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Star Trek The Original Series by dusty-abell Star Trek The Original Series :icondusty-abell:dusty-abell 2,113 551 Star Trek Nighthawks by Rabittooth Star Trek Nighthawks :iconrabittooth:Rabittooth 597 144 Star Trek Abbey Road by Rabittooth Star Trek Abbey Road :iconrabittooth:Rabittooth 886 245 The Eleven Doctors - alternate by PaulHanley The Eleven Doctors - alternate :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 1,277 160 McCoy's Facebook Page by PhantomKat813 McCoy's Facebook Page :iconphantomkat813:PhantomKat813 1,041 220 Star Trek - My name is Jim Kirk by NanjoKoji Star Trek - My name is Jim Kirk :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 2,945 347
And you realize Leonard 'Bones' McCoy x Reader
   A/N: Hello there =3 If you can't tell, I'm giving Ichigo a break and writing a few Star Trek Reader Inserts =D So, yeah... Onward~
             You sigh as the bartender slides another drink to you, running a hand through your (H/L) (H/C) hair. Another crappy day and another crappy breakup, just your normal routine. You aren’t sure why, but you seem to attract assholes like flies and they never stop pestering you. Speaking of which…
           “Hi there, gorgeous.” A man practically purred as he slid into the seat next to you. You narrowed your (E/C) eyes in a glare, hoping to dissuade him but, of course, he was stubborn. He just grinned at you, blue eyes sparkling with mischief as he ruffled his sandy-blonde hair in a way that he must have thought was sexy. Rolling your eyes you open your mouth to tell him to leave you alone when a gruff voice stops you.
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Let's Pway Dress Up by ZamieCat Let's Pway Dress Up :iconzamiecat:ZamieCat 1,539 1,048 Doctor Who by Montygog Doctor Who :iconmontygog:Montygog 3,045 159 nerds are hot right by Go-Devil-Dante nerds are hot right :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 3,365 553 10th doctor by nightwing1975 10th doctor :iconnightwing1975:nightwing1975 3,101 452 Chibi Trek by KotoriK Chibi Trek :iconkotorik:KotoriK 3,264 586
Loud - Leonard McCoy x Reader
Loud - Leonard McCoyxReader
 You let a muffled groan erupt from your blanket-covered form, it was already midnight and you just couldn't sleep. Not that you didn't want to, quite the opposite in fact, you had a lab to run in the morning and the perspective of doing so without a good night sleep wasn't appealing in the slightest. All you wanted right now was to close your eyes and escape the buzzing hive that was the Enterprise.
Unfortunately, the noise coming from your neighbour's quarters prevented you from fulfilling that simple wish. You could discern two voices arguing in Spock's room, you knew the first officer didn't rest that much and usually filled paperwork until some late hour or just quietly meditated but he wasn't one to receive company at night.
“I certainly won't, Captain.”
“Come on Spock! Don't make me order you...” The second voice, that you know were sure belonged to James T. Kirk, Captain of the
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