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EXE Dance - Base :iconask-exe:Ask-EXE 557 225 Commission - Pandora and SebastianII :iconmoremindmel0dy:moremindmel0dy 949 32 Lustful escape :iconbpsola:bpsola 962 72
lust poem
let me pour love words
down your throat
take them straight up
like a shot of tequila
answer in kind, and
I’ll swallow your verbs
until our bodies contract
and expand with need,
an ancient howl that can
be satisfied in
only one way,
and you’ll come
to remember why
you love poetry
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 36 57
Angels Within Temptation_Reink :iconiris-zeible:Iris-Zeible 267 88 Agamemnon :iconjvrichardson:jvrichardson 156 33 Curls and Swirls for Sid :iconneongenesisevarei:NeonGenesisEVARei 292 19 Hard to handle. :iconanesthetic-x:Anesthetic-X 205 40 Lustful Mermaid :iconruuruu-chan:RuuRuu-Chan 134 52
The lustful Vivian
Well, I'm back in Felarya again. The reason I have to return to what was almost my final mission will be explained soon.
It all started back in Megaton City. Nekko was furious to find out that the tracking device I threw when I was in Crisis' stomach had recently digested. "Due to your last screw up, I want you to re-tag Crisis." Nekko told me. "But, I almost died in her!" I shouted to nekko. "Well, since you feel that way, I also want you to also tag Anna and Vivian. But, it will be free." Nekko told me as he looked at his wonderus city. "What if I refuse to par take in this suicide mission?" I asked nekko with a raised eyebrow. "You refuse, you'll be Selphie's snack." Nekko replied as he point to the bones near Selphie's door. I looked at the door, then I looked at him. "Fine." I told nekko as I started to get my crossbow. "But, you'll be going hands on for this mission." Nekko told me before he left the door to begin my misson.
And that's why i'm here again. Knowing Crisis, she woul
:iconthebigman0706:TheBigMan0706 21 237
At least, i think so
I cannot find
the hidden message
between each strand
of your long red hair
or in the indented patterns
in the palms of your pallid hands
Or between the silence
of our elastic brushing lips
But somehow I can
within the slow breath you take to fill your lungs
:iconpagesofdreams:PagesOfDreams 17 19
Lesgo you sparkling nub :iconnext--lvl:Next--LVL 186 16
Demon Dreams
A prowler in the night always there, remaining out of sight. Never once have you seen me, yet always in the dark do you fear me. I am the darkness that puts the light to shame. Taking my victims, never uttering my name. I sit on a throne of ashes hidden beneath a mortal mask. My only enemy is time controlling the life I can almost call mine. I am that of a forsaken existence unendingly taunted by the Devils in the distance. Searching to rid my blood of an uncontrollable hunger. A hunger for the flesh that dresses your soul. I'll take in your life and watch the insanity unfold. I look at you, my crimson rose, and as you die I'll watch you repose.
Not so pure is the normality of life when the desire for another overcomes you with strife. I travel freely through the night, waiting to take from the fruit of which I choose another bite. gliding on wings of leather and silk, I'll watch my rose begin to wilt. Wings are colours of black and red from the sins of my "life." Pain so deep it could
:iconaclockworkblue:AClockworkBlue 16 10
It is just but a love matter :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 157 8 Lusty :iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 80 64 7 Sins :iconpimpcesstyna:PimpcessTyna 559 61
No Honey For The Damned
She is poison to you
That knife shall never set you free
You wonder if her love is true
That knife suddenly becomes your key
You're better off without her desire
Her venomous kiss
It scorches like fire
Was the sex worth all this
She misses you so
Lying upon her poisoned bed
She is something that you will never know
And in you're mind, she is dead
But I beg you child to remember
To never forgive
That cold September
When you didn't want to live
And when that knife suddenly becomes the key to both of you
You will remember, that there is no honey for the damned.
:iconevernightstudios:EverNightStudios 13 5
Rika Shiki Lust :iconaketan:aketan 103 21
Lustful Love
Lustful thoughts
Swim maniacally throughout my mind
I beg for the chance
To melt your soul this alluring night
I’d act out my burning desire
To paint your body with my touch
And make you shake and quiver
As I explore you with my tongue
I fantasise the moment
Where our bodies come as one
I feel you perspire
Your sweet sweat trickles down
Whilst we thrust against each other
Indulging in our pleasure
We seek the depth of sensuality
A moment to always treasure
We espy this forbidden love
A secret between just us
We quest this connection
We pursue this lust
As we adjoin at the hips
We form an eternal bond
An inexplicable love
A union so strong
For when we are together
There are no boundaries
We liberate each other
From all of life’s burdens
Soul mates forever
No-one will understand
We bind together as one
Only in our perfect land
So hold me close tonight
Let’s share this moment again
For I value your presence
You’re my precious gem
:icontas-poetry:tas-poetry 15 11
+InuKag+ Amazing Kiss :iconuchihaakio:UchihaAkio 409 244 His butler, lustful... :iconwhite-sakurazuka:White-Sakurazuka 87 16
50 Words of Lust
Lustfully, I stare on; drool leaking from my mouth.
Your sweet scent fills my nostrils, your glorious beauty inhabits my soul.
My heart urges me to make the jump, my tongue to explore your taste.
I step forward hazardously. Should I? Would I? Dare I?
'Steak. Beautiful, beautiful steak'
:iconphantom-wolf42:Phantom-Wolf42 13 35
Lustful Lips :iconfellitee:fellitee 45 61 Lust :iconevanira:Evanira 58 3
I want to hold you
so tightly,
that a permanent impression
is worn on me like a badge of honor.
And map every inch
of your skin
with my lips and fingers,
feeling every contour of your body.
I want to stare so deeply that I can read
the constellations in your eyes,
I get high from embracing you so closely
that I'm only able to breathe in your carbon dioxide
Yet it remains sweeter and lighter in my lungs
than any mountain fresh air.
I just want to inhale
and suffocate myself
of a world without you.
:iconliving-in-his-head:living-in-his-head 12 6
Beach of Boobies - color by `vest :iconfranarok:franarok 1,204 65 Read my lips :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 269 17 the blue of autumn 2 :iconhaikman:haikman 188 54 A few more minutes please :3 :iconlady-of-mud:Lady-of-Mud 138 106 KOA: The Dance of Lust :iconyuriihime:Yuriihime 294 20 Waiting for my Date... :icondarkly1:darkly1 211 33 Lust in her eyes :iconwgsoup:wgsoup 222 6 Don't startle the witch... :iconlustfulhunter:LustfulHunter 103 69 Lustful etna :iconvoodoodollmaster:VooDooDollMaster 135 24 Heydrich tarot: Two cups :iconhello-heydi:hello-heydi 43 70 Morning :iconnext--lvl:Next--LVL 83 7 Nopti Orientale :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 181 20 Sweet summer days :iconaketan:aketan 108 2 Belly Dancer Pikasia for marioblade64 :icondarkly1:darkly1 113 33 Lust :iconaalz-ko:aAlz-ko 116 6 Lustful Succubus :iconladyloth:LadyLoth 66 11 .:Lustful Envy:. :iconmylastblkrose:MyLastBlkRose 104 29 Wakfu tegaki dump :iconnext--lvl:Next--LVL 129 20 Wakfu dump -winter- :iconnext--lvl:Next--LVL 164 29 Cold Feelings :icon4u64ica:4u64ica 68 36 STOCK_7_Blowing In The Wind :iconbellastanyer-stock:Bellastanyer-STOCK 50 21