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Jealous (Levi x Reader x Various) RQ
One would think there’d be a lot of benefits to dating your superior. You, however, did not get to enjoy any of them. Levi was not the sort of person to display his feelings to the world, and you could only imagine what your fellow trainees would think of you if they knew. Thus, your relationship was to be kept a secret, and that meant no lenience for you when it came to chores and the like.
Not that you minded. You understood the risks of being involved with the Captain, and you knew that if you were discovered it could mean trouble for both you and Levi. But, there was something so thrilling about having to hide it from everyone – sneaking out of your dorm in the dead of night, stolen kisses in shadowed corners, and fleeting, lust-filled glances across a crowded room. You had to admit, it was hot.
The one downside was that you had to convince everyone around you that the two of you knew each other only as a trainee and her superior officer. This was not difficult f
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Marco Diaz Timeline by Kikaigaku Marco Diaz Timeline :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,372 59
Levi x Reader [Cadet Prom] (part 2)
    AN: This is a sequel, so it might not make much sense unless you've read the first part. ^^'' (If you'd like to read it, the link is in the description)
    "Whaaaaaaaaat?" practically yelled Sasha, causing you to cringe and look behind you at the group of male cadets all gathered on Marco's bunk on the other side of the room.
    "Don't be so loud, Sasha!" You hissed. She, Mikasa, Christa, Ymir and you were huddled together on your top bunk. Annie lay on her bunk below yours, apparently sleeping.
    "But you're going to the prom with corporal Levi! This is big, (f/n)!" Before you could open your mouth, Sasha twisted and yelled across the dormintory,
    "Hey guys! I hope none of you are thinking of asking (f/n) here to the prom with you, 'cos she's already got a date with a certain corporal!"
    As you leaned forward to cover Sasha's mouth before she could say anything else you sn
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home coming by Sydsir home coming :iconsydsir:Sydsir 1,793 244
freckles. || Marco x Reader
"Marco," You giggled, "Stop moving!"
How you got into the current situation with the freckled boy was unknown, but you didn't really care. Right now, you were wrapped up in your boyfriend's warm arms and peering into his face.
"fifteen… sixteen… seventeen… wait, didn't I count that one?"
Marco let out a small puff of air, and closed his eyes. "C'mon, (y/n), you've been at this for the past half an hour!"
"Give me a few more minutes, I'm almost done, I promise."
"Fine," Marco sighed. Why he agreed to letting you count his freckles in the fist place, he'll never know. "But... do you have to be so close to my face? It makes me feel… self conscious..." He mumbled, a red tinge apparent on his face.
"Marco, you're perfect. There's no need to be so self conscious! Besides, I can't count them – let alone see them – if I'm far away. " You retorted. "Now, hold still."
And he did.
At least, he tried to. He couldn't help it. You were inches away from
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Star's and Marco's dance by Kikaigaku Star's and Marco's dance :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,344 60
Second Chance (Slave!Child!Reader)
    Whitebeard never was one for blood in children. It never looked right to him. Children were suppose to remain innocent and free of blood spill, not be the reason for it. This child was practically bathed in blood. Her clothes were stained a dark burgundy color, and her skin color could barely be seen. Her h/l h/c hair looked dry and was caked in the substance. Her bangs covered her eyes, and in her small hands was a gigantic sword. It was clearly bigger, and weighed a lot more than her. But around her ankles, wrists, and neck were shackles. Heavy shackles.
    Thatch and Marco stared at the fallen people. These were guards, well-trained guards for a noble, maybe even a royal family.  And this tiny little girl slaughtered all of them. They were both ready to attack or defend, just in case this child decided to go for Pops. But her face looked impassive, and her body looked absolutely exhausted. She looked too skinny and too frail. It was a mystery to th
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Case with being Cool by Sydsir Case with being Cool :iconsydsir:Sydsir 1,758 156
French Lessons! (Modern! Levi x Reader)
You were perched on the ground sitting in between Levi’s legs with yours in a criss-cross. Today marked the first day of French lessons with the ‘professor’! You struggled to look past the ice pop to look at the text, but honestly, that’s not even logical in thought itself.
