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Breath of the Wild by aquanut Breath of the Wild :iconaquanut:aquanut 1,114 60 Our Goddess Hylia by brandonvdesign Our Goddess Hylia :iconbrandonvdesign:brandonvdesign 1,003 42 Hero-of-time Revamp by iliasPatlis Hero-of-time Revamp :iconiliaspatlis:iliasPatlis 1,988 116
Daydream (Link X Reader)
"You're such a dork."
His crystal blue eyes blinked. "H-Huh?"
"Link, you've been staring at me for like 5 minutes now. I'm trying to explain something here!" You playfully scolded him. You flashed him a smile. "Anyway, like I was saying before..."
He was trying to pay attention, he really was. But everything about you was just so...enchanting to him. The way your eyes would sparkle and alight when you got excited whilst talking, the sweet curve of your lips when you smiled, the melody that was your voice, your laughter.
He blinked a few times, and was brought back into reality only to be taken away again by your overwhelming beauty.
"Do you know just how beautiful you are?"
He said it before he could think about what he was saying. His eyes widened and he slammed his hand over his mouth. You stared at him, mouth agape, before bursting into a fit of giggles, a pink blush adorning your cheeks.
"You're still a dork!! Even after what I was talking about and I told you to listen
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LoZ - Time by Miyukiko LoZ - Time :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 2,081 82 75,000 Hits by ThePrincessZelda 75,000 Hits :icontheprincesszelda:ThePrincessZelda 1,435 259 GIANT HORSE by BabaKinkin GIANT HORSE :iconbabakinkin:BabaKinkin 57 9 Our Chosen Hero by brandonvdesign Our Chosen Hero :iconbrandonvdesign:brandonvdesign 765 17 Link Legend of Zelda Cosplay Apron by DarlingArmy Link Legend of Zelda Cosplay Apron :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 485 51 Skyward Sword Zelda Cosplay Lolita Skirt by DarlingArmy Skyward Sword Zelda Cosplay Lolita Skirt :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 895 91 LoZ: High Definition - Link by TaiKova LoZ: High Definition - Link :icontaikova:TaiKova 832 86 Zelda by RayCrystal Zelda :iconraycrystal:RayCrystal 520 56 The Song of Time . . . by synchronetta The Song of Time . . . :iconsynchronetta:synchronetta 568 66
A Hero's Quest
The wind howled madly outside the castle walls. Rain poured in through any open windows and lightning cracked, lighting up the night sky. The beautiful land of Hyrule rarely had nights like these. Usually you could see the stars shining bright above the people's heads, a full moon resting neatly in the sky. Hyrule castle stood in the middle of the night's storm, taking the full beating of the cold rain.
Inside the castle, sat a blonde haired boy in a green tunic, leaning in a chair up against the grey stoned walls. He was playing on a small blue ocarina with the symbol of the Triforce on it. A warm fire blazed next to him, the smell of warm stew wafting throughout the castle.  A door swung open and in walked a plump woman carrying another large cauldron full of stew.
"I thought I heard you down here, Link!" She laughed, placing the pot on a nearby table, giving him a warm, hearty smile. Link stopped playing and returned the smile.
