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Alanna Exclusive by faestock Alanna Exclusive :iconfaestock:faestock 865 35 Expedition by Aryk8 Expedition :iconaryk8:Aryk8 1,513 50 Medieval Knight by lijinbo78 Medieval Knight :iconlijinbo78:lijinbo78 2,211 151 Battle of Blackheath by wraithdt Battle of Blackheath :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 1,079 12 Justice by AphexTal Justice :iconaphextal:AphexTal 608 27 Alanna Exclusive sitting by faestock Alanna Exclusive sitting :iconfaestock:faestock 425 10
DragonSlayer!America X DragonGirl!Reader
King Arthur sat upon his throne rubbing his temples. The kingdom had just suffered from another fierce dragon raid and in return lost most of the livestock in the lower villages. Most of the houses had also been burnt down during the process. They needed a hero - and fast.
'Alright...send him in.' sighed the king. After considering it for more than an hour, King Arthur had finally decided that it was time to bring in another knight to slay the dragon which terrorised his kingdom.
'Are you sure you want to do this, Milord?' whispered Francis into the king's ear. 'We've already lost 10 of our best soldiers'
'What choice do we have? One more raid and the villages are done for!' spat Arthur in a lowered vioce.
'Send him in.' he then shouted.
The doors of the great hall opened and a young man was escorted in by two guards. He wore silver armour covering his right arm and chest, brown breeches and leather boots up to his knees. Under the chainmail on his torso was a deep red fabric which fan
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Battle of Evesham by wraithdt Battle of Evesham :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 1,178 31 Klibanaphoroi by krstovukoje Klibanaphoroi :iconkrstovukoje:krstovukoje 530 35 Eagle celtic helmet by Feral-Workshop Eagle celtic helmet :iconferal-workshop:Feral-Workshop 341 25
DragonSlayer!America X DragonGirl!Reader pt2
The next morning, down by the waterfall in the Eastern country, you lay fast asleep in Coatl's arms. Outside, birds are tweeping loudly; it's most likely early morning. You rouse, then carefully remove yourself from Coatl's grasp. He is so much bigger than you. In length, about 15 of you, height, about 4. The sun seeping through the gaps in the waterfall bounce off his scales, creating a magical dancing pattern on the walls of the stone cave. He is metallic blue in colour, with silver wing membranes. His eyes are crystal silver flecked with amber.
You stretch and yawn, looking around the cave to check everything was normal. You still feel full from all the meat Coatl had brought back from the villages. Leftover sheep and cows lay in a small pile near the edge of the waterfall. You walk over to it and crouch down, sifting through the carcasses until you find a bone the size of your forearm. As you go to munch on it, a faint noise catches your attention. You stand, concentrating as much
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Castle Sketch by stayinwonderland Castle Sketch :iconstayinwonderland:stayinwonderland 210 7
DragonSlayer!America X DragonGirl!Reader pt3
A loud clanking wakes you suddenly. You shoot to your feet and spin around to face the source of the noise. You go to grab one of your daggers but find that it isn't on your weapon belt. Scared, you throw youself at the guard who had just opened the door to your prison cell in an action of defence. Then, you realise that this was not a place you recognised. It smelt wierd. Like sweat, blood and fear. You take a look behind you. It seems you have been unconcious while in this....cage thing. It resembles home slightly, but it is's empty.
You are about to make a dash for the exit when two people grab your arms from either side. You are hauled to your knees and the man you jumped on scrambles to his feet before giving you a whack around the head which stuns you.