“Comment t'appelles-tu?? (What is your name)?” Levi asked, twirling your hair in between his fingers as he laid his head on your shoulder.
“Je m’appelle, _______ (My name is ________).” You replied, muffled by the sound of your ice pop. He hummed in your ear softly.
“Tres bien. Ca va ma chèrie? (Good. Are you well my love?)” He spoke, voice getting gentler. He took a whiff of your strawberry scented hair and closed his eyes to take in the sweet scent of you.
“Ca va bien aujourd’hui, et toi? (I’m doing well today, and yourself?)” You responded, brows creased in concentration, not even minding or taking note the change in
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What a family by TheBourgyman What a family :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 2,748 668 AOT sketch dump by moni158 AOT sketch dump :iconmoni158:moni158 3,571 128 Hanging around by moni158 Hanging around :iconmoni158:moni158 6,682 292 Tumblr junk 2 by moni158 Tumblr junk 2 :iconmoni158:moni158 4,891 280
JeanxReader - Sunburn [AU]
Entering my room, I quickly changed out of my swimwear and into regular clothes while Jean changed in my bathroom. He and I had gone to Marco’s house for a pool party to spend a hot summer day together with all of our friends. Although I was happy I could be with them, the prolonged swimming and exposure to social activity had left me both physically and mentally exhausted. After four hours at Marco’s, I had decided to leave, and since I was Jean’s ride, he had no choice but to come with me.
I glanced at my face in the mirror hanging on my wall and frowned at the pink coloring my cheeks and shoulders. It looked a lot worse than it felt, though; it only stung when I applied pressure.
“Holy hell!” Jean shouted from the bathroom, causing me to jump as I slipped on a pair of denim shorts. Curious, I headed out of my room toward the closed bathroom door.
“Jean?” I said, leaning closer to the door. “You okay in there, buddy?”
I heard him
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hallucinosis by bakeddeer hallucinosis :iconbakeddeer:bakeddeer 1,429 164 Untitled by TaylorKnetterArt Untitled :icontaylorknetterart:TaylorKnetterArt 761 102 up , by megatruh up , :iconmegatruh:megatruh 3,957 421 The Gentle Titan by fadiyaMangaMania The Gentle Titan :iconfadiyamangamania:fadiyaMangaMania 1,414 141 Marco...? by Scoutology Marco...? :iconscoutology:Scoutology 1,600 88
Second Chance Part 2 (Slave!Child!Reader)
Second Part
   It wasn’t everyday that a bloody child walked aboard the Whitebeard ship. So, saying everyone was surprised, would be an understatement. It didn’t help with the fact that said child carried a huge sword.     
    “So, who’s this?” Vista asked as he bent over Y/n. Y/n simply stared up at him, and hid slightly behind Marco.
    “Aww, she likes Marco.” He laughed. Marco sighed and Thatch laughed. Whitebeard smiled at his sons and daughter. She was going to fit right in. Although, Whitebeard knew she wasn’t a regular human. He couldn’t tell what kind of human she was though because of all the blood.
    “Marco, Thatch,” He called out to his sons.
    “Yeah?” Thatch answered as he looked at Whitebeard. Y/n right next to him.
    “Why don’t you take here down to Allie and have her get clean
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[RQ] Movie Night (Marco x Reader) Modern AU
Heaving out a loud groan of frustration, you slumped face down on your desk. For hours now, you had been studying for an up-coming exam paper at university. However, through being tired and easily distracted, you had ended up re-reading the same couple of paragraphs repeatedly.
You wanted to take a break more than anything, but you knew that taking a break would result in procrastinating and avoiding the books for the rest of the night. As soon as you get distracted, it's all over.
Grumbling and muttering bitterly to yourself, your head still bundled in your arms on top of your desk, you attempted to muster up the motivation to persevere.
