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.:How To Make A Comic:.
• COMICS: Comics are basically short stories told in a more visual way. Even a graphic novel wouldn’t exactly be considered a “novel” because novel is defined by a set word count minimum. If you really have a story you want to write out but can't seem to make it detailed or long enough to be a book, you may want to consider a comic especially if your passion is for drawing and visual things. Making a comic, as I've personally learned, isn’t something you can just go in head first without some kind of plan. I’m not at all a planner so making a comic I could finish beyond one or two pages was definitely a struggle.
• TIME: Making a comic takes time and lots of it. My INVISIBLE comic is sixteen pages plus a cover and it took me about a month and a half to make and that was a bit rushed. Figure if you’re able to work fast, you’ll maybe get ten pages done a month. Mine were full color traditional so if you want to do digital it may take
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Umbrella Man: Speech
Have you ever been at home alone and felt the curious sensation that you were being watched?
Or stared out into the rain lashing your window and sworn you saw someone staring back?
Have you been walking along a quiet street and for no reason you could discern had a chill run down your spine, setting your nerves aquiver?
Sometimes you have entered a space for the first time and somehow known it.  
Just out of the field of your vision you've caught a fleeting impression of a standing figure.
You've heard someone close call your name.
You tell yourself it's just a feeling. It's all in your head.       
It isn't.
How to describe myself…?
I am the scientist examining teeming specimens in a petrie dish.
I am the conductor orchestrating the dynamics and the tone.
I am like the editor who incises away the unwanted elements of the tale.
Like the censor concealing what cannot be allowed to be revealed.
Like the puppeteer wielding order through a
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