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Apart Chapter 1: The Letter
She sat on the bench, nervously playing with her hair, fluffing her hoodie's fluffy bottom gently. She cursed herself, knowing that she wouldn't have to be here, wouldn't have to confront this challenge if she hadn't made a simple mistake.
I could be training, I should be training. I'm too weak right now, she thought, he'll never respect me, never think of me as an equal, never find it in him to love someone who could never come close to him. Hinata, who are you kidding? You needed more time to train, to hone your abilites so he would look at you next time you fixed a mission to be able to go with him. If you just hadn't accidentally mailed that letter...
It was the letter that had been the problem. She had written a few years ago, after the  Chuunin exam, after he finally noticed her. She had edited it over the years, but the basic gist had been her explaining the way she felt about him, the reason she turned red whenever he brushed against her, the reason she retreated into
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