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20. Martin Luther King Jr. :iconsfegraphics:sfegraphics 1,635 147 Martin Luther King Jr. in Type :icondencii:Dencii 905 173 I have a dream :iconandybuck:AndyBuck 611 115 -Star Trek Reboot Art Meme- :iconlastshadow:lastshadow 444 150
They say speaking is silver and silence is gold,
In some cases it might be true.
But there is also a truth that goes untold,
Even if it might be quite blue.
Silence is sometimes bad,
Not always so don't get upset.
Some things that are evil can make us go mad,
Some things that are even a threat.
Even if your enemies will make your blood boil,
The silence of your friends will be what hurts you more.
Words might hurt us, but silence can torment us.
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 67 57
The Loraine Hotel :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 362 45
Don't cry,
even if it's painful
bear it
even for a while longer.
    Don't complain
    even if the burden is heavy
    follow silently
    swallow the pain,
    go forward.
Don't rest
even if you are tired
walk till you can't anymore
then crawl if you have to.
    Don't despair
    if you fail,
    if it hurts,
    just persevere.
Akai Yari
:iconakai-yari:akai-yari 27 14
US History-Simplified :iconziksan:ziksan 188 168
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial :iconrowyestock:RowyeStock 63 15 The New Southern Flag :iconachaley:achaley 73 45
Endangered Humanity
I dream of a day
When every inhabitant of this world
Surpasses their ego,
Jumps out of their skin.
They realize the Aliveness,
The Presence,
The true being inside them.
Society will change,
For nothing will be the same.
If we forget superiority,
It won't matter your level of caste,
Your colour,
Your name.
And then we'll work together
To save this dying world.
But maybe it won't remain endangered
After humanity changes.
:iconguitargirl94:guitargirl94 16 4
MLK :iconaxcy:axcy 79 6 Viva la Revolucion :icondomigorgon:Domigorgon 41 3 Character vs Color :iconiamtheunison:IAmTheUnison 161 416 Power :iconmythfits:mythfits 75 22
Who is better then anyone else
Who is better ? And who is worse?
Should we really say.
I got a letter in the mail, from a church.
The greatest man who ever lived, huh? I ask myself.
For who should receive such a title.
Martin Luther King changed the world as we know it.
Should he receive it?
A man who, made it so segregation would be brought down, and make the wall between blacks
and whites vanish?
So it has not completely vanished,
But this man, had changed us, to work together, this man, had changed the world, and had
brought down many racist and unfair ideas. He caused black people to FIGHT for their rights. He ended so much suffering.
He gave his life for us, for change.
Just so his words would be heard.
Shouldn't it be he who would receive this title?
Or is it not the case.
What about Ghandi? And his teachings? Was he not honorable of this title?
He had also been assassinated, much like Martin Luther King.
Should it be the women in Iraq who pushed her
:iconrouge11:rouge11 14 63
The Obama Equations :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 68 46 I have a Dreamcast :iconred-monkey:red-monkey 244 85 BROTHERHOOD :iconbcnyart:bcnyArt 236 7
_Thank you_
I thank you.
I thank you and all the others who shared your vision, your dream of a better world.
A world where I can be the person whom I want to be and do all the things I want to -
and have the best quality of life that I can.
You pushed open the gate, broke down the walls, demolished the barriers, and abolished the final chains hanging from our  wrists, necks and ankles.
I cherish your dream each day of my life.  
I thank you, and all who fought for that dream, even giving your lives to make that dream come true.
Thank you.
:iconwitch13888:witch13888 14 6
MLK Day the GaiKakashi way... :iconkikikun:kikikun 89 62 Forgotten Peace... :iconkrizalidrocks:krizalidrocks 22 20
Ghosts of One Another
Everyone prefers people who aren't around any more,
We're all ghosts of one another - advertisements of progress and decline.
Every shadow abundantly reminds us of what could have been,
The horizon and all roads precariously remind us where we could be.
Memories of childhood smell like vultures gathering post funeral,
Wedding rings for funeral fingers the rich don't understand the poorer.
All parties preach revenge warming tombstone veins - truth's just another fiction,
Clouds in star deprived skies dare to dream among stubborn flowers and bees.
Trash cities full of competitive stained-glass eyes and sex-obsessed artificial lives,
Rich towns are suicide towns daydreamers disappear into a clean mess.
Beautiful dreams asleep on dancing trees love increases its death toll,
Bad dreams born into uprooted and wilting family trees.
Falling in love with anagrams of ourselves withdrawing into what we miss,
Real love cut back like rose bushes, for reality is the dreamers thorn.
Frustration walks
:icondrowningbywords:DrowningByWords 10 6
forge home
yes, i've the skin of a page,
see me be or seize this tree
& colorize me however you admire
whatever you'll accept, except
if it's white again,
i want substance,
& volume,
i want your thoughts
lodged in my margins,
don't allow the color of your ink
to stop you, don't even let
the borders stun your right
to write, aviate your pen
& my ears will catch every word,
my leaks will ingest your conviction
& embody your pain,
whatever you do,
don't leave me be,
don't leave me the same
:icongetyourgrip:GetYourGrip 12 2
One of us :iconpropaganda-panda:Propaganda-Panda 56 23 Let us all dream together :icondencii:Dencii 48 18 The King, The Dream :icontheironlion:TheIronLion 54 13 Martin Luther King Jr. :iconrayebones:rayebones 90 10 Power- Screen Size :iconmythfits:mythfits 46 16 Animated: King Obama, No. 1 :icontheironlion:TheIronLion 95 96 Martin Luther King :iconicantfindone:icantfindone 66 12 MLK Graphic :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 40 78 renegades of funk :icondeepu:deepu 49 14 I Have A Dream :iconradiomomo:RadioMomo 54 11 Martin Luther Seaking Jr. :iconmybirdy:mybirdy 39 26 Martin Luther King Jr in Jail :icondavidleesoderlind:DavidLeeSoderlind 38 2 MLK 2 :iconthecharles:TheCharles 70 15 Danger of Apathy :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 52 7 dr. Martin Luther King Jr :iconzipdraw:ZipDraw 34 8 I have a Dream by Martin Luther King :iconscepterdpinoy:ScepterDPinoy 28 12 Eyes On-Off the Prize :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 35 47 King Orwell :iconsaintiscariot:SaintIscariot 39 5
Hardly M. Luther King
Gazing at a spinning sun,
Moonshine futures of my little one,
Lose my mind in a diamond bureau,
Ceasar kissing the nose of Cleo.
Dandelion glasswear scarecrow,
Fearful living clockwork sparrow,
Tocking in the electric sky,
Eccentic raspberries why o why?
Walk or run, to and fro,
Tumbling round sorrows rainbow,
Poly down a rabbits hole,
Roly poly overy poly roly over ov..
Hardly M. Luther King,
The sights of chequered springs,
In and out conjunctive eyes,
The spinning sun has left me blind.
:iconceasarman:Ceasarman 8 13
Political Icons :iconseedofsmiley:SeedofSmiley 59 31 Freedom :iconmypthe13th:mypthe13th 41 14 Rosa :iconcheshirespider:CheshireSpider 31 7 Ultimate Measure of a Man :icondmaabsta:dmaabsta 9 0