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Throne of Glass Sketches by Charlie-Bowater Throne of Glass Sketches :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 4,346 104 Manon by Charlie-Bowater Manon :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 5,482 132 Manon Blackbeak by JoPainter Manon Blackbeak :iconjopainter:JoPainter 196 5 Mr. Rager by pacman23 Mr. Rager :iconpacman23:pacman23 1,362 112 Jim Carrey by AmBr0 Jim Carrey :iconambr0:AmBr0 808 97 Chitwan Elephant by traceur68 Chitwan Elephant :icontraceur68:traceur68 527 27 fairy. by nonam fairy. :iconnonam:nonam 813 198 WitchieWoos by meabhdeloughry WitchieWoos :iconmeabhdeloughry:meabhdeloughry 264 8 titanic by nonam titanic :iconnonam:nonam 701 213 The Yaoi Button by GingersaurusRex The Yaoi Button :icongingersaurusrex:GingersaurusRex 1,876 1,773 LIFT ME UP {comm} by DestrierDesigns LIFT ME UP {comm} :icondestrierdesigns:DestrierDesigns 128 23 Pale Blue Dot by MolDesignStudio Pale Blue Dot :iconmoldesignstudio:MolDesignStudio 108 38 Mega swampert can do WHAT by Weirda-s-M-art Mega swampert can do WHAT :iconweirda-s-m-art:Weirda-s-M-art 321 122 Apocalypse by QuilesART Apocalypse :iconquilesart:QuilesART 385 90 Their love . by x-princess-n0-mad-x Their love . :iconx-princess-n0-mad-x:x-princess-n0-mad-x 588 163
Valentines Aoi-Uruha
Uruha flipped through a magazine decorated with red hearts and filled with dazzling pieces of jewellery one could only find in the month of February. He turned the pages slowly, sluggishly, with his fingers brushing over each piece of notable interest: Silver twirling hearts fastened to rings of rose and golden gold, white gold necklaces with pairs of rose gold hearts twined together around infinity symbols, and many other such things he would love to adorn himself with sometime. His back was bent over delicately with the uncharacteristically plain shirt he was wearing ridding up and displaying the pale skin of his lower back as he scoured through the well-used magazine, which had only come out the week before.
He sighed as the sound of the shower stopped in the background, like an annoying hum gone silent, and closed the book with an even slower, heavy thumb and slid it under the pile of magazines kept beneath the low, living room table with the glass top. Aoi had never really celebra
:iconseannabirchwood:SeannaBirchwood 62 90
The loneliest of all is not isolated physically,
for there is always a chance that someone may
come along,
that someone may find you...
hope resides.
But when you know not one person understands you,
that is true loneliness.
When no one understands you,
you are infinitely lonely,
for you know that no one ever will.
never ends.
No machine can take this away,
there is no telephone for spirit,
no T.V. for the mind.
To be surrounded by fools,
is to be the last man on earth.
It is as a normal person feels,
when surrounded by insects,
with no one in sight,
no one for miles.
You cannot converse with an insect,
it does not talk back,
just the blank stare of bewilderment.
Part of me wishes to stay human,
the pride of being one is exhilarating.
But a larger part wishing to be insect.
I guess that is how I know I am not purely arrogant,
for I know a part of me wants to be social instead of logical...
but I cannot fake it,
so I guess pondering about
:iconhezakwik:hezakwik 40 13
Jack Frost by Bobsmade Jack Frost :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 2,072 113 Manony by manony Manony :iconmanony:manony 224 63 Gloriella by MargaHG Gloriella :iconmargahg:MargaHG 144 14 Manon des Mers by TaNgeriNegreeN1986 Manon des Mers :icontangerinegreen1986:TaNgeriNegreeN1986 192 74 Manon Blackbeak by taratjah Manon Blackbeak :icontaratjah:taratjah 186 5 CUDI by Kokor-o CUDI :iconkokor-o:Kokor-o 71 5 rider by Mr--Jack rider :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 192 35
A man on a corner with a dirty look
Telling a story written in no book
A thousand times told in form of a verse
But never to the one he loved the most
A woman on a corner with a gloomy look
Listening to the story written in no book
A thousand times told in form of a verse
Didn’t know the woman she was loved the most
A cat on a corner with a cunning look
Listening to the story written in no book
A thousand times told in form of a verse
It was the time of the day it loved the most
A stone on a corner with a cold look
Waiting for the man to finish his book
A thousand years passed and no one cared
For the rock on the corner or the story of the man
:iconalex-mg:alex-mg 27 29
AT-43 Manon by Ganassa AT-43 Manon :iconganassa:Ganassa 1,095 20 Natural Born Zombies by Mister-Denial Natural Born Zombies :iconmister-denial:Mister-Denial 366 14
A Someday in Winter
A Someday in Winter
by peachnewt
If m/m, or mention of vore is not your thing, leave now.  These characters are my own creation.  Do not steal or copy.
