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Sock Puppets-Soldier X Reader
Sock Puppets
Soldier X Reader
    I had disobeyed the captain again. He was angry with me, but not so much as when I nearly burned down the fort, which was a misfortune altogether. Though that did little to comfort me when he put me on laundry duty, the worst next to bathroom cleaning. It was boring, standing around and washing every article of clothing possible. And it wasn’t like the boxers or underwear bothered me.
It was the socks.
   They were dingy, holey as can be, and they rank from all the running around. Ewwwww, just thinking about them made me sick, because they went through them so quickly in just a week. That’s why I had to perfume the room when I came down, cause you could smell it all just in the hallway.
“Gross.” I mumbled, throwing a load into one of the six washers we had, making sure to fit the right amount to get them cleaned as possible. “Men are so dirty, how can their clothing withstand it all? You would think it
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A little bitter, aren't we?
A: Over here.
B: Ah, there you are. Stunning as ever, I see. {He sits down.} You -
A: Shut up.
A WAITER appears, seemingly out of thin air.
A: Black coffee, milk and two sugars.
B: Coke, thanks.
He nods, and vanishes.
A: So what took you so long to show?
B: School. Well, you know how it is; not all of us are completely adept at playing truant whenever we feel like it, you know.
A: It's a waste of fucking time. No-one bothers.
B: No-one you know. And so says the boy sitting sulky in a dark corner with a - frankly dazzling - shiner.
A does not respond, and avoids eye contact, scowling down at the gleaming tabletop. B gives up on waiting for an answer, and continues. Faux-coaxing and unashamedly curious.
B: Who was it this time? I didn't give you that one, I'm sure of it.
A: Oh, it wasn't you. May come as a little shock to you, but I do see other people, you know.
B: Can't think why. Luckily, I've never been the jealous type.
A: Yeah, you're far too ugly
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I Need You Too :iconmistytang:MistyTang 297 37 So Many Curls :iconmistytang:MistyTang 468 77 Guilty Pleasure :iconvert-is-ninja:vert-is-ninja 789 124 Teahouse: Bite and Touch :iconkura-and-something:kura-and-something 355 166 Back Rub :iconmistytang:MistyTang 211 49 W e l c o m e T o T e a h o u s e :iconyamatotaichou:YamatoTaichou 178 33 Pain :iconmistytang:MistyTang 412 88 Tendrils :iconmistytang:MistyTang 205 36 Let's Go Home :iconmistytang:MistyTang 216 37 Mind Leak 21 :iconsusiron:Susiron 245 24
Mercutio's Lament
Goodnight Snow White,
And may the touch of your prince be the first
To wake you, and the last to brush your lips of grace
Goodbye sweetheart,
I dedicate these sheets of poem to all those forgotten
And to all those forgetting. It's a travesty to my name.
Dear Capulet, gentle Montague, lay aside
Your swords, for bullets work much faster and
The night before my martyrdom I lay my eyes upon her
Fair Juliet on her balcony. But for Romeo I must bear witness,
And my brother, I must confess this,
The war is getting bloody, I do not think I have the stomach for it.
And so I lay me down to sleep, my bed soaked with red.
For the blade of he protected the love you so declare
Was the end of my days and my friend, I feel for you
And the best of luck as I shine upon you,
It was all for you
I wish that she'd dream of me, instead of just the stars
Tear it apart, shatter her heart,
Moonshine and fantasy,
Hollywood dreams of total control,
A cult of personality
And it's just not what's in store for me
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Two Evil Freckles :iconmistytang:MistyTang 130 46 Good Morning Kiss :iconmistytang:MistyTang 100 19 Chapter 3 Page 12 :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 264 67 Chapter 4 Page 10 :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 404 116 You Should Go :iconmistytang:MistyTang 230 48 Les Rois Du Monde :iconjesterry:jesterry 381 31 Better For Us :iconmistytang:MistyTang 180 35 Chapter 4 Page 3 :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 280 60 You Need Kissing :iconmistytang:MistyTang 197 31 Forever :iconmistytang:MistyTang 119 24 Chapter 3 Page 11 :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 159 20 extra mercutio :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 201 30 Chapter 3 Page 27 :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 148 6 Rage :iconmistytang:MistyTang 107 24
How The Universe Works
At this point, not much surprised Cian.  Every planet seemed to be the same; all the people were the same, and the way their histories played out in the grand scheme of time were all the same.  Take this world in front of him right now.  It was populated by a race of bird-humanoids that worshipped the weather.  They were in their infant stages of knowledge, worshiping rather than understanding.  They were split into tribes, some friendly with each other, some decidedly not.  The people were doomed to fail and fall into war, some tribes would die, or perhaps the whole world would.  If they didn't, life continued and perhaps there would be a renaissance or enlightenment.  If they all died then he could come back in another thousand years and see the new life emerging, only to fall into the same trap its ancestors had.
"Lovely world, Sesmia is," said a voice behind him.
Chills ran up Cian's spine and he jerked
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Finally :iconmistytang:MistyTang 144 32 One Big Mess :iconmistytang:MistyTang 125 29 Chapter 4 Page 11 :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 219 83 Oh Mercy Me :iconmistytang:MistyTang 159 25 My Mercutio :iconmistytang:MistyTang 140 24 Fishes :iconmistytang:MistyTang 187 34 Meeting Mercutio :iconmistytang:MistyTang 134 27 Tightrope :iconmistytang:MistyTang 126 34 A Couple of MxC Scribbles :iconmistytang:MistyTang 141 36 Taming the Beast :iconmistytang:MistyTang 146 27 Kisses for Freckles :iconmistytang:MistyTang 145 23
Tybalt x Mercutio...wait what?
Tybalt and Mercutio: A love story
Author's warning!!!!!
MY FRIEND AND I HEARD ABOUT THIS DELIGHTFULLY TWISTED PAIRING AND JUST COULDN'T RESIST WRITING A CRACKFIC FOR IT!!! Oh, and Mr. Shakespeare sir? Please don't rise from the grave and hunt us down, that would make us sad......ENJOY!
Love: Scirius14
Tybalt closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of soft lips pressing against his own and the warmth of the person in his arms. He admitted to himself that he consumed more than a little wine, which would explain why the person that he was currently kissing passionately was another man. He couldn't see the others face though, for they were both still  wearing their party masks.
Tybalt pulled the other closer and whispered huskily in his ear, "Take off your mask." the other male smiled,  "Take of yours first." Tybalt smiled back, "Fine then, at the same time." Both men stepped back a lit
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Shall we trade clothes? :iconmistytang:MistyTang 139 43 Mercutio and Mab :iconcrackpotmay:crackpotMay 118 38 Chapter 4 Page 1 :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 207 40 Mmm...Waffles :iconmistytang:MistyTang 115 22 Romeo :iconemi-gemini:Emi-Gemini 294 50