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Potty Training for Teens - pt1: Josephine's Story
Potty Training for Teens - Part 1: Josephine's Story
I stand pants-less, blushing, my soiled diaper sagging before all my new classmates. They all come from different planets, different origins, but all have something in common: diapers. At any other school in the universe, having my diaper exposed would mean the death of my social status. But not this school. This was the Girls' Institution for Toilet Training on planet Congarde. This is basically where bullied girls go who can't control their bladder or bowel movements. Yes, that's me, Josephine, now just a girl who needs a diaper like the rest of them - well, it's not exactly the same. Let me tell you how I got here...
My story began on one Earthish Summer morning. The sun was beaming in the sky and birds flounced from tree to the next. I strolled along the pavement with my parents. We were on our way to this new restaurant that had just opened up downtown. I forget what it was called... An Indian restaurant? I probably don't rememb
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Mess With Me :iconbpsola:bpsola 676 122 Little Mess :iconhikaru9u9:Hikaru9u9 251 107 Solitary Mess :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 4,056 249 eat the children :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 564 141 It wasn't me :icontanidareal:TaniDaReal 1,911 209 Wrath of D... :iconlordeeas:lordeeas 2,643 203 Bad taste :iconrejuch:Rejuch 834 67 Worse than Matrix :iconirenemartini:IreneMartini 1,313 122 strawberry minutes. :iconcamiloo:Camiloo 1,235 126 wake me up when you're broke. :iconindiae:indiae 1,458 119 Lost Mind? | Wallpaper :iconarkkukakku112:arkkukakku112 584 35 chemicals react :iconsaturdayx:saturdayx 1,999 439
Another Mother - Morning
“Kyle...wake up...Kyle...!”
The soft, motherly words were the first thing he heard upon exiting the realm of dreams. He had fallen into quite the deep slumber last night, and he just didn’t want to open his eyes.
(This’s more comfortable...leave me alone...)
“C’mon, sleepyhead! It’s a beautiful morning!” the motherly voice spoke again.
“G’way...lemme sleep...” Kyle slurred, pulling the covers over himself.
“Now now, don’t be a Grumpy Gus!” she said, as if she were addressing a child.
“Lady, I said...” (Wait...what’s...?)
Kyle took the covers off of him and opened his eyes.
“What is this?!”
He expected to be in a bed, perhaps in a motel; instead, he found himself in an adult sized crib, in a room decorated just like a baby’s, only the furniture was scaled for a grownup. A changing table, rocking chair, rocking horse, round table, and baby walker we
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