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Don't Starve: Sick Day
That's where all the trouble started; a ticklish cough that interfered with Wilson P. Higgsbury's fishing trip in the swamp.
The gentleman scientist was sitting by a pond, hoping to get himself and Chester good bite after being so short on food lately. Unfortunately, his persistent hacking made the hunt more tiring than it should have, even with Chester holding his belongings alongside him.
Finally, that minute, Wilson yanked up a fish onto the ground with his rod, but as he did so, he held his head up with one hand, and grabbed a nearby pine with the other, as if trying not to fall over. Chester whimpered and gently nudged his master's leg in comfort. Wilson returned it with a weak smile, gently mussing his orange fur before trudging back to their base camp in the flower field.
As the evening turned to night, sleeping became a challenge, too. Whenever Wilson got in his straw roll, his body would get damp with sweat, but every time he got out, he felt a chill running thr
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Don't Starve: Wilson's Lament
A mortified, disheveled Wilson P. Higgsbury burst through the berry bushes, in a clearing in the forest glen. His hair and clothes were sprinkled with twigs and leaves, and his fine suit was torn where his body had been scratched, but still, at least he was alive. As Wilson stood there, gasping for breath, he listened as the sound of the roaring Hounds faded out into a mixture of angry Tallbirds chirping by the rock fields, pecking away at the beasts’ furry hides. They probably found a defenseless egg more appetizing and easier to catch than human scientist armed with an axe. With a sigh of both relief and exhaustion, Wilson trudged to an open flower field, about two hundred feet away from the unwelcoming pig village, which shut him out of their wooden huts the minute the sun hit the horizon.
The evening quickly waned on into night, a half moon rising over the exhausted scientist. He was cooking a couple of carrots over his campfire, and had wrapped his wounds with a poultice
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Toast Meets Casket
It was just another routine hunt for the two paranormal investigators, Johnny Ghost and his assistant Johnny Toast.  At least, that’s what it was supposed to be.  Then again, when does anything ever go as planned for the duo?  Um, the answer is never.  Nothing ever goes as planned when investigating the supernatural.
They had gotten a call about a haunted prison, supposedly haunted by a demonic and powerful monster.  Nothing that the two Johnnys couldn’t handle though.  They had dealt with far more frightening things, such as proving the Slender’s Woods mystery true.  Though, all video evidence gathered was incredibly static-filled and unusable.  Either way, they had taken up the job, receiving payment in advance this time.
As they walked into the eerie prison, they activated the ghost-detecting equipment.  Ghost was in the lead, with Toast following him as they walked deeper into the bowels of the area.  After a bit,
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Freak The Mighty The poem
Freak and Max, Max and Freak,
Tall strong kid, small sick geek.
Adventures with Knights,
Horses, stuff that gives you frights.
"The usual," says Max,
Talking about the knightly attacks.
Standing high above the world,
saving fair maidens and young girls.
Kenneth Kane kidnaps his son,
Freak's there to get the job done,
Saving his best friend with a squirt gun.
Filled with soap, vinegar and curry powder,
Killer Kane getting scared with the sirens louder.
Released under his time for good behavior,
By claming quotes by Jesus the Savior.
Freak's Dictionary fulled of knowlege, fun, and rude jokes,
Max's memory of his mother, down to the choke,
by his father, Killre Kane,
The children tease his son "Who got no brain."
Knights, Robots, and cavemen,
All said by the son of Fair Gwen.
The ornithopter flying above the brave knights,
Freak the Mighty, who stops fights.
"Magnesium!" on top of Max's shoulers yells Freak,
So smart for a child who's weak.
9 feet tall they stand,
Soon their quests were b
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