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The Dragon Fighter by DanteWontDie The Dragon Fighter :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 4,718 110 Touhou Illusion by DanteWontDie Touhou Illusion :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 1,655 68 MMD- Downy Hair-DOWNLOAD by MMDFakewings18 MMD- Downy Hair-DOWNLOAD :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 981 94 (+NSFW) Septembers Waifu - Mei-Ling (Free To Use) by customwaifus (+NSFW) Septembers Waifu - Mei-Ling (Free To Use) :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 1,193 106 Dollhouse by pcmaniac88 Dollhouse :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 2,994 237 Scarlet Devils by Namie-kun Scarlet Devils :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 5,247 237 The Burning Dragon by DanteWontDie The Burning Dragon :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 2,044 29 Card Captor Sakura: Magic by Astellecia Card Captor Sakura: Magic :iconastellecia:Astellecia 1,600 207 Touhou : Scarlet Devil Mansion by Riki-to Touhou : Scarlet Devil Mansion :iconriki-to:Riki-to 2,635 148 End of the Summer by DanteWontDie End of the Summer :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 1,618 34 MMD- Goggles-DOWNLOAD by MMDFakewings18 MMD- Goggles-DOWNLOAD :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 922 42 The Battle Had Begun by DanteWontDie The Battle Had Begun :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 2,028 49 Under The Scarlet Moon by Aka-Shiro Under The Scarlet Moon :iconaka-shiro:Aka-Shiro 2,228 69 Ghost 2 by Laura-Ferreira Ghost 2 :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 636 26 reimu and marisa by pcmaniac88 reimu and marisa :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 3,639 164 Sakura - White Dress by AshFantastic Sakura - White Dress :iconashfantastic:AshFantastic 328 116 All The Remains by Laura-Ferreira All The Remains :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 1,170 73 Bare Intelligence by Inyuo Bare Intelligence :iconinyuo:Inyuo 2,094 180 Ghost by Laura-Ferreira Ghost :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 1,507 74 Zero by Laura-Ferreira Zero :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 593 28 Touhou: Koakuma by hanahello Touhou: Koakuma :iconhanahello:hanahello 1,604 127 Noir by Laura-Ferreira Noir :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 711 34 .::My Tribute::. by CamiFortuna .::My Tribute::. :iconcamifortuna:CamiFortuna 899 167 Chinese New Year by Namie-kun Chinese New Year :iconnamie-kun:Namie-kun 2,752 180 Paprika by Laura-Ferreira Paprika :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 691 25 Mei by dandonfuga Mei :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 8,551 177 Giantess Meiling caught a thief by Karbo Giantess Meiling caught a thief :iconkarbo:Karbo 1,145 179 Commission - Mei Ling by Kidetic Commission - Mei Ling :iconkidetic:Kidetic 1,033 28 China by MW-Magister China :iconmw-magister:MW-Magister 1,634 53 Melona VS Hong Meiling by Jack-Hoo Melona VS Hong Meiling :iconjack-hoo:Jack-Hoo 296 20 Siren's Lament by Laura-Ferreira Siren's Lament :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 669 35 Throne by Laura-Ferreira Throne :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 739 27 DarKstalkers Berzerk by CoranKizerStone DarKstalkers Berzerk :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 1,031 110 White Horse Scarlet Devil Mansion by palecardinal White Horse Scarlet Devil Mansion :iconpalecardinal:palecardinal 242 15 MM characters sheet by kuro-mai MM characters sheet :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 805 95
Gigglesokyo by TickleWizard
"Flandre Scarlet!!! I've had enough of you! The great almighty god Zun wishes you not to exsist yet still you do. I'm here on behalf of all Gensokuyo to finish you once and for all!" bellowed a tiny blonde witch dressed like a cross between a witch and a maid. "Oh hi Merissa hehehe didn't see you there. Now what is all this nonsense about vanquishing cute little me?" spoke the vampire Flandre with a menacing grin. "You heard me! I'm here to ensure that no weeps for you once your gone!" "Merissa, you know as well I do I'll continue to exsist as long as fans draw and write about me. In fact right now you're helping me. Besides you'll never beat me Eye'm the strongest (9)!" mocked Flandre. "How dare you mock Cirno!" spoke Merrisa as she sent a spell at Flandre which she gracefully dodged. "Ha! That was pathetic it didn't even .... Eep!" Flandre saiid trying to stiffle a giggle and squirming slightly. "That's cause I expected you to doge it or at least graize it
:iconticklewizard:TickleWizard 28 48
Lost by Laura-Ferreira Lost :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 540 20 Gotta catch 'em all? by BrokenTeapot Gotta catch 'em all? :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 756 182 Samurai by Laura-Ferreira Samurai :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 573 25 Hong Meiling by 0kasane0 Hong Meiling :icon0kasane0:0kasane0 192 27 Touhou: Patchouli by hanahello Touhou: Patchouli :iconhanahello:hanahello 825 147 Silent Audience by Laura-Ferreira Silent Audience :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 488 15 Ballroom of the Earth Spirits - Waltz by freezeex Ballroom of the Earth Spirits - Waltz :iconfreezeex:freezeex 840 62 The Mario Brothers FAILED by SmashBros2008 The Mario Brothers FAILED :iconsmashbros2008:SmashBros2008 246 1,184
The Inflation contest
The Inflation Contest.
  In Alice's House the party was still going on as Alice was pushing Shanghai's little stomach to get rid of the soda that caused her to have a big bloated belly. "Come on, Shanghai. I hope this helps you." Alice said as Marisa fully reformed, pushed her aside, and grabbed her broom and started to press real hard on her stomach as Alice tried to stop her. Marisa pushed her broom into Shanghai's stomach as she spat out a lot of soda as the broom flatten her into a Shanghai pancake. Alice picked her up and started to blow into her mouth to reinflate her. With her little body Alice Blew in her like a balloon as she inflated into a Shanghai balloon as her body became big and round as her arms, legs and head remained intact and sucked in her growing body.
  Alice realized what was happening to her friend and stopped her reinflation and slowly deflated back to normal size as she made the sound of a deflating balloon. Marisa giggled and told Alice "M
:iconayumuhunter:AyumuHunter 44 58
SotFF - Mei Ling by Moolallingtons SotFF - Mei Ling :iconmoolallingtons:Moolallingtons 390 122 Mei Ling 001 by celsoryuji Mei Ling 001 :iconcelsoryuji:celsoryuji 136 37
SSB4 Made-up Codec callsassist
-= MARIO =- (Donkey Kong)
- Colonel: Snake, you know who that is?
- Snake: You're kidding, right? It's Mario.
- Colonel: Mario made his first appearance in 1981, and since then, he's become a worldwide phenomenon. There's probably not a single person who doesn't know Mario. He's that famous.
- Snake: Good thing I survived long enough to meet him on the field of battle, huh?
- Colonel: This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, Snake. Now get out there and show him what you're made of. No regrets.
- Snake: Got it.
-= LUIGI =- (Mario Bros.)
- Snake: That guy with the moustache...
- Colonel: Ha. You mean the "King of Second Bananas"?
- Snake: Hey, that's Luigi! Show him a little respect!
- Colonel: Look at that pale skin. He's been living in his brother's shadow for too long.
- Snake: That's a low blow, Colonel!
- Colonel: Ah, face it, Snake! Once a kid brother, always a kid brother!
- Snake: Colonel, what's gotten into you?!
- Colonel: La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo!
- Snake: C
:iconumsauthorlava:UMSAuthorLava 93 103