Come on _____, you're a big girl. You can do this, it's just a microbiology paper on acellular organisms! It's not that hard, just gotta... keep studying.
But instead of sitting up and continuing to work, you remained with your cheek laid on your arm. After a few minutes, you even found yourself thinking about what was in the fridge instead of
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Sharing a cake by Lapis-Razuri Sharing a cake :iconlapis-razuri:Lapis-Razuri 4,544 309 Promise by moni158 Promise :iconmoni158:moni158 6,125 359
Reader x various[SNK]: Lets get one thing straight
''They're staring at you again (first)'' Annie's monotone voice pulled you away from the book you were reading. ''Who is?'' you asked not wanting to turn around, you watched as her ice blue eyes peered over your shoulder. ''Reiner, Jean and Connie'' 
''Can we leave?''
''Would be for the best''
Sliding over your tray of food towards Sasha, ''If you can cause a distraction I will give you the rest of my dinner'' Sasha eagerly took the tray and gave you a wink ''Consider it done (first)'' she jumped up from her seat and made her way over to the guys table from what you could hear she was begging them for food, making them turn around to protect their meals - giving you and Annie enough time to make an escape. 
You didn't know when this started but for some weird reason you seemed to be the number one on every guys list, there wasn't anything special about you. You were just a typical everyday girl, mostly spending your time in the background not wanting to attract any attention
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E q u i n o x by MarcoHeisler E q u i n o x :iconmarcoheisler:MarcoHeisler 3,942 478
Again. || Marco x Reader
'Cause in a sky full of stars,
I think I saw you...

A/N: This fanfic would make a bit more sense if you read this one first, but it can still work as a standalone fic by itself. It's your choice! c:
(y/n) never really noticed just how beautiful the stars in the night sky were, seeing as she never found time to fully admire them. It was always training, missions and expeditions beyond the walls that kept her occupied, and if it wasn’t that, it was those godforsaken titans. But now that the threat level had lowered and was under control, she finally found time to do all the things she wanted to do – especially with Marco Bodt, the boy who promised her his heart.
She sat herself in her usual spot atop the wall, a common meeting place for a late night rendezvous with Marco. Glancing upwards, (y/n) noticed a group of stars were shining brigh
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Case with Drive Thru by Sydsir Case with Drive Thru :iconsydsir:Sydsir 1,602 44 Attack on Titan by Skirtzzz Attack on Titan :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 4,361 453 San Marco by Tervola San Marco :icontervola:Tervola 1,851 174 Mario: Family Tree by saiiko Mario: Family Tree :iconsaiiko:saiiko 1,435 233 Case with Thug Lyfe by Sydsir Case with Thug Lyfe :iconsydsir:Sydsir 1,648 106
Eren x Reader ~ Part 1 ~ Erwin's Neice
    The loud roar of the commander still rang in your ears and gave you a sense of duty and confidence for your first mission beyond the walls. An hour had passed since then, and all had gone according to plan. Flares shot up on all sides around your group, signaling for your uncle to lead you all in a different direction.
    On the horizon you saw an array of dark green trees forming the line of a forest. Anxiety filled your heart as you remembered the plan.
    "Uncle Erwin!?" You shouted up to the commander from your horse behind him. The whistling wind made your soft voice just barely audible. "Commander!?" You tried again. He heard you, making a loud grunt of acknowledgment.
    "Isn't that it, uncle? The forest!?" You yelled. His eyes widened, and he rose one hand in the air, signaling Levi and the others behind you.
