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hands [makoto tachibana x reader]
"[Name]-chan, please wake up."
Makoto gently shook your shoulder, but you sleepily swapped his hand away and only turned to face the other direction. He took off his backpack and unzipped it, rummaging inside to find something. He pulled out a plastic-wrapped muffin and put it on your head, chuckling when you swapped it back into his hands.
Suddenly, your eyes shot open and looked at him. "Is that what I think it is?"
He grinned. "What do you think it is?"
"A muffin."
"Bingo," he chuckled and tossed it to you.
"Chocolate chip?" you asked.
"Of course."
You sat up and opened the plastic wrap, taking this huge bite out of the baked heaven. Of course, Makoto was laughing at you. He turned around to leave, not forgetting to remind you to get dressed for school. But, before he even took a step, you groped his butt.
The third-year yelped and turned to face you. "[N-N-Name]-chan!"
You laughed at the look of horror on his face and felt as if your life was finally complete.
"D-Don't do th
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Jealous of What? :: {Makoto Tachibana x Reader}
Ever since you were little you had always been told that green was the color of jealousy but after having known Makoto Tachibana your whole life you weren’t to sure that could be true. When you looked into his green eyes all you could ever see was compassion and unrelenting concern for everyone but himself. In short, Makoto was the most selfless person you knew.
Even when the two of you were little Makoto would go out of his way to share anything he had with you, toys, books, movies, even sharing an ice cream cone or two. You smiled at the memories that invaded your mind your arms clutching the soft fabric of Sham-Sham. You were currently sprawled out on Makoto’s bed waiting for the male to hurry up with his shower so the two of you could meet the rest of the swim club downtown for dinner. You had forgotten how soft Sham-Sham was, Sham-Sham being Makoto’s incredibly large orca plush that he had since you guys were itty-bitty. Out of all the toys Makoto shared with you
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[ Blush ]
[ Blush ]
{ Makoto Tachibana x Reader }
“[Name]! You there?” a voice called to you from outside your bedroom window.
Groaning, you rolled over in bed, placing your pillow over your head to block his voice.
Why did he always do this? What was the point of coming to your house to wake you up so early?! It was the weekend for goodness’ sake!
From downstairs you heard your door open, only to be shut rather loudly again. You could hear the pattering of his feet making their way up to your room. “[Name], you better not be sleeping!” he called. “It’s almost two in the afternoon!”
Okay so scratch the ‘waking you up early’ part. Still, who does he think he is? Because making sure to wake you up sure wasn’t part of his job, Haruka, maybe, you definitely not.
Frowning, you sat up. “I’m not sleeping anymore,” you grumbled as he leaned against your doorframe. “No thanks to you.”
Sighing, he shook
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First Kiss - Tachibana Makoto x Reader
How did this happen?
You were perfectly fine just an hour and a half ago, so how?
As you sat in the room of the biggest crush you’d ever had, you racked your brain for possibilities and conversation topics. Your pencil was clutched so tightly in your hand that your fingers had gone white, and your other hand was clenched in a tight fist on your lap. You sat across from Makoto on the small study table in the middle of his bedroom, and every noise was making your heart leap into your throat. The only sound was the clock ticking, and if you listened close enough you could almost hear his breathing and-
You broke out into a cold sweat, feeling the blood pound in your ears. Calm down. You were just working on a history project together that you happened to be paired together for. A normal study session after school with the sunset coming in through the curtains was taking place, and that’s all there was to it.
That’s all it was. That’s all it-
“Hey, (f/n)-chan-
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What About Now? (Haru X Reader) Free! One-Shot
Your pencil sketched across your notepad, the teacher's metaphors barely penetrating your state. "And now, you all have a few minutes to converse," Ama-sensei said. You ignored the instant flood of conversation, burying yourself into your drawing.
“Who is that?” A curious speaker asked.
You hesitantly glanced up at the owner of the voice. A boy stood over you, his ocean blue eyes inquisitively scanning over your drawing.
“It’s my OC,” you replied nervously. You turned your head back to your desk to add some shading onto his hair. “He’s drowning,” you added when the onlooker didn’t walk away. His shadow blocked your view of the top of your drawing, causing your lips to curl in agitation.
You whispered, “Would you please move?”
“Do you swim?”
You looked up, the sun glaring in your vision. His expression was deadly serious, as if he was daring you not to answer. You managed a shaky laugh. <i>
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This Love ~ Sick!Makoto x Reader [Free!]
“Hey [Name], do you love me?” Your boyfriend Makoto unsurely asked.
You looked up from the soup you were making and frowned.
“Makoto, if I didn’t love you would I be here taking care of you..? Would I have even agreed to go out with you?” You sighed.
“I guess you wouldn’t..” He said dreamily.
Makoto was always worried that you’d leave him. You didn’t understand it. You huffed and turned back to your soup.  Makoto had caught the flu and since his family was out of town, you had come over to take care of him. You brought a spoon filled with broth up to your lips to taste the soup.
