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Mrs. Hudson ships Johnlock. by BeccaLilyJoyce Mrs. Hudson ships Johnlock. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 1,902 297 Experiments are Fun by Sash-kash Experiments are Fun :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 6,885 1,158 Two Birds with One Kiss by Sash-kash Two Birds with One Kiss :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 3,484 550 Sherlock Is A Vampire by leightonton Sherlock Is A Vampire :iconleightonton:leightonton 6,251 1,051 Tumblr dump by Sash-kash Tumblr dump :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 1,919 158 New working space by AuroraWienhold New working space :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 5,885 771 John and Sherlock by br0-Harry John and Sherlock :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 5,182 415 You Have Been by Sash-kash You Have Been :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 4,615 491 The End? by Sash-kash The End? :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 2,941 396 John Watson by alicexz John Watson :iconalicexz:alicexz 7,921 329 Kiss Meme by Sash-kash Kiss Meme :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 2,966 259 Sherlock by AuroraWienhold Sherlock :iconaurorawienhold:AuroraWienhold 3,882 197 Still Point by detectivelyd Still Point :icondetectivelyd:detectivelyd 1,473 93
Rebound - Sherlock x Reader
It's been around three months since I had crept underneath the yellow tape. Three months since I had stepped foot on a crime scene. I didn't do anything unlawful, oh god no. Let's just say being the one that received visits in hospital is something that I am not used to.
I push through the officers that stood outside the building. I remove my badge from my leather jackets pocket to reveal my identity to those who opposed me. I ignore the irritating demands for me to wear a blue protective suit. I, however, slide on a pair of white gloves before cascading down the stairs. I could hear the voices converse on the floor above me. Lestrade and the infamous consulting detective. There was another voice that I couldn't exactly pin point.
I release a brisk piece of air from my lungs before turning towards the room that was currently being inspected. I stood at the door, watching the detectives bicker between them before the curly haired one turns to me and says,
"And what is she doing here?"
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Sherlock - Painting by Lasse17 Sherlock - Painting :iconlasse17:Lasse17 2,774 487 The Christmas Special by Sash-kash The Christmas Special :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 1,913 279 kiss animation by br0-Harry kiss animation :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 5,444 947 The Scientist by Sash-kash The Scientist :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 3,259 527 Sexting by Sash-kash Sexting :iconsash-kash:Sash-kash 2,515 251 Art Nouveau Sherlock Blue by Nero749 Art Nouveau Sherlock Blue :iconnero749:Nero749 1,635 319 Watson BBC by TrevorGrove Watson BBC :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 866 86 Bilbo Baggins by Yuuza Bilbo Baggins :iconyuuza:Yuuza 8,917 1,257 Sherlock + John's Very Silly Disneyworld Adventure by lily-fox Sherlock + John's Very Silly Disneyworld Adventure :iconlily-fox:lily-fox 4,076 469 -John Watson- by obsceneblue -John Watson- :iconobsceneblue:obsceneblue 243 27 You have nice manners, for a thief... by sugarpoultry You have nice manners, for a thief... :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 5,208 328 The Burglar, The King and The Heir by Yuuza The Burglar, The King and The Heir :iconyuuza:Yuuza 5,987 525
Godparents - Sherlock x Watson!Reader
When Mary had finally confirmed that she was in fact pregnant - after Sherlock had announced it at the wedding - I was ecstatic. Becoming an aunt is one of the many things I have been excited about, aside from having my own children of course. Sherlock even seemed pleased about it, although, after a while, he began to shuffle around the apartment.
Things aren't going to be the same when the baby comes, I know, but I know that it will be hard on him. Losing his best friend after only just getting him back. At least he has me, right? I know I'm not much, I'm just the girl he's been dating for the past few years that attempts to help out with cases but remains on the side lines; but I want to help him. I really do.
When I awoke I found Sherlock in the kitchen, experimenting as per usual. I shuffle into the room, grabbing myself a cup of tea before maneuvering into the living room to read the paper. The silence remains between us until the front door opens and closes. I frown. I turn to Sh
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Ghosts by alicexz Ghosts :iconalicexz:alicexz 10,280 258 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - with you by maXKennedy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - with you :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,264 95 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Night by maXKennedy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Night :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 2,716 187 John Watson by AmandaTolleson John Watson :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 2,183 154 Co-op WIP by inklou Co-op WIP :iconinklou:inklou 1,428 72
Detestation - Father!Sherlock x Teen!Reader
"Dad?" I gasp.
