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Mary Jane - Spider-Woman: Continue of idea
Have you noticed that this year with Mary Jane were experiments? In the sense that although she give her strength? The "Amazing" gave her the Iron Spider costume. And "Renew Your Vows" and gave her power suit. Even the current animated series in its latest fourth season lacked the courage - to connect with the remnants of Carnage and MJ, and now her body is a dangerous weapon, and clothing for life. It is obvious - it is preparing for such an eventuality in future films.
Personally, I like the idea of it to the symbiote. It's Cool! :) This makes her Spider mixture of Witchblade and Mystique (in the sense that it can change the appearance (but not gender and face) as she wish. She would not have to spend time and money on shopping and such. She can impersonate Beetle (female version of "Superior Foes of SM") and incite Boomerang and Shocker at each other. And as the Mystic from movies too matter of fact the main clothes - her body). And if the current cartoon is closed son, Marvel can t
:iconundergrizer:Undergrizer 1 2