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Homunkulus II by Ceecore Homunkulus II :iconceecore:Ceecore 341 14
The Living Mannequin
It was my first day at my new job. Or should I say night? My position was as a nightshift security guard for a department store in the city. It was a pretty easy job. Aside from a list of things the higher ups wanted me to do, I basically could do whatever I wanted. Once they hand over the keys at closing time, I'm the only person left in the store.
On that first night they had a few different tasks for me; Stocking shelves, cleaning the floors etc. One of the more obscure tasks that they had for me involved a series of new mannequins that they wanted me to assemble so that they could be put on display the following day. I'm not going to lie, it was very tedious...Or at least it was until I discovered something incredible.
I found the mannequins in the stock room located at the very back of the store. As I suspected, they were all in boxes and were broken down into pieces. Arms, legs, head and of course the torso. I counted a dozen of them in total, and the higher-ups had left me instr
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Mannequin TFing by undersphere0 Mannequin TFing :iconundersphere0:undersphere0 88 4
Ballet mannequin
Collette was an aspiring ballet dancer. She always does up 10 minutes early to practice to get a head start. Her looks also helped and made the other girls jealous, so they developed a plan.
They sent her a text one Friday that there was a last minute practice. She quickly changed into her ballet gear and rode her bike a few miles down the road to the studio they practiced at. Of course she was early and nobody was there, or so she thought. "Hmm typically Mrs. Munson is here." She said. A few minutes later 2 other girls came in and started whispering to each other while Collette was still stretching.
"Hey brace-face, say cheese." Abbie, one of the other, more angry, dancers said. Collette looked and right as she did she saw the camera flash and she felt cold and couldn't move. As Abbie moved she watched herself in the mirror, her skin started getting shiney and she watched as her face soon became mere painted features and her hair became a brown wig.
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Mannequin Attempt by undersphere0 Mannequin Attempt :iconundersphere0:undersphere0 76 3
The Living Mannequin - Part 2
I went by the following days as normal. Breakfast, a trip to the gym, then lunch, a visit to the shops to pick up some essentials and then I went home to rest before work.
While at work, I would rush to get all of my tasks done as quickly as possible so that I would have more time to have fun with Emma. She would always be out on display when I find her, and I would have to carry her somewhere out of the view of the cameras before bringing her to life. Despite being a mannequin, she is an incredible woman. She is always happy to see me, and we always have a great time together. And I don't just say that because she pleasures me on a regular basis. We actually get along quite well and chat. She always asks me questions about the world and what it is like outside of the department store. It's kinda sad that she has never set foot outside those walls, but that's the life of a mannequin I suppose.
I occasionally brought things for Emma. Sometimes I picked out clothes from the store for her
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CMSN - Barbiefication by sortimid CMSN - Barbiefication :iconsortimid:sortimid 542 69 Cliff Mannequization Process by Redflare500 Cliff Mannequization Process :iconredflare500:Redflare500 1,441 77 M 019 by SgtSabre M 019 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 268 27 M 049 by SgtSabre M 049 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 218 9 M 031 by SgtSabre M 031 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 214 5 M 023 by SgtSabre M 023 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 240 8 M 085 by SgtSabre M 085 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 160 30 Vanity Shoot by shadedsun2k2 Vanity Shoot :iconshadedsun2k2:shadedsun2k2 399 18 M 011 by SgtSabre M 011 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 191 6 M 039 by SgtSabre M 039 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 207 4 M 029 by SgtSabre M 029 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 207 6 M 056 by SgtSabre M 056 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 162 27 M 052 by SgtSabre M 052 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 142 15 M 024 Caption by SgtSabre M 024 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 157 2 A different kind of modelling - Mikie by shadedsun2k2 A different kind of modelling - Mikie :iconshadedsun2k2:shadedsun2k2 221 2 M 038 by SgtSabre M 038 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 164 10 M 036 by SgtSabre M 036 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 201 42 M 064 by SgtSabre M 064 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 114 15 M 037 by SgtSabre M 037 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 141 5 M 027 by SgtSabre M 027 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 150 5 M 095a by SgtSabre M 095a :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 97 10 M 053 by SgtSabre M 053 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 117 19 Frozen in Plastic by mikehunt2911 Frozen in Plastic :iconmikehunt2911:mikehunt2911 96 17 Tailor's doll by gnrfk Tailor's doll :icongnrfk:gnrfk 101 9 M 018 by SgtSabre M 018 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 88 4 M 006 by SgtSabre M 006 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 108 2 M 080 Caption by SgtSabre M 080 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 85 7 M 020 Caption by SgtSabre M 020 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 104 13 Mannequin In The Doorway by magicshoppe Mannequin In The Doorway :iconmagicshoppe:magicshoppe 96 7 A different kind of modelling - On Display by shadedsun2k2 A different kind of modelling - On Display :iconshadedsun2k2:shadedsun2k2 153 2 M 028 Caption by SgtSabre M 028 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 78 8 M 045 Caption by SgtSabre M 045 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 81 10 M 060 Caption by SgtSabre M 060 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 84 14 M 026 by SgtSabre M 026 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 96 0 COMMISSION - Azumi the mannequin part01 by IDarkShadowI COMMISSION - Azumi the mannequin part01 :iconidarkshadowi:IDarkShadowI 242 26 M 067 Caption by SgtSabre M 067 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 81 8 Waiting by the window by magicshoppe Waiting by the window :iconmagicshoppe:magicshoppe 94 7 M 016 by SgtSabre M 016 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 116 3 Prison by stringchange Prison :iconstringchange:stringchange 86 6 M 096 by SgtSabre M 096 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 79 22 M 022 by SgtSabre M 022 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 105 5 M 071 Caption by SgtSabre M 071 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 68 14 M 054 by SgtSabre M 054 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 86 6 M 086 Caption by SgtSabre M 086 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 69 5