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MMD stage russian classroom math\life safety DL by ElviraMoa MMD stage russian classroom math\life safety DL :iconelviramoa:ElviraMoa 946 125 Dear Maths... by this-is-the-life2905 Dear Maths... :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 4,673 790 Fancy Mathematics by doubleWbrothers Fancy Mathematics :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 1,394 181 Chaos, Baby by Culpeo-Fox Chaos, Baby :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 4,092 666 Invisible Hell - Pong 162 by batjorge Invisible Hell - Pong 162 :iconbatjorge:batjorge 106 53 GOD's DICE  -  3D printed in Steel by MANDELWERK GOD's DICE - 3D printed in Steel :iconmandelwerk:MANDELWERK 197 75 Arena by batjorge Arena :iconbatjorge:batjorge 105 41 [CM] Mind's Eye by thanshuhai [CM] Mind's Eye :iconthanshuhai:thanshuhai 546 32 La Derniere Fois - Partie 1 by EtienneSaintAmant La Derniere Fois - Partie 1 :iconetiennesaintamant:EtienneSaintAmant 1,119 78 Mathematikoi by arctoa Mathematikoi :iconarctoa:arctoa 776 262 Ponies and Mathematics by labba94 Ponies and Mathematics :iconlabba94:labba94 1,744 732 Let's Talk About Triangles by lonefirewarrior Let's Talk About Triangles :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 1,388 323 Chinese Pagoda - Infrared by SteveCampbell Chinese Pagoda - Infrared :iconstevecampbell:SteveCampbell 439 37
Math (LuffyXReader)
 “Luffy, you can be so dumb sometimes!” You giggled a response to something silly your beloved captain had said, turning and leaning on the rail of the Going Merry, returning your dreamy-eyed stare to the gently rolling blue of the ocean’s waves.
 “Nu-uh! I’m not dumb!” Stubbornly, Luffy protested your statement, crossing his arms and puffing out his lower lip in a child-like pout. [E/c] gaze flickering back to the taller boy you quirked an eyebrow, but couldn’t stop a small smile.
 “Oh yeah?” You responded casually, to which Luffy shot back a hardy ‘yeah’, placing his fists on his hips and leaning over a bit, as if to emphasize his argument. You simply hummed in response and turned to the ocean again, willing to let him have this one. You didn’t really think he was all that stupid anyways. A few moments of silence fell over the two of you, rare peace interrupted only by the gently babbling of the wa
:iconxcrackedxbutterflyx:XCrackedxButterflyX 226 58
Le Paradigme du Temps by EtienneSaintAmant Le Paradigme du Temps :iconetiennesaintamant:EtienneSaintAmant 886 70 Happy Beings by batjorge Happy Beings :iconbatjorge:batjorge 75 34 Christmas Soul by SaTaNiA Christmas Soul :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 127 16 When The Teacup Shatters by bjnorberg When The Teacup Shatters :iconbjnorberg:bjnorberg 526 37 Owlgebra - tee by InfinityWave Owlgebra - tee :iconinfinitywave:InfinityWave 728 88 Learn how to love - Heart 24 by DorottyaS Learn how to love - Heart 24 :icondorottyas:DorottyaS 1,662 158 Synchronicity - Pong 158 by batjorge Synchronicity - Pong 158 :iconbatjorge:batjorge 72 40 Floating Through the Fabric of Space-Time by Moyashi-chan Floating Through the Fabric of Space-Time :iconmoyashi-chan:Moyashi-chan 900 72
counting to infinity
Capitalization is bad for days like this. When the sky is grey, who needs grammar? Grammar is rules and rules are a box, a great glass box with no seams—seamless, faultless, perfect, unbreakable—like rules are supposed to be. Rules are what kill you. The words are like light; they bounce away from the glass and are lost.
But if you are content without the words then rules are what save you, because too far from that box and you are not safe anymore; you will be shot at, you are a target, and you will never run fast enough to hide from sound like bullets. The box is a cage and a shield. Both at once, like halves of a circle—impossible, unfathomable, like truth always is.
Sound travels at three hundred and forty-three meters per second, faster than you can throw something even as small as a memory.
To think that I can speak, one word, and before it has left my tongue behind it is already a lifetime away, too far to reach, too far to take back and c
:iconaustheke:austheke 68 67
Am I Or Are The Others Crazy? by VaIisk Am I Or Are The Others Crazy? :iconvaiisk:VaIisk 183 16 Mathematical Poem 1 by TheBeautyofViolence Mathematical Poem 1 :iconthebeautyofviolence:TheBeautyofViolence 96 58 Vapour by SymmetryBox Vapour :iconsymmetrybox:SymmetryBox 105 2 Cosmic Design by BLPH Cosmic Design :iconblph:BLPH 184 15 Lichen by batjorge Lichen :iconbatjorge:batjorge 69 43 Industrial Redemption by mehrdadart Industrial Redemption :iconmehrdadart:mehrdadart 451 68 Vital Consciousness by lordmx Vital Consciousness :iconlordmx:lordmx 584 113 Six New Skirt Designs by Darkauthor81 Six New Skirt Designs :icondarkauthor81:Darkauthor81 609 107 Der Kubus XXI by Bramvan Der Kubus XXI :iconbramvan:Bramvan 104 62 Espacios Anidados / Nested spaces by evilskills Espacios Anidados / Nested spaces :iconevilskills:evilskills 215 174
The Equation
The cast had gathered together to witness the unveiling of the poster for:
X = 8 + 7
“Well, that’s unfair!” said +. “X is a complete unknown—it shouldn’t be getting higher billing than the rest of us!” + appeared a little cross. “You know, I’m considering walking out of this equation!”
The producer sighed. “Look, I think I know the solution: X, will you reveal your true identity, please?”
X whipped off its cloak and⸺
“You’re 15!” said +, trying to curtsey and bow simultaneously. “I’m a huge fan.”
“God, you’re such a snob,” muttered 8. It beamed over at the performer previously labelled ‘X’. “Just wanted to let you know, 15. Me and 7 always considered you our equal.”
:iconscfrankles:SCFrankles 19 20
Calculus of Angels by TereseNielsen Calculus of Angels :iconteresenielsen:TereseNielsen 358 57 - Deep Mandelbrot Set 012 - 10^637 by Olbaid-ST - Deep Mandelbrot Set 012 - 10^637 :iconolbaid-st:Olbaid-ST 62 4 Menger Season - Pong 24 by batjorge Menger Season - Pong 24 :iconbatjorge:batjorge 113 70 Mathematics by tigrfire Mathematics :icontigrfire:tigrfire 107 68 Avengers Maths by mattcantdraw Avengers Maths :iconmattcantdraw:mattcantdraw 151 7 Nautilus 2.0 by batjorge Nautilus 2.0 :iconbatjorge:batjorge 118 58 Twilight's Theorem by labba94 Twilight's Theorem :iconlabba94:labba94 683 243 Lia by Sya Lia :iconsya:Sya 463 35 Pi by Minnhagen Pi :iconminnhagen:Minnhagen 118 5 collage Portrait by SAOUD-ALJEDI collage Portrait :iconsaoud-aljedi:SAOUD-ALJEDI 233 39 Eight - Hachi (Number) by KisaragiChiyo Eight - Hachi (Number) :iconkisaragichiyo:KisaragiChiyo 72 2 Phases by batjorge Phases :iconbatjorge:batjorge 78 51 Mandelbrot 146 - Closed light - by Olbaid-ST Mandelbrot 146 - Closed light - :iconolbaid-st:Olbaid-ST 62 12