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Cato x Reader
The gong rings and you leaped forward, your legs pumping as hard as they could and you ran towards the forest, trying to put as much distance as you could between you and the Cornucopia. You made it to the edge of the forest right as the cannons began to blast behind you. You lost track of the count, instead focusing on the handsome District 2 tribute, Cato, oh Cato, with that blond hair, and the muscular body. You weren't scared of him, in fact, you admire his sheer strength, and the dangerous look in his eyes.
He noticed you and ran straight in your direction. You took a couple steps back, then stopedp, and stared towards him. You remembered with a jolt where you were and you panic for a moment, backing up so quickly you stumbled over a root on the ground and fell at the base of a tree. Before you could get up, he was there, a sly grin on his face, a sharp, gleaming sword in his hand. You knew that he wanted to cut you, to kill you, like he already had with several other tributes. He
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Sky Battle :iconshiny-shadows-art:shiny-shadows-Art 326 114 Disco effect :iconophelia-overdose:Ophelia-Overdose 1,587 115 LUST :iconzilla774:zilla774 1,299 217 Bride of the Spring :iconshiny-shadows-art:shiny-shadows-Art 359 157 Deadly Sins: Lust - sketch :icondahlig:dahlig 4,030 714
Beast's Mate Chapter 1


My name is Delancy. Half the time I can’t help who I am and the other half of the time I don’t care to help it.
It was Sunday morning, and my eyes burned from lack of sleep. Why the lack of sleep you ask? Well, simply put, my boyfriend has been gone for a week straight, and the lack of sex…is, well, taking its toll…
I got up out of my luxurious king size bed, and as I walked past the mirror I caught sight of myself. To me it is always strange to look in the mirror. I’ve always felt like it was someone else staring back at me, even though I knew it was me…
I was tall for a woman, around 5’8, and blonde, a real blonde, none of that bottled crap. I had long, blonde curls that trailed to my back, and deep blue eyes. My boyfriend, always told me I looked like an angel. Hell, he even called me Angel, when he wasn't calling me "Dahlin". That sweet Southern accent never quite lost its charming touch on
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Opalus :iconanndr:anndr 4,361 74 Lust- Fullmetal Alchemist :iconcaptainirachka:CaptainIrachka 271 8 seven deadly sins :iconattitudechick:attitudechick 2,810 249 The Sin of the Lust :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 768 95 Seven Deadly Sins: Lust :iconprocrust:Procrust 1,181 65 Crimson Love :iconcristianaleone:CristianaLeone 567 117 Full Metal Alchemist - 01 :iconshiroang:shiroang 1,833 172 FMA - Our Promise :iconchewyee:Chewyee 4,096 446 7 Deadly Sins :iconelestrial:elestrial 1,432 361 Asmodeus :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 353 121 The Seven Deadly Sins - Full Collection :iconkatiealves:KatieAlves 3,277 460 autumn kiss :iconblooding:blooding 3,939 273 The ways of love :iconpavlova:Pavlova 6,546 620 Drow Twins :iconcyzra:Cyzra 1,015 55 EXE Dance - Base :iconask-exe:Ask-EXE 565 227 7 Deadly Sins Auction 1: CLOSED :iconfawniive:Fawniive 384 70 Lust Cosplay :icongiadarobin:GiadaRobin 579 256
Birthday Changes - TG-TF-BE
Lucky sat on the hard plastic chair, back held stiff half a foot from the wall. His friend had left him here, and his heart hadn't stopped its hurried beating since, pounding against his chest as he struggled to figure out what was going on. He had thought that they could go together for his valentines birthday, but instead he'd found himself unceremoniously dumped at a dating service, with instructions to wait until she picked him up after his appointment. The fact that she'd been laughing as she drove away hadn't made him feel any better, nor did the absolute absence of people in the white washed waiting room.
A wooden door creaked open, and he jumped, his heart beat speeding yet more as he struggled to control his nervousness at what might be going on. The woman who had opened it strode forward, most likely a helper, he decided. Armed with luscious green hair down to her firm butt, large breasts, and a nurse's outfit, the black eyed beauty was all of eighteen at best, and undoubtedl
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