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Commission: Wolf Mates V by jocarra Commission: Wolf Mates V :iconjocarra:jocarra 10,529 2,300 Canis Lupus by jocarra Canis Lupus :iconjocarra:jocarra 2,901 1,027 The failed dragon by Culpeo-Fox The failed dragon :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 3,738 401 Touched by Flame by Nambroth Touched by Flame :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,947 58 Wolf Mates III by jocarra Wolf Mates III :iconjocarra:jocarra 4,180 999 COMMISH: WinterSpirit by jocarra COMMISH: WinterSpirit :iconjocarra:jocarra 1,543 512 December Sunrise by Nambroth December Sunrise :iconnambroth:Nambroth 4,279 420 I love your black smile, wolf by woxys I love your black smile, wolf :iconwoxys:woxys 1,133 37 Life is a joy by woxys Life is a joy :iconwoxys:woxys 1,682 86 Find Yourself by PatrickRuegheimer Find Yourself :iconpatrickruegheimer:PatrickRuegheimer 2,451 425 Commission: Wolf Mates VI by jocarra Commission: Wolf Mates VI :iconjocarra:jocarra 1,847 308 Free Kitsune Lineart by Eclipsedwolf Free Kitsune Lineart :iconeclipsedwolf:Eclipsedwolf 1,063 176 The smile I love by woxys The smile I love :iconwoxys:woxys 1,083 30 Lupe the Wolf by gen8 Lupe the Wolf :icongen8:gen8 859 67 Go away by woxys Go away :iconwoxys:woxys 722 24 LupeColor02 by D-pi LupeColor02 :icond-pi:D-pi 706 15 Makeables set 1 by kiroo Makeables set 1 :iconkiroo:kiroo 650 115 Wolfsong by jocarra Wolfsong :iconjocarra:jocarra 1,905 805 Wolf couple free lineart by Kashouni Wolf couple free lineart :iconkashouni:Kashouni 731 156 You are so fantastic by woxys You are so fantastic :iconwoxys:woxys 1,941 84 Makeables, set 3 by kiroo Makeables, set 3 :iconkiroo:kiroo 913 214 ''All Lupes Go To Faerieland'' by Kosperry ''All Lupes Go To Faerieland'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 900 103 Makeables, set 4 by kiroo Makeables, set 4 :iconkiroo:kiroo 794 189 Golden Retriever Puppy Francis by FantasyStock Golden Retriever Puppy Francis :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 207 81 Lupe Puts Her Foot Down by Jackurai Lupe Puts Her Foot Down :iconjackurai:Jackurai 250 166 Tormund the Brave by ChaosKomori Tormund the Brave :iconchaoskomori:ChaosKomori 205 124 Lupe by KissTheThunder Lupe :iconkissthethunder:KissTheThunder 462 100 Random Wolves by Oha Random Wolves :iconoha:Oha 1,273 0 Commission: MOMENT by jocarra Commission: MOMENT :iconjocarra:jocarra 1,161 282
Midnight Inflation
By Zero-Cross
Night time had settled over Knothole Village, and all seemed peaceful and quiet as the residents lay asleep inside their huts, upon their nice cozy beds.  But everything was soon to be far from peaceful.  
Deep in Robotropolis, Robotnik was putting the finishing touches on his latest creations.  "At last, my mosquito bots are ready to go."  Robotnik said with glee.  "They look so much like regular mosquitoes; those freedom fighters won't suspect a thing.  Plus the special chemical I filled them up with will make their bite quite extraordinary.  Instead of taking blood, these mosquitoes will ADD something to their blood stream."  He moved to his computer to check the data on his new creations.  "Now, the data I implanted in them will ensure they don't strike the wrong targets.  Using the chemical on those male furries would really not be much of a challeng
:iconzero-cross:Zero-Cross 116 15
Avatar: Gray Wolf by FantasyStockAvatars Avatar: Gray Wolf :iconfantasystockavatars:FantasyStockAvatars 344 35 Wolf love by woxys Wolf love :iconwoxys:woxys 453 14 Free Avatar: Wolven Moon by FantasyStock Free Avatar: Wolven Moon :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 478 40 Choose your character by Lumaga Choose your character :iconlumaga:Lumaga 965 333 Ruby and Lupe's Halloween Costumes by FurryBound Ruby and Lupe's Halloween Costumes :iconfurrybound:FurryBound 234 10 $75,000 Ransom!!! by FurryBound $75,000 Ransom!!! :iconfurrybound:FurryBound 234 14
History of Sonic The Hedgehog Saturday morning
History of Sonic The Hedgehog (Saturday morning)
I want to start off by saying, that instead of using actual footage, I will instead be using screenshots and title cards to talk about this 2 season history.  So here we go
First season :
Many look at this first season or season one as an introductory season.  Because throughout this season, we were pretty much given an idea of who these characters were a.k.a. the Freedom Fighters and what their missions were all about.
The episode that starts us off is called "Super Sonic".  Now this of course is not the pilot episode.  Instead this episode establishes who the main characters are and basically what their character design looks like.  Here we are introduced to three new characters unless of course you read the comics before hand.  Those characters of course are, Princess Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, and Rotor.  As we start this first episode of the series, we see them working
:iconbvw1979:bvw1979 34 6
from the dark to the light by kureejiilea from the dark to the light :iconkureejiilea:kureejiilea 808 113 Cmsn: The Price of Lasagna by jocarra Cmsn: The Price of Lasagna :iconjocarra:jocarra 333 91 Neopets:Night_Shades Lupe by Blue-Sonikku Neopets:Night_Shades Lupe :iconblue-sonikku:Blue-Sonikku 723 159 Coming for you... by woxys Coming for you... :iconwoxys:woxys 1,242 123 Lunar Song by jocarra Lunar Song :iconjocarra:jocarra 682 199 Rosalina by LinkerLuis Rosalina :iconlinkerluis:LinkerLuis 591 89 Makeables, set 2 by kiroo Makeables, set 2 :iconkiroo:kiroo 615 133 North American Red Wolf by FantasyStock North American Red Wolf :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 211 0 Mikao - Commission by CobraVenom Mikao - Commission :iconcobravenom:CobraVenom 716 59 Brown 2 by pacman23 Brown 2 :iconpacman23:pacman23 584 66