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TZP: Returning to Lon Lon Ranch by Adella TZP: Returning to Lon Lon Ranch :iconadella:Adella 18,087 970 TZP: Link Rides Epona Into the Sunset by Adella TZP: Link Rides Epona Into the Sunset :iconadella:Adella 3,739 139 TZP: Link Malon Epona and Cuccos by Adella TZP: Link Malon Epona and Cuccos :iconadella:Adella 8,601 414 TZP: Link and Malon by Adella TZP: Link and Malon :iconadella:Adella 12,685 684 TZP: Link and Malon observe Death Mountain by Adella TZP: Link and Malon observe Death Mountain :iconadella:Adella 9,010 444
Fairy's Fountain Link X Reader
       Some time far past midnight, you woke from your sound sleep. With the reason you had woken up a mystery, you snuggled back into bed and tried once more to rest. A cool breeze from the open window swept through the room, bringing with it all the smells of the night. Just as you began to drift, you heard a noise. “Who's there?” There was no moon tonight, making your room pitch black. Afraid that the intruder wasn't just an animal, you began throwing everything on your bed in the direction of the noise.
“Ouch. Hey be careful, it's only me. Stop throwing stuff.” A bright blue light appeared from nowhere, showing the face of your guest. “Thanks Navi, wait until after I get hit with a book to come out of my hat. I could have used the light a little earlier.”
“Link? What are you doing here? It's late, you should be asleep.” Without the moon, it was almost impossible to tell the time of night.
“I know, but there i
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TZP: Goodbye Epona by Adella TZP: Goodbye Epona :iconadella:Adella 1,213 43 The Legend of Zelda by maiyue The Legend of Zelda :iconmaiyue:maiyue 3,329 332 TZP: Malon in the Pasture by Adella TZP: Malon in the Pasture :iconadella:Adella 4,840 279 TZP: Death Mountain Overlook by Adella TZP: Death Mountain Overlook :iconadella:Adella 1,388 47 I GuessThat Explains Something by Hail-NekoYasha I GuessThat Explains Something :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 6,355 2,194 TZP: Malon Singing by Adella TZP: Malon Singing :iconadella:Adella 2,599 111 TZP: Fire Temple Lava River by Adella TZP: Fire Temple Lava River :iconadella:Adella 778 52 The Legend of Zelda by SandraInk The Legend of Zelda :iconsandraink:SandraInk 4,557 611 Ocarina of Time + Four Swords by amascusmage Ocarina of Time + Four Swords :iconamascusmage:amascusmage 1,585 633 Zelda OoT: Link and Malon by AlineMendes Zelda OoT: Link and Malon :iconalinemendes:AlineMendes 2,238 183 He is MY hero! by Queen-Zelda He is MY hero! :iconqueen-zelda:Queen-Zelda 1,416 313
The Hidden Truth - Link x Reader Chap 01
Opening your eyes by obligation to the brisk morning, and the harsh sound of the cloth covering your windows being rudely flung open, you see you're best friend standing by the medium sized window, looking out at farmland her family owns. She and her father were so kind enough to let you live there, after your village had gotten burned down by Po's, lands yonder. You rubbed your sleepy eyes and groan softly, as she turns to smile at you. "Tee hee, not a Farm Girl, are you?" She giggles, brushing out her long sun kissed, golden orange hair, while walking to your bedside. She smooths out some of the wrinkles, and sits down next to your legs. You sigh, and sit up to your best abilities, as you feel groggy, and can barely keep your eyelids from shutting on you. Back in your home, you had a decent sleeping schedule, you know staying up late sometimes, but always awake during the day. Here at the Ranch, you wake up at the crack of dawn, to the Cuckoo's crow. You give out a lazy yawn, and gru
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-Bring him back safely- by R-SRaven -Bring him back safely- :iconr-sraven:R-SRaven 4,457 209 Zelda: The Hero of Time's Son by Adella Zelda: The Hero of Time's Son :iconadella:Adella 1,178 356 Singing Malon by Adella Singing Malon :iconadella:Adella 2,116 433 Zelda: Goodluck Fairyboy by Adella Zelda: Goodluck Fairyboy :iconadella:Adella 1,343 213 Shattered dreams by Queen-Zelda Shattered dreams :iconqueen-zelda:Queen-Zelda 963 297 Zelda. by cam-miyu Zelda. :iconcam-miyu:cam-miyu 1,448 281
Growing Pains - Zelda Fic
Growing Pains
"Is he here yet?!" an eagre voice chirped.
Malon groaned. She opened her eyes but the bright morning light stung them, and they instinctively held shut. She could feel something weighing heavily on her sore chest, and a slighter pressure on the upper curve of her belly. She could hear the giggling breath of the creature above her, and its shadow played over her eyelids as it moved from side to side.
