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Super Smash Bros. 4 Comic: Orientation by PhantomSkyler Super Smash Bros. 4 Comic: Orientation :iconphantomskyler:PhantomSkyler 971 134
Papa Meta Knight
It was chaos.
Black, swirling skies of doom and despair. Blood and rain seeped into the parched ground and ruined battleships lay in disarray. It was so horrible and devastating.
So much pain. So much death. One by one, they all fell. All of his friends died in one single war against the monster that destroyed his world. He watched his world burn, just as he watched his friends fight and get slaughtered. He was alone now. The only one left…all alone…
Then he saw it. The tall figure rise from the black horizon and loom over him like a menacing dark plague. This was it. He was going to die.
The world around him imploded in shadows as he was cornered by the monster. The monster known as Nightmare.
Nightmare raised his hand, ready to strike the death blow. This is it! He was going to die! He was going to die just like his friends had! Just like-!
Meta Knight woke with a startled gasp. He was in a cold sweat and his breath was short and fast. He put his white-gloved hand
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Meta Knight- Snow... Angel? by DarkmaneTheWerewolf Meta Knight- Snow... Angel? :icondarkmanethewerewolf:DarkmaneTheWerewolf 1,269 222 Kirby VS Meta Knight by Blopa1987 Kirby VS Meta Knight :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 1,661 298
Smash! || Levi x Reader || AU
“I swear to god, don’t you-fuck you [Name]!”
Ah yes, just another typical Saturday. 
You began to laugh, cheering in victory as your Lucina slapped Levi’s Sheik into the sky, the screen filling with your win. 
Your fourth victory. 
“My fingers fucking slipped, it didn’t count!” Levi growled, slamming the 2 button repeatedly. 
“Yeah, yeah.” 
Levi Ackerman had never played video games in his life. 
He hadn’t seen the point of them, and only after you complained about how lonely it was playing by yourself, did he reluctantly agree to begin playing with you on Saturdays and when he had time. 
That was two weeks ago. 
Now? He was addicted as hell, smirking triumphantly, as he picked a fuzzy, blue and black character, the name Lucario flashing on screen. You had picked Meta Knight, changing it’s appearance to dark silver with red eyes. 
“I’ll bea
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The Meta Knight by ArcZero The Meta Knight :iconarczero:ArcZero 2,017 396 Into the New Morning by BabyVegeta Into the New Morning :iconbabyvegeta:BabyVegeta 554 150 Meta Knight Hat by clearkid Meta Knight Hat :iconclearkid:clearkid 430 123 kirby VS Nightmare by Blopa1987 kirby VS Nightmare :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 938 245 Kirby Ice by Blopa1987 Kirby Ice :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 855 147 Meta Knight... Without Mask by Eniotna Meta Knight... Without Mask :iconeniotna:Eniotna 1,271 220 A Wonderful Dream by BabyVegeta A Wonderful Dream :iconbabyvegeta:BabyVegeta 649 151 Super Smash Bros 4 Orientation: Part 2 by PhantomSkyler Super Smash Bros 4 Orientation: Part 2 :iconphantomskyler:PhantomSkyler 681 91 Yaoi by Kaydragon Yaoi :iconkaydragon:Kaydragon 1,373 459 Meta Knight by Archaedin Meta Knight :iconarchaedin:Archaedin 299 89 Kirby and Meta Knight by Demonic-Chaos Kirby and Meta Knight :icondemonic-chaos:Demonic-Chaos 456 142 Kirby Plasma by Blopa1987 Kirby Plasma :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 670 71 Edgy Orb by TheAkanemnon Edgy Orb :icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 233 59 Super Smash Bros: Meta Knight by ArcZero Super Smash Bros: Meta Knight :iconarczero:ArcZero 410 54 Brawler - Metaknight by Neslug Brawler - Metaknight :iconneslug:Neslug 249 28 DOODLE TIME: This is stupid by TheAkanemnon DOODLE TIME: This is stupid :icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 257 287 Sir Meta Knight by Teevo Sir Meta Knight :iconteevo:Teevo 989 151 T...this was planned by AgentDrago T...this was planned :iconagentdrago:AgentDrago 346 237 kirby Parasol by Blopa1987 kirby Parasol :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 553 62 Likeness by NataEliza Likeness :iconnataeliza:NataEliza 278 40 Meta knight: Galaxia darkness by Tauregil Meta knight: Galaxia darkness :icontauregil:Tauregil 622 136 What the Future Brings by TheAkanemnon What the Future Brings :icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 267 67 Love for Colors by AgentDrago Love for Colors :iconagentdrago:AgentDrago 263 63 SSBB Metaknight by Musetrigger SSBB Metaknight :iconmusetrigger:Musetrigger 711 129 Meta Knight infuriated... by Nintendragon8 Meta Knight infuriated... :iconnintendragon8:Nintendragon8 290 93 Go Go kirby! by Blopa1987 Go Go kirby! :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 480 135 Galaxia Strike by EtherealGalaxia Galaxia Strike :iconetherealgalaxia:EtherealGalaxia 590 61 Knight Life by TheAkanemnon Knight Life :icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 377 158 Kirby Ninja by Blopa1987 Kirby Ninja :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 550 59 First - Kirby Ninja by Blopa1987 First - Kirby Ninja :iconblopa1987:Blopa1987 339 18 Kirby and Meta Knight by AlyssaC-12 Kirby and Meta Knight :iconalyssac-12:AlyssaC-12 537 60 Meta Knight Epic Yarn Style by meta-narf Meta Knight Epic Yarn Style :iconmeta-narf:meta-narf 352 78 Meta Knight Return to Dreamland Style Render by Nibroc-Rock Meta Knight Return to Dreamland Style Render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 227 15
Meta Knight seeks a challenge in DEATH BATTLE!

Meta Knight

Age: Unknown (Lived for thousands of years)

Height: 2-3 Feet

Weight: Presumed weightless

Fought on par with Kirby
One of the strongest warriors in the galaxy
Defeated Galacta Knight
-Three times
Defeated King Dedede

Destroyed his own ship
-..For some reason
--Was there even any reason?
One of the most powerful Kirby characters
Adventured alongside Kirby, Dedede, and Bandana Dee and defeated Magolor
Summoned Nova

-Fought against Kirby
-Traded blows with Dedede
--Overpowered him and won the fight, as well
-Battled against Magolor, and damaged him
-Cut off Galacta Knight's wings
-Broke through the roof of Dedede's Castle

-No sold hits from Kirby
:icontendothegamer:TendoTheGamer 25 5
Coming for ya :REDUX: by TheAkanemnon Coming for ya :REDUX: :icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 123 13 Meta Knight Wallpaper by Spiccan Meta Knight Wallpaper :iconspiccan:Spiccan 605 117 Meta Knight by girfreak8 Meta Knight :icongirfreak8:girfreak8 191 52 Cape Hair by Quarma Cape Hair :iconquarma:Quarma 267 19 Meta Knight by rongs1234 Meta Knight :iconrongs1234:rongs1234 332 18 Peace in Dreamland by Jazzy-Kandra Peace in Dreamland :iconjazzy-kandra:Jazzy-Kandra 160 22 Meta Knight by DavidValdez Meta Knight :icondavidvaldez:DavidValdez 355 30 Happy Birthday by beanielova Happy Birthday :iconbeanielova:beanielova 101 6