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Medusa and the Optometrist by RYE-BREAD Medusa and the Optometrist :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 2,421 178 Green Medusa Mask 2013 by merimask Green Medusa Mask 2013 :iconmerimask:merimask 1,810 95 Medusa by Skullsong Medusa :iconskullsong:Skullsong 246 12 Medusa Cameo Greek Mythology by enchantedgal Medusa Cameo Greek Mythology :iconenchantedgal:enchantedgal 852 69 COMM for ArgoForg MEDUSA by Avionetca COMM for ArgoForg MEDUSA :iconavionetca:Avionetca 285 27 Medusa by Onanymous Medusa :icononanymous:Onanymous 131 23 Copper Gold Medusa One...2010 by merimask Copper Gold Medusa One...2010 :iconmerimask:merimask 266 59 Medusa by emilieleger Medusa :iconemilieleger:emilieleger 121 25 King Snake Medusa by merimask King Snake Medusa :iconmerimask:merimask 221 31 MEDUSA- clash of the titans by rodolforever MEDUSA- clash of the titans :iconrodolforever:rodolforever 131 13 Medusa V. by DianaNohelova Medusa V. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 171 5 Beki as Medusa, close by merimask Beki as Medusa, close :iconmerimask:merimask 224 7 Beki as Medusa by merimask Beki as Medusa :iconmerimask:merimask 228 12
the muse
her moonbeam hair
falls around me
threading fingers
on my hand—
and she,
forsaken by athena,
after the harrowing
—she’s all
tempered steel
and armored glances.
want to hold her,
break through
the thin sultry
always tempting
she bleeds
[blind to her
she brings out
the poet in
stringing words
with her low
alto voice,
slipping on her
i want to be
the day she
says too much
and overdoses
on metaphysical
and she and i
            oh, she and
i—; yes, i
will bring reality
            down with
an insomnia-induced
winter prophecy
when she returns
to the sea
frost-blade cutting
through me
but she was
never mine and
i cannot bring
myself to shed
my skin
gravity owns
governing the
with its malicious
and i—
she and i,
:iconmelodysnow:melodysnow 15 11
Medusa by NinjArt1st Medusa :iconninjart1st:NinjArt1st 120 10 Kid Medusa Munny by MissNicka Kid Medusa Munny :iconmissnicka:MissNicka 82 28 Petrified Medusa by Samael1103 Petrified Medusa :iconsamael1103:Samael1103 87 18 the Birth of Medusa by CaitlinHackett the Birth of Medusa :iconcaitlinhackett:CaitlinHackett 142 10 Meduse by MichaelBrack Meduse :iconmichaelbrack:MichaelBrack 286 31
Sovereign Female Wisdom
Weren't you once beautiful?
so beautiful
you rivaled the jealous on Mount Olympus
hair precious as gold
you served Athena
faithful priestess of wisdom
and purity
what's become of you?
a serpent
tainted by forbidden fruit
so afraid of reflections
fear you'll turn to stone?
cold as the men around you
or is fear something else?
staring back
through transparency
of glass
is it your fault
men made you this way?
they feared you
your strength
their narrow minds
turned you monster
raped by man
of your intelligence
betrayed by trust
won't you please
look past the glass
just once more
see what's true
may it set you free
:iconcrazedbycalliope:CrazedByCalliope 11 18
Medusa by AshiMonster Medusa :iconashimonster:AshiMonster 51 11 medusa strikes by dogmeatsausage medusa strikes :icondogmeatsausage:dogmeatsausage 56 1 Medusa by faile35 Medusa :iconfaile35:faile35 103 110 The Gorgon's Lair by Odd-Voodoo The Gorgon's Lair :iconodd-voodoo:Odd-Voodoo 35 0 Medusa  by Tudalia Medusa :icontudalia:Tudalia 89 39 Medusa II by Aisii Medusa II :iconaisii:Aisii 1,821 207 of Bygone Legends by VARAKIENEN of Bygone Legends :iconvarakienen:VARAKIENEN 95 79 Blind Love by ZHUY Blind Love :iconzhuy:ZHUY 47 16 Medusa X. by DianaNohelova Medusa X. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 64 3 Medusa XI. by DianaNohelova Medusa XI. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 45 2 Bad Hair Day by Kathytachan Bad Hair Day :iconkathytachan:Kathytachan 134 42 Medusa by Somnii Medusa :iconsomnii:Somnii 40 4 For Andromeda by alsobroken For Andromeda :iconalsobroken:alsobroken 29 11 WIP - Medusa by Onanymous WIP - Medusa :icononanymous:Onanymous 10 3 Medusa VII. by DianaNohelova Medusa VII. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 34 0 Madam Em- a Swap Custom MLP by wylf Madam Em- a Swap Custom MLP :iconwylf:wylf 40 19 Medusa III. by DianaNohelova Medusa III. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 41 0 Medusa IV. by DianaNohelova Medusa IV. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 44 5 Medusa IX. by DianaNohelova Medusa IX. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 30 0 Medusa by mlpeters Medusa :iconmlpeters:mlpeters 39 4 BAD TRIP by quietsecrets BAD TRIP :iconquietsecrets:quietsecrets 34 1 Of Bygone Legends By Grant Moon by NewEraStudios Of Bygone Legends By Grant Moon :iconnewerastudios:NewEraStudios 42 22 Medusa by szuzi Medusa :iconszuzi:szuzi 25 15 Medusa XIII. by DianaNohelova Medusa XIII. :icondiananohelova:DianaNohelova 33 0 The Gorgon Queen by TheRiveraCreative The Gorgon Queen :icontheriveracreative:TheRiveraCreative 29 6