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Manager!Levi x Victoria's Secret Angel!Reader [AU]
Levi's Angel 
You were one of the most popular models for Victoria's Secret, the biggest American retailer for lingerie, which you occasionally found hard to believe even after seeing dozens of pictures of yourself on the covers of various magazines. You’d wanted to become a model from ever since you were a teenager but never thought that your dream could come true because you weren't as tall or skinny as most models.
However, your interview at a modelling agency went well and they provided you with a stoic faced but supportive manager called Levi who encouraged you to use your unorthodox looks to your advantage by standing out from the other models in the fashion industry. It was thanks to his busy schedules and impressive portfolios that you managed to bag a three year contract with Victoria's Secret and became a Victoria's Secret Angel
You were currently getting ready to be the showstopper for a fashion sh
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Akashi Seijuro x Reader (Accept it)
Opening your locker your face flushes as you see yet another gift sitting on top of your books.
This has GOT to stop…You mentally sigh.
Pushing the gift towards the back of your locker, you grab your AP Chemistry, Calculus, and History books off the shelf shoving them into your bag.
Closing your locker, you scream lifting a hand to your heart, “Have you come to a decision about my request?” A masculine voice questions, staring back at you with his heterochromia eyes he wears a slight smirk at having scared you.
Chewing the inside of your cheeks with irritation you tuck a loose strand of your hair behind your ear to prevent your hands from lashing out and choking Akashi for frightening you, “No,” you lift your hand up to cut him off.
God still as persistent as ever…if that’s what harassing is called now a days.
“I can’t, I’m already President of Student government, enrolled in AP classes, and on the hon
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Short WG Fan Fiction 2
Hatsune Miku stared long and hard at the reflection in the tiny bathroom mirror before her. It had been a long time since she first began her career as a online idol, and many things had changed. Even though they were still muffled by several doors and walls situated between them, she could still clearly hear the roaring cheers of the crowd, all of them ecstatic to see their beloved diva perform live on stage. A dim bulb overhead was Miku's only source of light, yet it was all she needed to see the extant of the damage done to her body due to her glamorous lifestyle. Curious as she was, she gently pressed a finger against her left cheek.
She was not exactly close to being obese, but Miku had definitely gotten chubby in the past year. A thin layer of fat had formed underneath the skin of her cheeks, giving her face a puffier, softer look. It actually helped accentuate her natural cuteness even further. The young woman noticed that she even had a bit of a double chin beginni
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Divorce and regression
For quite some time now, my parents have been arguing with each other for no reason whatsoever. The yelling and screaming, everything that came with it was just way too much for me. Of course, I then always hid in my bedroom, because I never liked to see this kind of stuff. One day however, when I got back from school, my father suddenly stormed outside and slammed the door, but not before he yelled back into the house: “Shut the ---- up, you ------- -----. I don’t want to spend another --- ---- minute here with you.” When he was close to his car, he suddenly noticed me standing there, nearly frozen in fear. Shocked at this, he quickly walked over and hugged me, saying: “Johnny, are you okay?” I shook my head, while fighting to keep my tears in, and said: “I just wish those arguments between the two of you would end.” “Hey tiger…” the answer was, “…not to disappoint you, but our marriage has run dry. We no longer h
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