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Merry Go Round Icon Set :iconraindropmemory:Raindropmemory 2,082 169
Legolas x Dragon skin changer
   It was a nice day in Middle Earth. You were on a hunt in a shape of a small dragon. You were a skin changer. Your pack was a rare one, a pack of small dragons. You were small dragon, but you were strong. You were a (element you like) and your (f/c) scales shined in the sun. A lot of hunters would die for your scales, so your pack would have to be careful.
   You smiled. The air had become thick once the ring was awakened. Nothing was the same as it used to be. A Hobbit had the ring and was going to destroy it, you couldn’t wait! You wanted to have more trees around so hunting would be easy for you to hunt, and your pack.
   Your family was killed by a white wizard. You couldn’t remember his name, but you hated him. You wanted to kill him personally. You wished you could fine the Hobbit and help him, but you were stuck here with the rest of the pack. The rest of the dragon skin changers were too scared to leave one another, I mean you couldn&
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Merry Christmas, Darling - Loki x Reader
It was a nice evening beside the Christmas tree with its flickering lights. Flashes of red, green, yellow, and blue made its way across your vision.
Putting your hands together you causally leaned beside the fireplace taking in the sounds of the crackling wood. Its warmth radiated outward to your body but you were far enough away from the all-encompassing heat to not grow uncomfortable.
Off to the side was your lover Loki who was wrapped up in one of your Santa Claus blankets with what looked like a smirk on his face. You wondered what he was dreaming about but then disregarded it. Last time Loki told you one of his dreams it made you blush profusely and become shy for a week.
Shaking your head, you glanced up to the Christmas tree and couldn’t help but smile.
Yesterday was the best day of your life.
You had always loved Christmas for reasons you had not yet told Loki but now the feeling of loving the holiday grew more intense; it marked the beginning of your engagement.
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