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So Call Me... Maybe by Harseik So Call Me... Maybe :iconharseik:Harseik 9,908 1,018 Girl With a Pearl Earring - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Girl With a Pearl Earring - Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 1,744 574
Met online [ Jeff the killer x reader ]
Met Online
[ Jeff the killer x reader ]
You walked into your room frustrated, another school day was over thank god. You let your (h/c) hair out of its ponytail and put your bag down on the floor as you walked over to your drawer and pulled out some comfortable (color) sweats and a (color) baggy t-shirt.
"thats better" you let yourself fall on your bed and closed your eyes. Just as you where about to fall into sleep your computer started to beep telling you that you had a message on MSN. It was your friend Jeff, you knew it even before you opened to look. You smiled as you looked at your computer and started to read the message before you replied.
~in the MSN~
InsaneJeff: How was school?
(MSN name): it was so boring, how do you always know when I'm done in school?
InsaneJeff: You told me silly~
(MSN name): oh yeah i forgot…
InsaneJeff: so whats been up in news for you?
(MSN name): nothing really, was in school almost dyeing of boredom
InsaneJeff: noo don't die on me (name)!!
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Ask - Question #11 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #11 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 729 370 Mogeko Castle by DAV-19 Mogeko Castle :icondav-19:DAV-19 3,538 276
2p!RomanoxReader: How I Met You Became Ti Amo
“(kid name) get out of the ball pit, we have to go home!” you called to the child you were babysitting. How he had convinced you to go to here you’d never know. A leg was sticking out. Angrily you grabbed it and pulled.
However the person you pulled out wasn’t (kid name), it was a full grown man. Your eye practically dropped out of your skull. What was a man doing in the ball pit? Then you blushed, what was a very attractive man doing in the ball pit?
“Ciao,” he said giving you a big smile.
You blushed harder and let go of his ankle, “S-sorry!”
He was blonde with an odd curl. Also a scar on his cheek just below his eye. However it didn’t take away from any of the attractiveness he held for you.
“Have you seen (child’s description) running around anywhe-.”
“Miss _______________,” a small voice said tugging on your sleeve. “It’s time to go. Did you make a new friend?”
You blanched,
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Ill met by moonlight by Earl-Graey Ill met by moonlight :iconearl-graey:Earl-Graey 721 38 Hatter and Alice by dreamer20k Hatter and Alice :icondreamer20k:dreamer20k 347 27 We used to meet there by feainne-stock We used to meet there :iconfeainne-stock:feainne-stock 547 96
how i met your father | natsu
            “Mommy, how did you and daddy meet?”
            You look down affectionately at the young child sitting on your lap, (his/her) shock of pink hair flopping gently down into (his/her) (your eye color) eyes. Ruffling (his/her) hair lightly while chuckling, you reply. “He burned down my bed and breakfast inn. I hated him.”
            Your child’s eyes widen as (he/she) looks up at you in shock. “You… hated daddy?”
            “Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love him now.”
            “He burned down your inn? Wait, mommy ran an inn?!”
            “Yeah,” you chuckle sh
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When Jeff Met Zippers Part 1 by GingaAkam When Jeff Met Zippers Part 1 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 959 323 Ben Drowned by JadedLogic Ben Drowned :iconjadedlogic:JadedLogic 777 611 Mega man the Blue Avenger by iliasPatlis Mega man the Blue Avenger :iconiliaspatlis:iliasPatlis 1,224 123 Skyrim: If My Dovahkiins Met by Isriana Skyrim: If My Dovahkiins Met :iconisriana:Isriana 879 313 Alyson Hannigan 2 by YannWeaponX Alyson Hannigan 2 :iconyannweaponx:YannWeaponX 1,799 288 TEAMWORK starts with TEA by Tell-Me-Lies TEAMWORK starts with TEA :icontell-me-lies:Tell-Me-Lies 1,147 115 iSuit by wall-e-ps iSuit :iconwall-e-ps:wall-e-ps 761 251 Rust Giant by Sethard Rust Giant :iconsethard:Sethard 6,020 386
A blood colored sunrise,
That you will never forget
Brings to your mind a person,
That you have not yet met
Visions cloud your mind,
You see them all the time...
The visions make you see things,
That you wish you did not know
But no matter how far you push them away,
They only seem to grow
Be careful where you step,
And watch out where you go!
And that's how you know!
It's fear...
That drives you!
It's fear...
That divides you!
Fear of the unexpected,
Fear of the unknown
Fear of everything you see,
Fear of what you have been shown...
It feels like an knife blade,
Has been rammed into your gut
But you ignore all the pain you feel,
Because you can never get enough!
Bodies and weapons,
Lying all around
You creep through the corridors,
Trying to not make a sound
A whispering sensation,
Fills the night air
You could swear no-one was behind you,
But it feels like someone's there!
And that's how you know!
It's fear...
That drives you!
It's fear...
That divides you!
