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Fast Food Mafia, final :iconsilentsketcher:silentsketcher 18,809 3,190 Gokudera - Uri :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 1,640 102 Kuroshitsuji: Wonderful Cane :iconmaxieyi:Maxieyi 268 56 Night street :iconrhysgriffiths:RhysGriffiths 5,611 236 Hellsing: Alucard Close-Up :iconmaxieyi:Maxieyi 616 178 The Chicago Violin :iconncmares:NCMares 2,063 181 Anime Boston 2010: Sebastian :iconmaxieyi:Maxieyi 680 159 Death Note Cosplay: All About Us :iconredustrial-ruin:Redustrial-Ruin 578 69 Mafiadogs - It's not fun unless it hurts :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 1,407 95 Death Note Mafia Card Game :icondeathnotefansite:DeathNoteFanSite 1,727 199 APH Mafia - the Asia Family :iconlo-wah:Lo-wah 5,118 511 Equestrian Gangster :iconncmares:NCMares 1,879 265 Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,425 135 Mafia Miss Fortune :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 3,167 56 Scanvengers :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 658 34
Door 7 (Mafia!RomanoXReader)
You walked through door number 7 and stepped strait onto a cobblestone road.
You looked around and saw bistros filled with chattering people and Vespa’s whizzing by, from what you could tell by the Italian flags everywhere, you were somewhere in Italy.
You stepped closer to a less crowded restaurant and walked inside to ask where you were when you were taken by the arm.
You turned around to see a heavy set Italian man handing you an apron and a pad for orders, unable to say anything but “W-What”
You were thrown into the empty restaurant toward a table filled with men in suits smoking like chimneys.
You stiffly walked over to the table, not sure what to do and quite frightened by your surroundings.
You got up to the table and all of the men looked up at you, your breath caught in your throat when a distinct pair of olive colored eyes met yours and lightning crackled between the gaze.
“U-Um, what would you like to o-order sirs?” you shakily asked as the man
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KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN-buttons :iconred-priest-usada:Red-Priest-Usada 2,891 271 The League of Legends :iconbenny-lee:Benny-Lee 729 88 Lackadaisy Snickerdoodle :icontracyjb:tracyjb 7,920 920 KHR: The Cool Kids :iconmiho-nyc:miho-nyc 1,961 218 The Family :iconhellpurestdevil:HellPurestDevil 2,347 372 Go With a BANG :iconqinni:Qinni 7,542 664
Romano x Reader- Mafia Fluff
The sunlight streamed through the curtains and onto your sleeping face. You groaned as the light invaded your dreaming mind. Groggily you opened your eyes to the new day. You turned over noticing that Lovino was no longer there.
You sat up and stretched. Lovino must have already left for work. You stood up with a tired yawn and got dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. You walked into your bathroom and brushed your teeth and washed your face.
You noticed Lovino's discarded boxers on the floor and picked them up for him. You knew he was having a tough time at work and didn't want to add to his stress by yelling at him about being a slob.
You see your long time boyfriend was a mobster. In fact he was the head of the Italian Mafia. Luckily being the head he was safer than his underlings but you still worried about him all the time.
The worst was when he would come home covered in blood or covered in wounds. Once he came home with a bullet hole in his right shoulder. After dating for
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BJBB: Sven [Trump] :iconhen-tie:hen-tie 1,272 221 Mafia gang :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 1,655 78
Mafia! Hetalia x Reader FINAL!
Dear reader:
        This contains a lemon.  If you are confused about what a lemon is, please go to urbandictionary and see what it is.  
The next week, everything was normal.  You would clean and get into fights with Lovino.  Everyone was used to these arguments by now.  Today, however, was different.  The whole family was gone on a mission leaving you there unprotected.  “I have an uneasy feeling that something horrid is going to happen.”  You said as you finished sweeping the whole mansion.  
After you ate your meal, you began to read a book as well as question your feelings for Lovi.  The quiet was soon destroyed by the door getting broke in again.  You froze and began to look for a weapon.  Though the library didn’t consist of any weapons, you had to improvise.  Footsteps got closer and louder as you panicked as you looked for a weapon of any kind.  
You scan the whole room but it was too late.  The men broke the door and smirked at
:iconkolulu100:kolulu100 110 14
Mafia!RomanoxMafia!Reader: Not Your Typical Romeo
Groaning you looked to your watch. This was the third time he had been late. If he didn’t show up in the next ten minutes then you would leave and it would be the third time he had failed to show up. It wasn’t as if you didn’t know what he was doing.
Probably something to do with the “family business”.
“Madam, are you ready to order?”
You turned to look at the waiter, “Give him five more minutes.” With a sigh you gazed at the elegance around you. The soft glow of garden lights, the cool air of the outside balcony, the flicker of the candle on your table.
Glancing at the table inside you saw the Police Commissioner. Quickly you turned your face, you had made yourself well known in the crime world. People wanted other people to disappear? Well you were the magician. Putting your hand under the table you put it over the gun strapped to your thigh.
Ten minutes…
“Madam, are you ready to or-.”
“Just bring me the b
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