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The Lord of  Darkness by AlviaAlcedo The Lord of Darkness :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 4,857 309 S'mores Prep Board by Bon-AppetEats S'mores Prep Board :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 1,888 258 Melted Dreams by Matthias-Haker Melted Dreams :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 1,971 74 Melted candle - PNG by velvet-skies-STOCK Melted candle - PNG :iconvelvet-skies-stock:velvet-skies-STOCK 389 109 Everybody screams for ice cream! by Maca-mau Everybody screams for ice cream! :iconmaca-mau:Maca-mau 945 203 Centocephalic Dragon by Rodrigo-Vega Centocephalic Dragon :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 1,260 151
The Pool Toy Factory Tour.
The Pool Toy Factory Tour
  A local Pool Toy factory was hosting tours for little kids to see how pool toys  were made just to get them curious. A factory worker came out in his white coat and goggles standing in front of the entrance looking for a school bus to escort the young kids into the factory. He sighed at how boring it was and whispered. "Goddamn I'm bored! When are they coming any way?" He stayed there as another employee came as he told him "Why are you out here their not coming until 10 0'clock." His jaw dropped as he slopped over and walked back in depressed.
  Soon a yellow school bus was coming down the road as a luxurious sports car was speeding by the bus as the kids were amazed at the sight of the car. Inside a long blonde hair women with huge breast wearing a corset and purple jacket was pissed as all hell as she sped up faster on the road. In her thoughts she was mad at the prize of a tournament she won. She fought against
:iconayumuhunter:AyumuHunter 122 282
Queen of melted snow by starg691 Queen of melted snow :iconstarg691:starg691 1,205 164 Snow Has Melted Down. by surrealistic-gloom Snow Has Melted Down. :iconsurrealistic-gloom:surrealistic-gloom 484 225 Milk Filled Cookie Cups Tut by claremanson Milk Filled Cookie Cups Tut :iconclaremanson:claremanson 289 52 Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser Simple Candelabra (White Candles) :iconangelichellraiser:AngelicHellraiser 641 28 Chocolate Mousse Cake by noregretting91 Chocolate Mousse Cake :iconnoregretting91:noregretting91 306 11 I'll stop the world and melt with you by SwedishMickey I'll stop the world and melt with you :iconswedishmickey:SwedishMickey 423 32 Choco Chunk Cornflake Treats by claremanson Choco Chunk Cornflake Treats :iconclaremanson:claremanson 243 40 Golden Revenge by canned-sardines Golden Revenge :iconcanned-sardines:canned-sardines 565 139 Chocolate Jello Bites by claremanson Chocolate Jello Bites :iconclaremanson:claremanson 317 58 Melted Red Candles by AngelicHellraiser Melted Red Candles :iconangelichellraiser:AngelicHellraiser 415 24 Humans VS Lupains War Scene by Jugg4 Humans VS Lupains War Scene :iconjugg4:Jugg4 98 38 Festive Cookies by claremanson Festive Cookies :iconclaremanson:claremanson 356 40 Toast Avatar by Kezzi-Rose Toast Avatar :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 832 98 Milk and Cookie Cups by claremanson Milk and Cookie Cups :iconclaremanson:claremanson 275 78 Life in Colour by JonJTran Life in Colour :iconjonjtran:JonJTran 1,191 101 Easy Peasy Pizza Tutorial by claremanson Easy Peasy Pizza Tutorial :iconclaremanson:claremanson 262 30 Nutella Muffins by claremanson Nutella Muffins :iconclaremanson:claremanson 426 55
Shipping Surprise, Part 1
     "Quick, come on!" Jeff whispered. Cody and I hurried over to the factory door and slipped inside while Jeff held it open. "Take your shoes off and leave 'em by the door. I don't want to get caught 'cause we tracked dirt in, or something. They're really careful about food contamination." Cody grinned at me. "You don't think Cal's socks will set off any alarms?" he said, then yelped as I poked him in the ribs. Once our shoes were off, Jeff led us into the factory.
     We looked around the cavernous space in awe. "Wow. Look at this place! It's so cool your dad works here," I said. "How'd you get us in?" Jeff grinned and held up a key. "I swiped my dad's spare. Come on, I wanna show you around."
     It was Saturday evening, and the factory was empty for the weekend. Jeff said he'd been here plenty of times before with his dad, and he knwe how to turn on the lights. He'd told us he wan't too worried about anyone noticing the light from the
:iconinflateyou:inflateyou 84 22
More than a Massage P9 by DoodleDowd More than a Massage P9 :icondoodledowd:DoodleDowd 360 8 Brute Take by Evalad Brute Take :iconevalad:Evalad 911 136 Nutella Mousse II by claremanson Nutella Mousse II :iconclaremanson:claremanson 365 30 Oreo Cupcakes by claremanson Oreo Cupcakes :iconclaremanson:claremanson 334 66 My melted heart by Mon-artifice My melted heart :iconmon-artifice:Mon-artifice 300 49 Nutella Mousse by claremanson Nutella Mousse :iconclaremanson:claremanson 466 75 Pokemon Cupcakes by claremanson Pokemon Cupcakes :iconclaremanson:claremanson 336 95 Melted Heart by pete-aeiko Melted Heart :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 65 51 Jewelry Professional Icons by antialiasfactory Jewelry Professional Icons :iconantialiasfactory:antialiasfactory 221 62 Wrapped by JosephineJonesMUA Wrapped :iconjosephinejonesmua:JosephineJonesMUA 296 36 Breakfast Bites by claremanson Breakfast Bites :iconclaremanson:claremanson 308 47 Chocolate Pizza by Ferntree Chocolate Pizza :iconferntree:Ferntree 188 52 Baseball Bat by khaamar Baseball Bat :iconkhaamar:khaamar 273 30 Orange Chocolate Cookies by claremanson Orange Chocolate Cookies :iconclaremanson:claremanson 141 19 session.150k by pete-aeiko session.150k :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 1,019 213 Chocolate Filled Crepe by monsterkookies Chocolate Filled Crepe :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 177 120 Sunny Day by Jack-Hoo Sunny Day :iconjack-hoo:Jack-Hoo 213 14 Cake Ball Tutorial by claremanson Cake Ball Tutorial :iconclaremanson:claremanson 383 40
Mraina's Beach Day
At the sunny beaches of Florida a young girl named Marina was sunbathing in a cute red bikini and her red hair shined in the sun as it beating down on her as she sweated and shined. She tries to cool off by going into the shade before she has a incident with liquefy. Soon Marina smacked her lips as she felt  thirsty and thought "Damn I am so thirsty! I need a coke bad." So she walks to the beach shop and notices all the nice blankets, towels and toys . It was a colorful shop as the walls were ocean blue and the floor felt like sand. She looked around for the drinks in the shop as a beach ball that had Tina's color scheme caught her eye.
She sighed at the sight of the beach ball since she wanted to get it for Kyle but all she had with her was only enough for a soda. So she finds a coke and goes up to the counter as she saw a familiar sight a white haired man with a blue t-shirt and swim trunks. Marina yelled out in shock "Steve! What are you doing here?" Steve was shocked to s
:iconayumuhunter:AyumuHunter 27 16
messed up in the head by ebas messed up in the head :iconebas:ebas 178 147 angel by Gordomuro angel :icongordomuro:Gordomuro 122 2