion :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 102 118
Executable: Third Metamorphosis
Al felt lucky. He just barely managed to get out from within the wall before his ten minutes were up.
Still, he couldn't help but be in awe of those ten minutes. He was absolutely tiny, and the extra limbs was such a bizarre sensation. If he was more inclined to pay attention in physics class, he would be questioning how his mass was being altered, but alas, he wasn't.
Additionally, changing back was very different from initial morphs. He only felt the very beginning and very end. For the rest, he was just kinda spaced out.
Eagerly, Al went back to the console, and took a look through the library once more.
"Think I'll try something else new," he said to himself as he went to the aquatic section. This was filled with all kinds of underwater life, from the humble goldfish to the elegant manta ray.
Just when he had found what he was looking for, there was a knock on the door. Al quickly shut his laptop and opened.
"Hey, Al." It was Al's schoolmate and friend, Jake. "Mind if I hang out a
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Organix :iconworlockmolly:WorlockMolly 40 21 Truttle Bear Transformation :iconslice-md:Slice-MD 162 13 Fearsome Five in steampunk :iconsalmaru:SalmaRU 218 73 Mangu, Young Crinos Rogue :iconeviljoss:Eviljoss 76 7 Some new Pokemon Hama Beads :) :iconnidoran4886:Nidoran4886 39 10 Metamorph :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 77 65 Metamorph :iconhypnothalamus:hypnothalamus 85 6 Metamorphosis :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 56 14
Salamander TF
Al, short for Apollo, was woken up around 10:25 by sunlight filtering through his window. He pulled his covers over his head in a rather futile attempt to sleep a bit longer. After seven minutes, he gave up and got out of bed.
It was a Monday, which would mean school for Al if it wasn't midwinter break. Plus, his parents were up in Canada for their own personal vacation. It was pretty sweet.
Al tossed some frozen waffles in the toaster, just as the doorbell rang. He quickly threw some sweatpants and a t-shirt on, as he was in just his boxers, before going to open the door.
"Hello..?" Nobody was there. However, there was a small, white cardboard box. He picked up the object, which was surprisingly heavy, and found a sticker on the front.
In a simple font was written "META.EXE"
Al closed the door and popped the lid off the box. Inside was another, this one some kind of metal.
"That's weird," he said to himself as he took out this new container and slid the lid off. Inside t
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Pokesupe-Blue :iconhermyon:hermyon 77 16 Resting Eagle.... :iconnova1701dms:Nova1701dms 46 16 Goudakipu - Pokemon Type Meme :iconhaeruh:Haeruh 45 21
Executable: Second Metamorphosis
Al sat up, holding his forehead. "Agh... That was bizarre..."
His hand then moved to his throat. "I-I can talk again!" He looked at his hand. Five dexterous fingers. "I'm back to human!"
His eyes moved to the computer screen. There was a new line of text. "Time frame completed: Reverting Metamorph..."
"Freaky..." Al began standing up. He then realized the reversion process didn't involve reclothing. Thankfully, he was still alone, so he just pulled the outfit sitting on the floor back on.
"This is actually a bit cool," he said to himself as he placed himself on the couch, and the laptop on his lap. He scrolled back up through the text to check possible commands, and typed "Library".
He was met with an absurdly long list of various creatures, organized by kingdom and name. Although Al had little knowledge of animal kingdoms, he was fairly certain "Drakofair" wasn't one documented by science. He checked through that, discovering it contained creatures spoken of in myth, or simply unheard
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Queen :iconalivis:Alivis 68 3 Chops Fails At Being Human :iconinfinityunbound:infinityunbound 46 19 No Transforming in the Club :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 65 5
Metamorph.exe - Prologue
      The alarm clock next to Aris' bed set off exactly on que at 9:00 in the morning. He was glad that he had the advantage of being able to sleep late. Turning around on his mattress, he tried unsuccessfully to shut the alarm off multiple times, until finally striking the snooze button with his hand. His arm stretched through the air as he picked himself off of the bed. Aris turned to the calendar on his wall; it was the 23rd of March. The best part about this day, was that it was a Sunday. The only thing Aris had to do was sit back, relax, and let the end of the week waste away.
      His name was Aristo Kemyss. Or, at least, that was what his full name was. He was mostly called "Aris" by his friends and family. He never understood why he was given the name "Aristo." A Greek meaning for "brilliant" and a short, more common form of the name "Aristotle," the famous philosopher of classical Greece. Ironically, Aris did not think he was smart at all. He gue
:iconxentience:Xentience 12 11
Metamorphosis II: The gold :iconflorentcourty:FlorentCourty 45 21
Rachel's Halloween Story: Werewolf TF Page 1

    Rachel was a young and very bright, buxom, and highly energetic teenager, who was very excited for Halloween this year. She slowly was going up a flight of stairs from the city´s subway, to get to the Halloween party, which Jen & her had planned for months. Kind of a slumber party.
    She was all geared up for it too, and had a fiery passionate soul, and in her shimmering grayish hued eyes, a fiery glow that couldn't be smothered out by any let downs of tonight's party for this coming event in a lifetime.
    Her best sister, Jennifer was counting on her to arrive anytime soon with the light grey duffel bag filled with horror movies and of Rachel's favorite novel book, "Twilight". Not to mention Zoe, Jennifer's older sister, who was also apart of their family-like trio and splendors.
    Of course, that was most fantasy
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Lakhesis :iconcyberii:CyberII 24 4 Ditto :icondr-adri:Dr-Adri 23 3 Rainbooows - Rainbow Dash TF :iconluxianne:Luxianne 99 8 Blue mato-sama style :iconhermyon:hermyon 54 5
Daughter of a Malfoy Chapter 1.1
I woke up with a start and looked around. I was in my room on the second floor of my parents' house. I sighed with disappointment and fell back into my pillow. It was only a dream. I was only subconsciously wishing that I was at Hogwarts already.
My tawny owlet, Button, twittered from his perch on my dresser. I opened my eyes again as he fluttered to my nightstand and perched on my alarm clock. It was about seven-thirty, and in the bottom corner it said today was the first of September. I almost threw up from the realization that today, I really was going to go to Hogwarts! I jumped out of bed, surprising Button so much that he fell over.
"Aww, I'm so sorry, Button!" I picked him up and nuzzled him with my cheek. He was still small enough to fit in both of my hands, and that made him so adorable. "Are you okay? Can you fly for me?"
Button unfolded his wings and flapped them. I was relieved that he was instantly lifted off the ground. He was uninjured.
"Today is a special
:iconfroggy21997:froggy21997 9 11
the metamorph
we doff our baleful cape
our past
of darkest lies
and mortal hate
for want of splendor
or the promise
of redemptive
when the wool is found
beneath the fell, lupine cloak
catharsis ensues.
afterwards, the wool will change
into ethereal wings.
:iconspoems:spoems 6 25
Family visit :iconpokegirl5:PokeGirl5 117 14