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Bullets, Flowers, Leaves
I have drawers for bullets
and flowers
and leaves.
The rain sometimes comes
more sometimes than other
The sun sneaks out and splatters
waves on the wall; trees in the wind.
Bullets, flowers, leaves.
The world here is made of rocks
ground down some
and some leave me to wonder
about the works
of simple men
that do so little,
not even as much as the rocks.
Bullets, flowers, leaves.
Spring in Winter
Winter in Summer
and Fall never,
with the sea angry at your elbow
and the people the people the people
who drive the roads back and forth
howling the pavement to
the next whatever
that cannot ever arrive.
Flowers and
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Fish Bowl Belly, Pt. 1
Tonight was the night!
Shelby excitedly clutched the package the UPS driver had dropped off, heading for the living room and plopping herself down in the easy chair by the TV. Penelope was out for the night, meaning she got to try this baby out in her underwear.
Oh yeah, Shelby thought, tonight shall be the most chill.
"Verily," she muttered, giggling to herself as she opened the package. Reaching in among the packing peanuts, she lifted a small but heavy device from the box and grinned gleefully at it. Her new vaporizer had arrived, and it was glorious.
Running with her idea, Shelby tossed her jeans and hoodie off to the side, plopping herself down on the floor in her panties and tanktop, beanie slouched on her head as usual. She dug into a plastic bag in a small drawer in the TV stand, and withdrew a sticky green and purple clump.
"Oooh man, you smell good," she complimented the nugget of Blackwater Kush, before unceremoniously ripping a chunk of the fresh nug off and b
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Two's company, three's a mistake
"Alright... Now send me down the cable. Make sure the cover's still on the end so you don't get it all wet with your spit..."
"There we go, perfect. Now at least it won't be so boring in here."
The screen of a Nintendo DS flickered to life, illuminating the space surrounding it. A pudgy-hipped blonde girl with glasses sat cross-legged inside what was unmistakably someone's stomach, stylus between her lips as she focused intently on her video game. This was Chelsea, who, weeks ago, had been swallowed whole by the dorky stoner girl who sat in the back of her Calculus class and doodled in her notebook margins.
Now, in the warmth of June, she was sitting in that same stoner girl's stomach, a blush on her face as she tried to ignore the nagging feeling of excitement she'd been working on forgetting about for a while now. She managed to keep her attention on the game and off of her temporary captor's warm stomach - and outside the bloated belly, its owner belched rudely and cove
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Marijuana, pot, weed, grass, mary-jane, ganja, reefer, chronic, bud . . .  One plant, many names. I believe we all know what pot is and have tried or know someone that has tried it. Marijuana and its legalization has been argued about for many years. Some opponents view the drug as a weedy Satan while others recognize it as a beneficial herb; marijuana should be legalized.
"Cannabis Sativa is perhaps the most recognizable plant in the world." (Bonsor, 2) The pot leaf is put on jewelry, clothes, bumper stickers and is used in graffiti. "Marijuana is the single most used drug in the United States." (Bonsor, 2) According to "InfoFacts - Marijuana" 60.4% of 12th graders in 1979 had used marijuana at least once in their lifetime. There were 2.6 million new users in 2001 and 47.8% of 12th graders in 2002 had used marijuana in their lifetime. Thirty 6 percent of those students had used it in the past year, and 21.5% of those had used it in the past month. Six percent of the 12th gra
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Fish Bowl Belly, Pt. 2
Agatha wondered long and hard about the circumstances that had brought her to this point.
Shelby was an acquaintance, one she thought to swap phone numbers with, sure, and Shelby did offer to show her something - "the biggest vapor bag you've ever seen," she called it - and Agatha, having absolutely no idea what that meant and being curious enough to take a look, came by Shelby's apartment for a visit. And sure enough, sitting there on the couch, was Shelby, arms around a swollen midsection, her skin rosy and taut.
She probably should have guessed what Shelby meant at this point, but she was still a little in the dark. Not nearly as in the dark as she was now, but...
Shelby convinced her to close her eyes and stand perfectly still. Now why on earth had she done that? Things had been smelling a little funny - literally and figuratively, given the haze that hung over the apartment - about this situation from the beginning, but Agatha really had nothing better to do..
And now that she was
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