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Maria and John: A Mermaid Transformation
Maria’s long brown hair was blown across her face by the wind. By the cool sea breeze.
She didn’t bother brushing it aside.
No, she had far too much on her mind. Too much, and so she had thought the beach would be a quiet, calming place to be. But if the shouting, screaming, laughing voices of the beach-goers were any indication, she was wrong. She thought the voices were as irritating as the cold gale. Why are there people here at all, on a day as windy as this? Just because summer was on its way didn’t mean people had to be down on the beach, rain or shine.
She walked across the sand, tugging her orange jacket tight around her. She didn’t plan to go swimming. Not today.
I wonder how I did. The last of her exams were done, and she would receive her results soon. Why can’t I stop thinking about them? It’s a good thing I’ll get them soon – the suspense would kill me over summer – but . . . what if I failed? What if I
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Seastars Shine - Mermaid Transformation
The sea, as anyone will tell you, is a place of mystery. Of change, charm, and challenges. Change: the magnificent way in which the water's workings astound us. Charm: the way the creatures of the deep can make us smile, then lurch back in terror. And Challenge: the difficulty in exploring it all, or even attempting to. To the people of the Candlelit Coast, the seastars were all three. Like a veil of glitter across the ocean water, the seastars were countless lights, shimmering upon the surface, bright enough to rival the stars of the sky. A yearly phenomenon, and to understand it was a Challenge, certainly, and its Charm went without saying.
But, malleable as the ocean is, even its most trusted constants can Change ... And for that, today, the seastars would make all the Change in the world.
The sun's light gleamed against the cove's walls and cliffs. The little nook among the stone was like a private pool to anyone who knew about it, and to anyone who wanted peace from the
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