"Is who here yet..." she yawned in response.
"My brother!" the high pitched voice squealed gleefully.
"Your brother?" she sighed, "Ah..."
Opening her eyes she looked at the scrawny being that sat astride over her chest. Dressed in her pajamas Malon found her amusingly similar in appearance to her father when he was a boy. Same bony arms and legs poking out (not that she wasn't well-fed. It just seemed that no matter how much food they shoveled onto her plate the little girl managed to turn it all into the frantic energy she was saturated with), a mop of messy straw-coloured bl
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They Came... by glitcher They Came... :iconglitcher:glitcher 3,498 356 Zelda Fanart - Malon and Link by Adella Zelda Fanart - Malon and Link :iconadella:Adella 1,318 351 ::Zelda:: by AlineMendes ::Zelda:: :iconalinemendes:AlineMendes 1,252 274 Malon Lon Lon Ranch Legend of Zelda Cosplay Skirt by DarlingArmy Malon Lon Lon Ranch Legend of Zelda Cosplay Skirt :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 319 26 Zelda: Unwanted Guidance by Nevina Zelda: Unwanted Guidance :iconnevina:Nevina 951 139 The Rogue Wind by Adella The Rogue Wind :iconadella:Adella 1,331 311 Autumn at Lon Lon Ranch by LordDonovan Autumn at Lon Lon Ranch :iconlorddonovan:LordDonovan 602 112 Waiting For Her Hero - Malon by Adella Waiting For Her Hero - Malon :iconadella:Adella 1,862 254 How did they... by rah-bop How did they... :iconrah-bop:rah-bop 1,844 394
In the Shadows Dark Link X Reader
      “We are going to get caught, and when we do, do you know what's going to happen to us? Jail, we're both going to go to jail.” Throwing your arms in the air, you let out a frustrated sigh. “I don't want to go to jail. I have a really good life, I'm happy.”
Dark Link, who you now lovingly referred to as Dink, placed his hand over your mouth. “If you would shut your mouth for even a second, it would greatly lower our chances of getting caught. Not to mention it would really raise our chances of success.” After a quick peek over the bushes to  make sure  no one heard you, he looked back down at you. “Now please, try to be a little more quiet.” Slowly he removed his hand from your mouth. “Now follow me.” While on hands and knees, Dink crawled under bushes and scurried through the open areas until he felt safe.
Tired from crawling all that way, you leaned against a grey stone wall of the castle and cau
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Summer Days by Woodland-Mel Summer Days :iconwoodland-mel:Woodland-Mel 2,979 340 Malon got Milk by MCsaad Malon got Milk :iconmcsaad:MCsaad 1,886 290 TZP: Lon Lon Milk by Adella TZP: Lon Lon Milk :iconadella:Adella 1,311 84 Zelda: The Lost Woods by Adella Zelda: The Lost Woods :iconadella:Adella 1,252 224 +Tickling+ Malon by ScreampunkArts +Tickling+ Malon :iconscreampunkarts:ScreampunkArts 857 2 Nintendo -Les belles endormies by SigurdHosenfeld Nintendo -Les belles endormies :iconsigurdhosenfeld:SigurdHosenfeld 4,565 800 StC - Malon by Marrazan StC - Malon :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,070 69 Milk Maid Malon by Marrazan Milk Maid Malon :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,271 119 Majora's Mask Halloween by theonlybriman47 Majora's Mask Halloween :icontheonlybriman47:theonlybriman47 760 103
A Milk-Filled Malon
A Milk-Filled Malon
            It had been seven days since Princess Zelda had inflated her body. Thanks to her treatments her body now sported an amazing hourglass shaped body. While one girl had her wish, one other girl wasn’t so lucky.
In the South part of the Hyrule Field, a Ranch had recently been built to take less strain on the on the Ordon farm.  The new ranch had been called Lon Lon Ranch. There a regular farm girl called Malon lived. She had to take frequent trips to the Hyrule Castle delivering milk, which brings us back to the present day.
Malon walked by her special horse with a wagon filled with crates of milk. She was wearing a White blouse and a long brown skirt. She was sitting sideways on her horse, thinking of random stuff like…How many kids should she have, what would the future bring, and where was her lazy dad?
It had been 5 minutes since she had delivered the milk and she was explori
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Link's Legacy - Malon by SaburoX Link's Legacy - Malon :iconsaburox:SaburoX 1,388 290 Zelda: The Temple of Time by Adella Zelda: The Temple of Time :iconadella:Adella 1,085 181 Silenced Singer by 2GoodSharks Silenced Singer :icon2goodsharks:2GoodSharks 525 59