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2P!America x reader - making out
Winter break was your favourite time of year. Snow, cute accessories, hot chocolate and cuddling in warm blanket. There was a first day of your break so after long night with your boyfriend, you decided to stay in bed as long as possible. It was noon as loud snap woke you up. You blinked few times and looked at free space next to you. It was cold which means Al got up waaaay earlier than you. You put a long shirt around your bare body and walked out the bedroom. Al stood in kitchen with grocery bags in his hands.
"Good morning, Al" you yawned
"Took you enough to get up" he murmured and put fresh vegetables in a fridge.
"Oh, it's not my fault" you smirked "you didn't let me sleep 'till the midnight"
"Whatever..." he finished with groceries and walked to you. You put your hands on his chest as he wrapped arms around your waist. He kissed you softly and rubbed your back.
"I've got to go, babe~" he let go of you "I will be back soon"
He grabbed his bat and rested it on his shoulder and wen
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Playing With Your Hair
When everybody dreams of pixies I dream of you,
The puffiness under your eyes,
Making your smiles always so pretty,
And the sincere love in your eyes that makes me ever so happy.
It could have been your lovely voice,
Or the very act of whispering that took my heart.
Whispers of everything I ever wanted there to be,
Betraying everything I needed you to see.
And no one should let true love sift through their fingers like dreams,
Because it's just too preciously rare these days,
Unlike all the infatuations in the world,
And the unending love I have for you.
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How to evade making a Mary Sue
The “Mary Sue” Guide
This guide is meant to introduce and/or inform you of this threat that is currently attacking storywritting, drawing, Original Character creation (OCs) and fandom/fanfiction in general, not to say Originality itself!
During the course of this guide, you will learn what a Mary Sue is, you’ll identify one when sighted and, most importantly, you will not create one and hopefully you will help others in the subject, so they don’t create Mary Sues too.
I) Mary Sue 101:
-What is a “Mary Sue”?
“Mary Sue” is a title given to characters in fanfiction (and sometimes original, professional work) who are simply perfect: They are beautiful, smart, friendly, always willing to help for nothing in exchange even if they can die, powerful, important in one way or get the point (I will explain on emphasis later). These characters are often created in Roleplaying forums/chatrooms or simply as OCs with a storyline
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