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Wolf Legend - Part I
1. Andrew
He stood over the body.
It's over, he thought. No more. I'm not like them, their traditions, rituals, this pack... I'm different. It's over for me.
The scent of blood was overwhelming. The heat from the fire only reminded him of the hate that grew within him.
I hate them, he repeated over and over in his head. How could they, and for what, they call this honor!?
He wanted to see them burn. Fire didn't seem enough. He could only think of the worst kinds of deaths one could experience, and he wished it on them.
He was alone. It was not what he wanted, but it was all his fault. He had taken everything too far.
My lies did this. My hope to be different. He had lived with his curse long enough, he was asked to do the only thing he vowed never to do.
"I will not!" Andrew yelled out in the darkness.
Shadows moved across the field.  Glowing eyes were on him, fueled by hatred and judgment. He didn't care. He wouldn't stand it.
His eyes gl
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