Fear of the unexpected,
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Moonlight Met by rockgem Moonlight Met :iconrockgem:rockgem 1,324 159 how i met your mother by kitsunegari16 how i met your mother :iconkitsunegari16:kitsunegari16 1,621 205 Awesomeness - Poster 1 by SouthernDesigner Awesomeness - Poster 1 :iconsoutherndesigner:SouthernDesigner 276 68 Awesomeness by ertunc Awesomeness :iconertunc:ertunc 902 71 moon and sun by Silly-Peach moon and sun :iconsilly-peach:Silly-Peach 525 130
never met a letter
i am growing my hair out
for you. soon the birds
will entangle themselves in it
and twist nests, nettled
with twigs, into miniature
huddles. they will squirm,
robin's eggs mirroring the
waning tides, and swallow the
you make me feel like i am
supposed to be the sun
instead of a stupid girl
with her flat hat and cat eyes.
i swath myself in
manufactured clouds, drawing
a long white face still
heavy enough to
drown a soul.
i am the ugliest clam in
this aquarium,
printed with the illusion that
inside my mundane shell,
i hold a shellacked pearl on
my tongue. you will pry
me open at the hinges, rusted
copper breaking into shrapnel,
and see that i am
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We've met before HiccupxReader (Request)
“Hiccup, I have to tell you some exciting news!” Stoic said. Hiccup looked up from where he was fiddling with his prosthetic leg.
“Hey dad. What is it?” he asked, setting down his screwdriver. Stoic beamed and stepped to the side, revealing a girl about Hiccup’s age, with (h/c) and (e/c) eyes.
“This is [Name] [Last Name]. Hiccup, your going to be head of the village some day, and so, you need a wife. So [Name] here is going to be your wife!!” Stoic said happily, like he had given Hiccup the best present in the world.
Hiccup on the other hand, looked mortified. He looked between you and his father, not believing this.
“Dad, you can’t do that!” he protested. Stoic looked at him confused.
“Why not? She’s the perfect wife for you!” He said to his son. Hiccup just shook his head.
“Dad, you don’t understand!” Hiccup said, then sighed. “There’s a couple things wrong with this. One, we
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Sylvanasgotshit by Callesw Sylvanasgotshit :iconcallesw:Callesw 360 26 Questions for the Earth Spirit by BobKehl Questions for the Earth Spirit :iconbobkehl:BobKehl 385 27 AlicexHatter123 Prompts 1-4 by Tell-Me-Lies AlicexHatter123 Prompts 1-4 :icontell-me-lies:Tell-Me-Lies 1,132 82 Keep Calm and Stay Legendary by JuanitoTheVampire Keep Calm and Stay Legendary :iconjuanitothevampire:JuanitoTheVampire 270 8 Dream come true. .. by addy-ack Dream come true. .. :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 622 0 When Jeff met Smile Dog by GingaAkam When Jeff met Smile Dog :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 1,239 224 How We Met by schellstudio How We Met :iconschellstudio:schellstudio 471 38 Legendary - Barney Stinson by SouthernDesigner Legendary - Barney Stinson :iconsoutherndesigner:SouthernDesigner 432 71 It's like summer by Tell-Me-Lies It's like summer :icontell-me-lies:Tell-Me-Lies 683 96 If I Had Met You Sooner (1) by mynameisthaothao If I Had Met You Sooner (1) :iconmynameisthaothao:mynameisthaothao 867 86 AWESOME by DVArtworks AWESOME :icondvartworks:DVArtworks 412 161 I Met You by Wnison I Met You :iconwnison:Wnison 519 29 AlicexHatter123 Prompts 9-12 by Tell-Me-Lies AlicexHatter123 Prompts 9-12 :icontell-me-lies:Tell-Me-Lies 804 68
Don't You Wish
Don't you wish,
That things didn't happen the way they did,
That if only we met under different circumstances,
Everything will be good...
And I still wish,
For tomorrow to come soon,
To hold you in my arms again,
And never let go.
Right now we can only wish for that tomorrow,
Seemingly so far away,
And fragilely,
A fairy tale as real as you and I.
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Tuxessories: Wait For It by behindinfinity Tuxessories: Wait For It :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 391 44 MMBN15.EXE by Shenaniganza MMBN15.EXE :iconshenaniganza:Shenaniganza 507 23
you're just a question mark
i met you so long ago
but back then our bodies were made of metal
and nowadays they’re made of the blades of
grass and dirt settling
underneath my fingernails.
my fingers are having a hard time
reaching the keys and
my organs are shaking mostly because i haven’t
eaten in two days but also
because i’m worried about the things you're doing to yourself.
we didn’t meet very long ago at all but it feels like forever ago
and you say you don’t know me
that you don’t know anyone
but baby you're turning into a skeleton and i’m peeling back my skin
to try and reach my bones, just like you.
i hope you're happy,
i’m covering the hard wood floors now
the bits and pieces splattered.
they are calling it a suicide but i’m calling it
a way to see my brain and
just how dark it has become, and honestly
i don’t want you to try and see about your’s.
i’m mourning the loss of my heart and wish you weren’t either -
you’re gone
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You Shouldn't Have Done That by Draikinator You Shouldn't Have Done That :icondraikinator:Draikinator 420 162 A Big Summer Mess by gh07 A Big Summer Mess :icongh07:gh07 639 25
She thinks the words 'I love you' are ugly.
Do you remember how we met?
That was the night I learned
that "flattery will get you nowhere"
really means "seduce me hard
enough and I'll do anything for you."
I have learned that I hate
the sensation of love:
Someone punching
your jaw, bones docking
into your throat and every breath
feels like poison sludge
clawing its way into your lungs.
choke, drown, die, wither
but you're not dead.
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Blue Bomber Forever by ZEBES Blue Bomber Forever :iconzebes:ZEBES 771 164 how i met your mother by tamashorvath how i met your mother :icontamashorvath:tamashorvath 312 9