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Hatsune Miku TG
There was once a boy named Greg. He was a 16-year-old attending high school like any other teen should. His only problem was that he had trouble fitting in. He wasn’t one of those people who got bullied a lot and wouldn’t do anything about it. He just wasn’t really noticed by anyone. People would walk by his desk probably not even knowing he was sitting there. This always made him fell sad knowing how that if he died one day that no one would care or even notice. This has also made him become more introverted. In the past, he has tried to reach out to people in an attempt to make friends, but every time he tried, he was met with the same “We are talking so can you leave” or “Sorry, I need to be somewhere right now”. Either being bad luck or how he acts, he doesn't really care anymore.
Greg has never had anyone to support him, even his parents. When Greg was five years old, he was possibly one of the liveliest children in kindergarten. He had on
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 257 30
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If - Singable English Lyrics - Vocaloid
Please properly credit both the original creator(s) and me if using my translyricsl. Links to your covers/works are loved and appreciated!
To walk and run, to feel the sun
To sleep and then, awake again
These simple things I took for granted every day
My life goes by, and though I try
To hold on as my body dies
The promise of tomorrow fades away
If I could move my feet, then out of this white room I would run
If I could move my hands, I would reach out to someone
I know each "if" is a desperate wish that never will come true
I lie here where there's nothing I can do
If God's there, well, is He listening?
And what has He done for me?
Each breath that I take, full of uncertainty
I'm suffering, I'm suffering, but I still want to keep living
I'm too afraid to face death's unknown eternity
But I know I will soon be gone, no longer able to live on
I wonder if I'll ever be ready
I'm suffering, I'm suffering, but I still want to keep living
I'm too afraid to face death's unknown eternit
:iconnightshade-kitsune:Nightshade-Kitsune 36 9
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