The next thing you are aware of is the fact that those men have just thrown you onto a stone flooring and your hands are tied up. Someone gets you up to a kneeling position again and grabs your hair, pulling it downwards
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DC Antiquity - Batman by dustsplat DC Antiquity - Batman :icondustsplat:dustsplat 1,773 76 Wooden Chinese Dragon Stock 01 by ponystock Wooden Chinese Dragon Stock 01 :iconponystock:ponystock 530 86 Berenice de Laubriere by Asahisuperdry Berenice de Laubriere :iconasahisuperdry:Asahisuperdry 335 18 Knight Sketch by YoshiyukiKatana Knight Sketch :iconyoshiyukikatana:YoshiyukiKatana 859 87 Brothers by Heyriel Brothers :iconheyriel:Heyriel 1,919 125 DC Antiquity - Superman by dustsplat DC Antiquity - Superman :icondustsplat:dustsplat 1,564 95 Resident Medieval by Nightlong86 Resident Medieval :iconnightlong86:Nightlong86 632 31 battle is over by digital-fantasy battle is over :icondigital-fantasy:digital-fantasy 487 58 Medieval Sci-fi Characters by Phill-Art Medieval Sci-fi Characters :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 378 38 The Farewell by Phatpuppyart-Studios The Farewell :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 566 50 The Siege by AlynSpiller The Siege :iconalynspiller:AlynSpiller 573 22
DragonSlayer!America X DragonGirl!Reader pt4
The next morning you feel awful. Your head hurts, your eyes are sore, and you're hungry. You sit in the corner of your cell facing the wall, hugging your knees close to your chest. You are nearly alseep when someone taps one of the cell bars, trying to get your attention. You ignore them, so they tap harder.
'Hey!' the person, well, man, whispers. Again, you don't respond.
'I got somethin' for ya' they say, a little louder than last time. Irritated, you deathglare them from over your shoulder.  It's that monstrous slayer from afore.
Only this time, he doesn't look as sinister. Instead of all that smart armour, he is wearing a cotton long-sleeved shirt which laces up at the chest. In his outstretched hand is a wooden plate with some light brown thing on it. He holds sets it down on the floor. Now you can smell a sort of meaty scent coming from the thing. You try to resist at first, but your hunger sways you. So you spin around on you bum and inch towards the slayer and the lig
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DC Antiquity - Wonder Woman by dustsplat DC Antiquity - Wonder Woman :icondustsplat:dustsplat 1,245 49 Dunguaire Castle by Pajunen Dunguaire Castle :iconpajunen:Pajunen 2,010 223 Diablo II Crystal Sword by Xelitron Diablo II Crystal Sword :iconxelitron:Xelitron 531 77 Warhammer - The boy on the watch by Carancerth Warhammer - The boy on the watch :iconcarancerth:Carancerth 183 17 Mongol Elite Warrior by HappyMorningStar Mongol Elite Warrior :iconhappymorningstar:HappyMorningStar 321 48 Fallen by Lucy-Lisett Fallen :iconlucy-lisett:Lucy-Lisett 94 3 Commission Ronald Wolcott by Yuuza Commission Ronald Wolcott :iconyuuza:Yuuza 1,212 88 Medieval Fantasy Environment by MarcMons007 Medieval Fantasy Environment :iconmarcmons007:MarcMons007 135 12 Medieval Sci-fi by Phill-Art Medieval Sci-fi :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 280 39 Astri Godelieve Cropped by Zeronis Astri Godelieve Cropped :iconzeronis:Zeronis 1,674 22 Leather armour and gorget by Lluhnij Leather armour and gorget :iconlluhnij:Lluhnij 1,262 480 Arrival by iancjw Arrival :iconiancjw:iancjw 392 29 Forwen Lainas by rodmendez Forwen Lainas :iconrodmendez:rodmendez 243 13 Waiting by milyKnight Waiting :iconmilyknight:milyKnight 786 188 Sword Tard by jahw Sword Tard :iconjahw:jahw 1,887 274 Doombringer by kimsol Doombringer :iconkimsol:kimsol 632 109 Bronze Rose by ShadCarlos Bronze Rose :iconshadcarlos:ShadCarlos 319 9 The Joust by kimsol The Joust :iconkimsol:kimsol 252 109 Ardent Officer by gkb3rk Ardent Officer :icongkb3rk:gkb3rk 190 10 The captain by OceanLord The captain :iconoceanlord:OceanLord 1,194 172 Scarlet Cross: Templar Costume by Wulfgnar Scarlet Cross: Templar Costume :iconwulfgnar:Wulfgnar 143 13 COMMISSION: Gauntlet of Elven Militia by NikidaEve COMMISSION: Gauntlet of Elven Militia :iconnikidaeve:NikidaEve 963 167 Comish - So Close by TwilightSaint Comish - So Close :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 305 57