"Good evening, Impa. Am I disturbing you?" He
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TWELVE 2013 - Twilight Princess by kacfrog711 TWELVE 2013 - Twilight Princess :iconkacfrog711:kacfrog711 570 19 The Elemental Eye of Sheikah by ever-so-excited The Elemental Eye of Sheikah :iconever-so-excited:ever-so-excited 212 18 Loz Dark Tint Tea Glass by ZombieBunnySlaya Loz Dark Tint Tea Glass :iconzombiebunnyslaya:ZombieBunnySlaya 168 17 Our Great Demise by brandonvdesign Our Great Demise :iconbrandonvdesign:brandonvdesign 369 11 Oracle of Ages by MGabric Oracle of Ages :iconmgabric:MGabric 519 24 Oracle of Seasons by MGabric Oracle of Seasons :iconmgabric:MGabric 443 13 closed! by adorability closed! :iconadorability:adorability 630 159 That. Tongue. by kacfrog711 That. Tongue. :iconkacfrog711:kacfrog711 194 22 LoZ - Watch Out!!! by Mitsuyuki32 LoZ - Watch Out!!! :iconmitsuyuki32:Mitsuyuki32 524 37 Midna, you Idiot... by BonJiro Midna, you Idiot... :iconbonjiro:BonJiro 484 164 Bright Shadows by nyannikoru Bright Shadows :iconnyannikoru:nyannikoru 129 33 Midna by JassyCoCo Midna :iconjassycoco:JassyCoCo 185 26 Vaati and the Palace of Winds by NiGHTmaren-Cosplay Vaati and the Palace of Winds :iconnightmaren-cosplay:NiGHTmaren-Cosplay 137 40 LOZ: Forest travel by Owlyjules LOZ: Forest travel :iconowlyjules:Owlyjules 323 25 I Didn't Mean To... by kacfrog711 I Didn't Mean To... :iconkacfrog711:kacfrog711 58 48 LoZ Skyward Sword: Pompadour by Tomo-Chi LoZ Skyward Sword: Pompadour :icontomo-chi:Tomo-Chi 501 96 The Legend of Zeppelin by Bate-man26 The Legend of Zeppelin :iconbate-man26:Bate-man26 95 29 [COMMISSION] Legend of Zelda TF by AquaWaters [COMMISSION] Legend of Zelda TF :iconaquawaters:AquaWaters 92 14 MMD Twilight Princess Items 3 by Valforwing MMD Twilight Princess Items 3 :iconvalforwing:Valforwing 97 78 Wallscroll: Zelda by DemonRoad Wallscroll: Zelda :icondemonroad:DemonRoad 394 26 I told you to leave the mushrooms to me, mother! by warningyou I told you to leave the mushrooms to me, mother! :iconwarningyou:warningyou 359 43 Zelda's confession by lydia-the-hobo Zelda's confession :iconlydia-the-hobo:lydia-the-hobo 351 26 Link+Ryo: Army of Two - Colour by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule Link+Ryo: Army of Two - Colour :iconlady-zelda-of-hyrule:Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule 105 98 #52 Ready for next adventure by Kiriya-Kirihara #52 Ready for next adventure :iconkiriya-kirihara:Kiriya-Kirihara 289 98 Loftwing by rinchansflower88 Loftwing :iconrinchansflower88:rinchansflower88 166 22 We could've had it all by ViceralSiren We could've had it all :iconviceralsiren:ViceralSiren 152 13 Lil' Linksies by sapphii Lil' Linksies :iconsapphii:sapphii 140 15 Make it Rain by Belle43 Make it Rain :iconbelle43:Belle43 119 24 Legend of Zelda Fan Club by JBCBlank Legend of Zelda Fan Club :iconjbcblank:JBCBlank 122 16 LoZ: A Link to the Past Vector by green-tk LoZ: A Link to the Past Vector :icongreen-tk:green-tk 144 29 Oracle of Secrets by MGabric Oracle of Secrets :iconmgabric:MGabric 362 13 TUMBLR Sampler 9.29.12 by Junryou-na-Kokoro TUMBLR Sampler 9.29.12 :iconjunryou-na-kokoro:Junryou-na-Kokoro 157 25 Zelda Practice Sketch by MOLD123 Zelda Practice Sketch :iconmold123:MOLD123 131 43 4Swords Manga-a serious review by ItaLuv 4Swords Manga-a serious review :iconitaluv:ItaLuv 423 142 4s+ coloured - VioxBlue by fantasy4eternity 4s+ coloured - VioxBlue :iconfantasy4eternity:fantasy4eternity 125 71 Still waiting... by pionpi Still waiting... :iconpionpi:pionpi 49 5