    "HEY! SLOW EVERYONE, SLOW!" Erwin growled over the wind, and everyone's hor
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One Of These Mornings by MarcoHeisler One Of These Mornings :iconmarcoheisler:MarcoHeisler 3,316 447 SnK - The Teams and Jean by Athyra SnK - The Teams and Jean :iconathyra:Athyra 1,375 227 Falling by eruemcee Falling :iconeruemcee:eruemcee 2,273 194 counting by Lapis-Razuri counting :iconlapis-razuri:Lapis-Razuri 1,811 142 SNK: Marco Bott by Moiscen SNK: Marco Bott :iconmoiscen:Moiscen 765 83 HAVE I INTRODUCED YOU TO MY OTP YET by Lapis-Razuri HAVE I INTRODUCED YOU TO MY OTP YET :iconlapis-razuri:Lapis-Razuri 2,118 158
Marco Bodt X Reader - Quick and Painless
Marco BodtXReader
_______ struggled in pain as she dragged her torso to the nearest wall, leaving a thick trail of blood painted behind her. She dug her cracked nails into the bricked building and propped herself up against the cold surface the best she possibly could without the support of her lower body.
It hurts...its hurts so much Marco...
Small tears fell from her eyes as she looked up at the darkening skies. She clenched her fists tight as pain surged up through the remainder of her body, managing a small yelp of pain to escape her lips. She looked down at where her legs used to be connected to the rest of her body.
Blood was still oozing from the stumps of her upper thigh area. It leaked around her lower body and soon made a dark crimson puddle around her, staining her pants and lower shirt.
"G-God... it hurts so bad Marco... d-did it hurt this much when you died...?" The memories of seeing her best friend dead penetrated her mind. The tears were becoming larger as she th
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Finally after a long day at school, the bell rang and an eager (Y/N) said her farewells and ran out of the classroom with her usual bright smile. She went straight to her locker and started to put her books and grab her (f/c) duffle bag looking very cheerful.
“Finally it’s Friday! I’ve been waiting forever for today to come!” You said happily as you close the door to your locker.
“Hey (Y/N)!” You heard a familiar voice call out from behind you
“Hey Sasha what’s up?” You said with a smile as you turned to face her, accompanying her were Ymir, Christa and for some rare reason Mikasa and Annie.
“We’re planning on having a girl’s night over at my place tonight want to come? It’ll be a riot!” She said with a big smile
“Tonight? Sorry Sasha I can’t I got plans” you said with a sad smile to which Sasha pouted
“Plans?” Ymir spoke up “But weren’t your parents out on a bu
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shingeki no pizza 1 by Sydsir shingeki no pizza 1 :iconsydsir:Sydsir 1,193 34 Cityscape by Inlakechh Cityscape :iconinlakechh:Inlakechh 535 24 Assassin's Creed 2: Mask by Jael-Kolken Assassin's Creed 2: Mask :iconjael-kolken:Jael-Kolken 6,789 727 Deathstroke-variations by marconelor Deathstroke-variations :iconmarconelor:marconelor 479 6
Protecting You- Yandere!Jean x Reader Part 1
The battle was long and hard, and it ended up with many lives being lost. One of which was a friend, a friend you truly enjoyed being with. Marco Bott. You remember the tears streaming down your face, hands raising and shaking. You remember someone fall onto his knees beside you, Jean Kirstein. His eyes were wide, full of denial at the loss of his best friend. You triend to comfort him, but all was in vain. You were too upset yourself to do anything other than cry.
When the bodies were burned, you noticed something different in your surviving friends eyes. At the time, you thought it was just depression showing. If only you knew.
"Hey, (F/N)."
"Oh, hi Jean!"
It was a month after the tragic deaths of battle, and although you didn't let it affect you outward, inside you were still gutted. It felt weird, living without your friend, and you didn't like it. You still had trouble eating, sleeping and, well, enjoying life. You hoped the feeling would fade eventually, yet you didn't want to
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Because of the rain - Star and Marco by Avril-Circus Because of the rain - Star and Marco :iconavril-circus:Avril-Circus 1,003 27 Outfit Swap by TheCheeseburger Outfit Swap :iconthecheeseburger:TheCheeseburger 1,133 141 Babies by Lapis-Razuri Babies :iconlapis-razuri:Lapis-Razuri 2,922 124 Shingeki no Kyojin - Encounter by IFrAgMenTIx Shingeki no Kyojin - Encounter :iconifragmentix:IFrAgMenTIx 1,641 67