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MLP is Not What I Expected it to Be
So, I’m sure everyone is familiar with, or at least has heard of, the popular show titled ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ right? Well, I myself don’t know much about it, but my best friend is a big fan.
He wanted me to become a fan of the show as well, because he said that the show has good morals and is pretty funny; despite its original intended audience being little girls. While I don’t enjoy it people trying to make me like something, he’s my best friend, so I thought I’d take his word for it.
This all happened when I was walking home from school with him though, so of course while we were walking he couldn’t exactly send me a link. He said that he would send me a link when he got home. After we parted ways, it was only a short walk home for me.
When I got home, I checked my computer to see if he had sent me a link; his house was a bit farther than mine, and he hadn’t sent me the link because he hadn’t gotten home ye
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The Runaway Guys - YKYWTMOTRGW
1. You get OCD every time someone misspells Jon's name as "John" Like omg! It's not that hard people! His name isn't pronouced, "Jo-HAUN!"  If it were spelled "John", people would spit in his face every time they talk to him. LMAO!
2.You are suddenly obsessed with Polo shirts
3. Everytime you see a guy wearing a Polo shirt, you say they are wearing a Chuggaaconroy shirt.
4. You tell your friend, who is also named Jon, to not eat the mushroom.
5. You say to another guy named Tim, In the bathroom!
6. What? You want me to make one for Emile? As if you actually know someone else named Emile!
7. You name your pets after them.
8. You name your pet "Cojiro!"
9. You are actually serious about having three sons, and naming the oldest Tim, the middle one Jon, and the youngest Emile.
10.  You byt two orange cats, and name them Teddy and Kirby.
11. You get a cat, and name it Yoshi, and then when it purrs, you say Yoshi is SO HAPPY!
12. Here's the weirdest one! Ha ha! You buy a bag of M&Ms, and the
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