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Why Sirius loves being a dog by Sirilu Why Sirius loves being a dog :iconsirilu:Sirilu 1,122 111 Warm Wind by zankay Warm Wind :iconzankay:zankay 1,591 287 Giant Sea Monsters Den by PSHoudini Giant Sea Monsters Den :iconpshoudini:PSHoudini 480 67 Shaun of the Dead by SimpsonsCameos Shaun of the Dead :iconsimpsonscameos:SimpsonsCameos 880 78
leap through eternity
i will sink my teeth into a supernova
to let the stardust and
slide down my parched throat and
wash over my intestines,
like a pebble
drowning in the sound--
:iconghearradh:ghearradh 152 83
Creepypasta: Slenderman by GabKT Creepypasta: Slenderman :icongabkt:GabKT 450 45 Kiss me...Don't bite me by Smexy-Boy Kiss me...Don't bite me :iconsmexy-boy:Smexy-Boy 251 79 Dark Child by bernardosilveira Dark Child :iconbernardosilveira:bernardosilveira 152 18 Absol evo by Cerulebell Absol evo :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 388 156 Bedtime Claustrophobia by negateven Bedtime Claustrophobia :iconnegateven:negateven 235 33 .they made me do it. by danirolli .they made me do it. :icondanirolli:danirolli 555 140 In my Window by GabKT In my Window :icongabkt:GabKT 328 73 prison break. by eXtremeBiker prison break. :iconextremebiker:eXtremeBiker 192 301 creepypasta: The Rake by GabKT creepypasta: The Rake :icongabkt:GabKT 227 27 skeleton pokemon by Cerulebell skeleton pokemon :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 199 81 Legendary Graveyard by chiaroescuro Legendary Graveyard :iconchiaroescuro:chiaroescuro 131 20
You Make Me...
You make me forget how to breathe.
That makes you a mallicious breath stealing demon.
The source of my asthma.
Is oxygen really that important?
When I stand next to you my palms sweat.
No, my whole body begins to leak.
Like I've been standing in a bon fire for hours.
The heat does not hurt because it came from you.
I had fallen ill a year ago.
All because I could not keep away from you.
How the flu laid silently on your lips.
Only to pounce onto mine from a fatal kiss.
My mind becomes a muddled mess when peer into your eyes.
All my wisdom on theology and philisophy is clouded over.
The words I utter that usually make professors weak, abondon me.
The gems of hours of study stolen from a single glance.
You make me go crazy.
You make my mind forget.
My body sick.
My soul ache.
Desipte the buckled knees,
short breath,
stammering heart,
and forgetfulness,
I want to be with you.
:iconmimi-mako:Mimi-Mako 18 9
Medo Persia by TheMuseilium Medo Persia :iconthemuseilium:TheMuseilium 210 10 Marowak evo by Cerulebell Marowak evo :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 245 66 Creepypasta: Eyeless Jack by GabKT Creepypasta: Eyeless Jack :icongabkt:GabKT 141 10 Sweazie by Cerulebell Sweazie :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 252 50 Rotom call form by Cerulebell Rotom call form :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 171 27 Sketch - Sirius loves being... by Sirilu Sketch - Sirius loves being... :iconsirilu:Sirilu 155 12 sabie old by Cerulebell sabie old :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 199 21 Octank by Cerulebell Octank :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 213 57 pufflup by Cerulebell pufflup :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 138 17 CHOAKING by Cerulebell CHOAKING :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 188 40 Misdree by Cerulebell Misdree :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 173 31 TRILOQUIST by Cerulebell TRILOQUIST :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 170 45 Dr Medo by wagnerf Dr Medo :iconwagnerf:wagnerf 242 11 invalien by Cerulebell invalien :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 162 20 rotom lamp form by Cerulebell rotom lamp form :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 154 12 neutot old by Cerulebell neutot old :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 182 33 Selva by NautilusNemo Selva :iconnautilusnemo:NautilusNemo 175 87 cyber legend by Cerulebell cyber legend :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 173 45 rotom rhythm form by Cerulebell rotom rhythm form :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 181 19 rotom blend form by Cerulebell rotom blend form :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 165 29 Peacock pokemon by Cerulebell Peacock pokemon :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 194 47 laplantis by Cerulebell laplantis :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 142 22 natural energy by Cerulebell natural energy :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 187 59 orkle by Cerulebell orkle :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 144 15 atom 2 by Cerulebell atom 2 :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 139 60 sabevil by Cerulebell sabevil :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 193 23 dream catcher 2 by Cerulebell dream catcher 2 :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 104 16 piufume old by Cerulebell piufume old :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 134 28 TORKING by Cerulebell TORKING :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 144 8 Phantome old by Cerulebell Phantome old :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 154 27 cactike by Cerulebell cactike :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 133 15