Will gazed at the untouched snow between the trees of the city park.  The sunset made it into valleys of pink and gilded the tree branches.  He could loose himself in the beauty of snow.  He never thought he could loose someone else because of it.  
"Should I leave you to commune with the trees?" snapped Louis, brushing flakes off his blond hair and off the sleeves of his black wool long coat.  His breath came in steamy puffs like an aggravated tea kettle.  
After seeing Louis miserable after another lab test for Rachel, Will had offered to treat him to a cup, or five, of freshly ground coffee at a cafe he frequented.  The blond had acquiesced only after Will had touted the strength of the brew, and the taunt that maybe Louis couldn't handle
:iconpeachnewt:peachnewt 44 108
Man on the Inside 12- Epilogue
by peachnewt
If soft vore or m/m is not your thing, leave now.  These characters are my own creation.  Do not steal or copy.  
Over the course of the next week, Watch Two kept a sharp ear and eye out for any other Freewill factions.  None showed up.  Whatever the cult group had been planning, it had gone to dust with Watch Two's interference.  Cetz breathed a sigh of relief and then had staff carry on as usual.  There was still much equipment to go through.  And there were daily trips back to the compound, each van coming back with a fill load.  
On the third floor, it could have been a repeat of the scene from a week ago.  Louis came into the Watch, grumbling under his breath about traffic and idiots on the road.  His eyes, hidden behind a pair of lightly tinted grey sunglasses, were dark, wanting to snap like a whip at anyone who looked at him oddly.  Then he saw Wi
:iconpeachnewt:peachnewt 36 74
Midlife Crisis by Curiosa37 Midlife Crisis :iconcuriosa37:Curiosa37 149 146 You're Mine by MargaHG You're Mine :iconmargahg:MargaHG 136 13 It Gets Better by Stefansider It Gets Better :iconstefansider:Stefansider 350 421 The Problem With a Hot Teacher by Algrenion The Problem With a Hot Teacher :iconalgrenion:Algrenion 284 108 Man on the Moon Necklace by Forbiddenynforgotten Man on the Moon Necklace :iconforbiddenynforgotten:Forbiddenynforgotten 132 19 Manon BlackBeak by Lany19 Manon BlackBeak :iconlany19:Lany19 67 6 Manon Lescaut. by saturninus Manon Lescaut. :iconsaturninus:saturninus 143 52 Burning touch by bucz Burning touch :iconbucz:bucz 98 27 Man on the Inside by peachnewt Man on the Inside :iconpeachnewt:peachnewt 69 33 Madame Butterfly by Curiosa37 Madame Butterfly :iconcuriosa37:Curiosa37 104 100 Manon and Elide by may12324 Manon and Elide :iconmay12324:may12324 208 5 KnB - AoKise on the court by Amanduur KnB - AoKise on the court :iconamanduur:Amanduur 254 41 Alain and Mairin by FloisonKeya Alain and Mairin :iconfloisonkeya:FloisonKeya 187 38 Cerisedolls Manon by Cerisedolls Cerisedolls Manon :iconcerisedolls:Cerisedolls 81 4 Beetle Juice Style by Amellya Beetle Juice Style :iconamellya:Amellya 263 46 CuDi Zone by TrueMagic CuDi Zone :icontruemagic:TrueMagic 103 9 The Last Vanguard by fromthedead The Last Vanguard :iconfromthedead:fromthedead 157 47 l4d2 Mutation1 Last Man on Earth by biggreenpepper l4d2 Mutation1 Last Man on Earth :iconbiggreenpepper:biggreenpepper 272 4