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National and State Flags of Communist America by Regicollis National and State Flags of Communist America :iconregicollis:Regicollis 397 126 Boston: The Autumn Rain. by inbrainstorm Boston: The Autumn Rain. :iconinbrainstorm:inbrainstorm 2,675 150 winter wonderland wallpaper by ClarabellafaireStock winter wonderland wallpaper :iconclarabellafairestock:ClarabellafaireStock 326 31 F i r e w o r k s by StFamous F i r e w o r k s :iconstfamous:StFamous 1,411 461 Bokeh season by ClaraMaeStudios Bokeh season :iconclaramaestudios:ClaraMaeStudios 388 20 The Enchanted Forest by thinkingupwards The Enchanted Forest :iconthinkingupwards:thinkingupwards 627 152 F a t e by StFamous F a t e :iconstfamous:StFamous 725 201 Boston: Twilight. by inbrainstorm Boston: Twilight. :iconinbrainstorm:inbrainstorm 377 20 Blue Moon by Ryser915 Blue Moon :iconryser915:Ryser915 629 237 Boston: View From Fan Pier. by inbrainstorm Boston: View From Fan Pier. :iconinbrainstorm:inbrainstorm 289 29 B o s t o n by StFamous B o s t o n :iconstfamous:StFamous 1,899 670 Dark Forest by thinkingupwards Dark Forest :iconthinkingupwards:thinkingupwards 281 105 Innsmouth map - presentation by qpiii Innsmouth map - presentation :iconqpiii:qpiii 142 54 Rush Hour by Ryser915 Rush Hour :iconryser915:Ryser915 642 293 Photography by thedrifterzaz Photography :iconthedrifterzaz:thedrifterzaz 1,053 361 Photo Collection 2012 Q3-Q4 by fox-orian Photo Collection 2012 Q3-Q4 :iconfox-orian:fox-orian 734 91 Boston: Little Italy. by inbrainstorm Boston: Little Italy. :iconinbrainstorm:inbrainstorm 247 47 W i n t e r by StFamous W i n t e r :iconstfamous:StFamous 1,714 228 snowberry storms by ClaraMaeStudios snowberry storms :iconclaramaestudios:ClaraMaeStudios 392 32 Worlds End by thinkingupwards Worlds End :iconthinkingupwards:thinkingupwards 382 141 Venus by thinkingupwards Venus :iconthinkingupwards:thinkingupwards 333 160 rainy days wallpaper by ClarabellafaireStock rainy days wallpaper :iconclarabellafairestock:ClarabellafaireStock 244 14 December's first snowfall by ClaraMaeStudios December's first snowfall :iconclaramaestudios:ClaraMaeStudios 519 41 Path of Dreams by atmosblue Path of Dreams :iconatmosblue:atmosblue 903 148 F a n t a s y by StFamous F a n t a s y :iconstfamous:StFamous 811 161 A l l u r e by StFamous A l l u r e :iconstfamous:StFamous 444 79 Star Trails - Another Dimension by aeroartist Star Trails - Another Dimension :iconaeroartist:aeroartist 451 101 C h a r m by StFamous C h a r m :iconstfamous:StFamous 602 114 Morning Light on the Bog by Ryser915 Morning Light on the Bog :iconryser915:Ryser915 756 123 Dawn at the Dell by Ryser915 Dawn at the Dell :iconryser915:Ryser915 347 133 Predatory Profile by Ryser915 Predatory Profile :iconryser915:Ryser915 264 178 Black and White Brownstone by Ryser915 Black and White Brownstone :iconryser915:Ryser915 352 126 Ignorance is Bliss by Andrew-23 Ignorance is Bliss :iconandrew-23:Andrew-23 383 175 I r o n y by StFamous I r o n y :iconstfamous:StFamous 428 95 Morning Sundance by Solfour Morning Sundance :iconsolfour:Solfour 134 28 Maystar Meadows, MA by raymix1000 Maystar Meadows, MA :iconraymix1000:raymix1000 747 21 Bath Time by Ryser915 Bath Time :iconryser915:Ryser915 238 164 Bright Blue by Ryser915 Bright Blue :iconryser915:Ryser915 207 145 S e r e n e by StFamous S e r e n e :iconstfamous:StFamous 484 37
The boy sat on the edge of the wooden pier shivering as the ocean that once hugged him tightly dripped off his body in disgust, leaving only a thin layer of green sludge between his skin and the crisp air around him. The smell of dead fish rose out of the ocean grave and wrapped around him until his nose could no longer smell it at all. As the sun left the hazy blue sky, he watched the boisterous boats tread further into the ocean until they were eaten whole by the horizon. His stomach bubbled, gurgling as if to imitate a toddler drowning.
“You. Your shift’s  been outta here for an hour,” a man, dressed in rubber rain clothes and black boots said. “We don’t pay ya to loiter after your deed is done.”
“You don’t pay me at all,” Pi mumbled, directing his eyes away from the murky green water and towards the man’s agitated eyes. “What? You don’t.”
“I pay ya plenty,” the man sneered, “for a rat-bo
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L i n e a r by StFamous L i n e a r :iconstfamous:StFamous 456 56 W i n t e r s c a p e by StFamous W i n t e r s c a p e :iconstfamous:StFamous 393 115 Kimm's Bare Soles Tied by EyesOfTheBeholderInc Kimm's Bare Soles Tied :iconeyesofthebeholderinc:EyesOfTheBeholderInc 178 26 I got my kisses slit by PlastikStars I got my kisses slit :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 457 35 berry snowstorm wallpaper by ClarabellafaireStock berry snowstorm wallpaper :iconclarabellafairestock:ClarabellafaireStock 144 10 Frozen Marsh by Ryser915 Frozen Marsh :iconryser915:Ryser915 425 268
'The GOP and Lesbian Porn'
"The GOP and Lesbian Porn"
by Jay Richard
There was an Election Party at the Campus Center during the 2004 Presidential Election. It started at 8:00 PM and went on until God only knows when. At the time I was in my dorm and talking to people online while following CNN and Yahoo! News. Unfortunately, everyone I knew was either busy, somewhere else, or online and about to leave.
The election was going depressingly well for Bush. I had expected that fear and ignorance would do that sort of thing. I tried not to act too depressed -- there was still California, Florida, and Ohio. I got my scarf and coat and decided to take a ten minute walk to the Campus Center for lack of anything better to do.
There were only two Atkins-friendly soda cans left by the time I arrived. It was all business majors sitting around drinking soda and talking about stuff not relating to the elections, any of the elections, in the damnedest. CNN was on the TVs there, for all the good that did. Two people seemed to a
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Mouse Hunt by Ryser915 Mouse Hunt :iconryser915:Ryser915 566 405 my own storm by ClaraMaeStudios my own storm :iconclaramaestudios:ClaraMaeStudios 246 17