The body lay on the ground. Blood trickled down onto the pavement from his head, staining his curls. I push my way through the people, John gripping onto my arms.
"Dad? Dad, please don't be dead," I whispers. I fall to my knees beside him, holding onto his shoulders. "Daddy, please."
Droplets drip from my eyes, plunging down my cheeks. They befoul from my face, plummeting down and hitting my father's. The blood that trekked from his cheeks fell onto his shirt and stained my hands. A set of arms wrap around me and drag me away from him. They were firm but weak. The tears hit me like a train wreck. My entire body shakes the further I am being dragged away. I release a scream, my entire throat dying in agony.
"(Y/N), come here," John whispers, wrapping his arms around me. "Shhh."
I cling onto his jacket, sobbing into his chest as I watch the paramedics remove his body.
They were taking him from me. They were stealing my dad away from me.
- - - - - 2 Years Later - - - - -
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Under the Mistletoe - Sherlock x Reader
As she stood in front of the tree, red tinsel held firmly in her hand, the consulting detective stormed into the apartment. Huffing and puffing after what she could only guess as another "boring" case.
"You're home early." She said, with her back turned to him as she wrapped the tinsel around the middle of the tree, making sure it was sitting right before returning to the box of decorations that she had placed on the table.
"How was the case?" She pulled out a long train of silver tinsel and began to continue her decorating while Sherlock ranted about how tedious his recent case was.
"..It was obvious the daughter had done it, no one noticed the pack of cards." He stated, collapsing onto his chair once he removed his scarf and jacket, hanging them in their usual place behind the door.
"Only you would notice something like that, Sherlock." She mumbled, tucking an end of tinsel onto a branch and making sure that it wouldn't fall off.
"Where is John?" She asked, finally turning around to
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-BBCSHERLOCK2- by CoeyKuhn -BBCSHERLOCK2- :iconcoeykuhn:CoeyKuhn 2,198 118 John - Painting by Lasse17 John - Painting :iconlasse17:Lasse17 1,497 153 Sherlock BBC - Good night, John by maXKennedy Sherlock BBC - Good night, John :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 2,292 230 very odd morning by br0-Harry very odd morning :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 1,699 279 Irene Adler - painting by Lasse17 Irene Adler - painting :iconlasse17:Lasse17 1,851 263 John Watson Icon Pack by LetsSaveTheUniverse John Watson Icon Pack :iconletssavetheuniverse:LetsSaveTheUniverse 378 117 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - The ring by maXKennedy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - The ring :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,443 163 Sherlock BBC - Sherlock X John 2 by maXKennedy Sherlock BBC - Sherlock X John 2 :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 3,200 420 good morning by br0-Harry good morning :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 1,552 154
Detestation- Father!Sherlock x Teen!Reader-Part 2
"She still isn't speaking to me." My father's voice spoke quietly in the living room.
I stood outside of the door, making sure that I was out of sight. I wasn't entirely sure who he was speaking with, as they had not spoke yet, but it was easy to tell who he was talking about. I don't enjoy being the subject of his conversations. I can't help but feel self-conscious.
Ever since he had returned I scarcely spoke to him. I frequently looked him in the eye but other than that there was nothing. No communication whatsoever. I wouldn't even crack a smile. I had moved all of my stuff back to my old bedroom - with a little help from John of course. When I was at school, John had revealed, that he had managed to rope my father into helping him relocate my things. And I didn't say a word. I locked myself in  my room and didn't utter a word.
"Give her some time. Don't force her to speak with you."
It was a woman. I know who it is. I've spoken to her plenty of times over the phone, much to my
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BBC-SH: TRLTXmas by Cardboardram BBC-SH: TRLTXmas :iconcardboardram:Cardboardram 896 185 kiss animation monochrome by br0-Harry kiss animation monochrome :iconbr0-harry:br0-Harry 2,444 370 Hobbit-Hole (Nail Art) by KayleighOC Hobbit-Hole (Nail Art) :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 2,374 238 Smaug - Full Body Reference by sugarpoultry Smaug - Full Body Reference :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 1,641 149