“Hot hot hot HOT!!” You yelled when it burned your tongue.
Makoto chuckled at your actions but soon began to cough. You rushed to his side with a glass of water which he quickly drank.
“Take it easy. Your soup will be done soon.” You said while pressing your hand to his forehead.‘Damn,’ you thought, ‘he still h
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Fated Love (Makoto Tachibana x Reader)
    "Isn't it funny how things never change?" Nagisa giggled, poking the back of Haruka's neck with his pencil. "Look, Haru-Chan."
    His eyes trailed from the open window to the sight of his best friend making a fool of himself. Makoto starred dreamily at the head two desks ahead of him, chin cupped in his palm. The tall, muscled giant was proving yet again that you couldn't judge a book by it's cover. His massive size barely even translated into his softie personalty.
    (Name)-san was doodling in the margins of her worksheet, oblivious to the eyes of the Swim Team. It had been like this ever since they were children, the only difference being you were in pigtails and nobody's voice had dropped yet. Makoto would stare away at your figure and daydream the whole class. It was a wonder he kept his grades up.
    During the big break up after primary school, while Mako was distracted with frenemy feuds and a splitting clique,
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Calm [Haruka Nanase X Reader]
"Haruka-Kun? Where are you going?"
You stood up from your seat when you saw the black haired boy was ready to leave the classroom with his friend/seat-mate, Makoto.
He turned around and stopped by the door as you called him.
You sighed as he answered that. His answers always short and straight to the point. The bell already rang and that means it was the end of school, but not for you and Haruka.
"Haruka-San. I know that you are excited to leave the classroom. But we are the students on duty today. You can't just leave every time...."
You slowly walked to him and crossed your arms. He studied your action and furrowed his brows a bit. He knew you will not let him go this time. He looked at the brown haired boy and his friend responded with a gentle smile.
"It's alright. We'll wait for you at the pool."
Makoto bowed his head toward you and left the classroom. You turned your attention to Haruka and you could see a slightly disappointment in his eyes. He walked back to his seat an
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[shower singer] (Makoto Tachibana x Reader)
"Makoto?" You call, knocking on the door to his room. "Your mother let me in; she wasn't expecting anyone. Did you forget to mention that I'm coming over for a study session?"
You're answered with a "Sorry! I'll be right out, I completely forgot-" and loud fumbling as he opens the door.
Oh my.
In front of you is a half naked Makoto, towel and change of clothes tucked under his arm. "I'm sorry, (Name)!" He groans, head in hands. "I was just getting ready to shower and-"
"Mako." You say calmly. "It's fine." He seems to lighten up at this, shoulders relaxing. "Go take your shower, alright?" You say. "I'll wait for you in here." You shoulder towards his room, and he smiles. 
"Alright! Sorry again for forgetting..." He apologizes. You watch him disappear down the hallway towards the bathroom before stepping into his room.
But when he doesn't return 5 minutes later, you decide to go check on him. As you near the hazy door of the bathroom, you're about to knock when..
"She's the g
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Back Muscles [Makoto x Fem!Reader]
Makoto, for such a sweet guy, had nice body. His arms are muscular, his stomach was amazing. But last but certainly not least was his back. His back was amazing.
(L/N) (F/N), his girlfriend, wasn't like Gou who fan girled about muscles constantly. But damn, how could you not resist that back of his?
She constantly took any chance she could to bring up his back. Which will immediately make him flustered.
She was extremely surprised when she watched the Iwatobi Swim Club's 'way' to attract new members (which failed). No one told her of the plan. It might have been because Makoto didn't want to get teased or maybe because they simply wanted to surprise. It didn't matter which of the options they chose, they still would have gotten they same reaction.
At first, when she saw Makoto pull down his Iwatobi Swim Club jacket, she was surprised and slightly flustered on behalf of the poor olive-haired male. But once she noticed that his ears was red and soon saw that his face was red as well, tho
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Video Games [Makoto X Reader]
Makoto x Reader – Video Games
It was a warm saturday morning when a cheerful male voice was waking you up from your sleep. “_____! Wake up!”  The voice yelled from outside of your house. You covered your ears with your pillow to get at least some peace on the moring, but the voice of the cheerful young man was still hearable. “MAKOTO! I STILL WANT TO SLEEP!” you shouted, covering your face with your soft pillow.
Makoto’s voice disappeared for a while, and you asked yourself if he went home. You couldnt fall asleep anymore, thanks to him. You sighed and removed your pillow from your face, just to see the next shocker: Makoto’s face was very close to yours, and out of surprise you start to hit him with your pillow, shouting things like Go away and Leave me alone. After a while your hits got softer, and Makoto laughed. “You are very awake for a Saturday morning.” He said, taking a seat on your bed. You, still blushin
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