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The Wanderer
My world dissolves into autumn,
the shade and the fire draped about my throat
like so many jewels.
I met the mist as an old lover,
let the dew paint my lips
with the scent of harvest.
In a white memory, you are still walking away,
down that same road.
Your hair was shining like the fall.
Your shape in the fog beckons;
ghost or vision, I care not.
I lose myself.
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5 Stages of Grief Meme :iconjabnormalities:Jabnormalities 1,523 115 Broken :iconnightshadevalentine:nightshadevalentine 7,129 791 le moribond. :iconindiae:indiae 4,403 497 I Couldn't Save them - Undertale Asriel :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 6,151 353 Desperation :iconmoiscen:Moiscen 2,475 158 The loss :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 1,824 78 The deeper the grief, the closer I am :icontakadk:Takadk 1,243 59 Core of the Apple -Part 1 :iconnaterrang:NaterRang 2,456 534
One Tear
The worst feeling of all
                                                                                            is when you want to
:iconbethyluv215:BethyLuv215 43 7
Vision Caught On Paper :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 3,020 227 Lost Leaves - Fabric Book :iconshedara:Shedara 592 40 Fading Memories :iconunkopierbar:Unkopierbar 1,779 335 Howling Emotion Wolf Tattoo :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 3,549 480 Gears of War 3: Locust :iconechosoflife:echosoflife 465 117 Please, come back. :icontylerreitan:TylerReitan 379 146 Loss and beginning :icontanidareal:TaniDaReal 3,600 263 Dead souls :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,934 92
Knock Yourself Out
How to Write a [Near]-Fainting Experience
Brought to you by Super Editor
You've probably all read books or seen movies in which a character passes out. The heroine might swoon gracefully and collapse onto the floor or into the hero's arms. People rush to bring water, a doctor, or something to revive her. She then wakes up, rosy-cheeked and a bit distressed, and she fans herself for a while while insisting that she is fine.
Fainting in real life is not nearly so beautiful. Authors, especially ones with no experience, can sometimes fall for such idealized descriptions. I am (un)fortunate enough to have experience in this area, so I will share it here.
Quick Losses of Consciousness
Usually this involves an impact or a sudden pain. The character may have no idea what happened to him or her afterwards, and later results vary depending on the severity of any injuries sustained.
Real-life example: My mom used to work as a waitress during her teenage years, and Aunt Jennifer, her
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So long ago... :icontanidareal:TaniDaReal 2,610 184 In My Dreams I Can See You :icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 1,024 302
Love and War. [Germany x Powerful!Reader]
                    Love and War.
                    [Germany x Powerful!Reader]
A small figure was standing in front of the shooting range, holding needles between her fingers . Her arms were crossed at the wrists in front of her bust. Her [e/c] eyes narrowed sharply before making a swift movement, flicking her wrists and releasing the needles all while separating her arms. One by one, each needle impaled the center of the bulls-eye, each on a different figurine. All but one, the farthest to her left, which landed two centimeters away from the center-most part. It was still in the red, yes, but it was not good enough.
[y/n] was a perfectionist, making sure each of her techniques were spot-on before even daring to show anyone other than herself. She would always show her fellow Axis powers. Feliciano would compliment her and Kiku would give her something to think about like trying the t
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detail - loss, birds :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 3,337 84
Odds and Ends
A cup is just a cup
until it's the last cup that she touched,
and a car
is just a way from a to b
until it's the way that she arrived
at z.
A picture in a frame
is lovely to see, even if only ever viewed
in the background, passively,
but when the image
locks in place
the last smile on her face
then your grief turns to regret
for the memory
trapped beneath the glass.
An old pair of slippers,
tucked neatly beside the door,
stepping over
every time you cross the threshold,
until the day
when you have to toss those old things away
and they are as heavy as anchors
and more treasured
than diamond.
A scent that fills your head,
the comfort of a familiar figure and
a warm embrace,
but when you can no longer detect it's fragrance,
it becomes a mystery
impossible to solve,
a memory lost to time
like the ghost of a kiss
lost somewhere among the rest.
A name is just a name
until it's torn from the tongue and carved
into the stone,
and a dream
is a just a thing between the nigh
:icondreamsinstatic:dreamsinstatic 201 69
I Know You Hate Me Now But...
I Know You Hate Me Now But...:
Just give me a chance alright, I'll explain
To me, you're the girl that I notice everything about.
The way you laugh, the way you smile;
We got along great back then, even if we don't now.
And to be honest, I miss that...
You had the most lovely silky smooth hair
You'd give me the cutest anime girl smile
I wish I'd talked to you more about Manga,
Hell you got me started on the whole thing.
You were fantastic at drawing too
Man I was always jealous of that talent,
And I loved your drawings, like I once loved you.
I wish that you could have been a professional.
I would have bought your book every month y'know...
You encouraged me to write.
Back when my stories were shit,
Back when my poems were still baby's rhymes.
You taught me not to give in and I was grateful.
Now just let me finish alright?
I know that you won't speak to me.
That's okay, I admit to being an ass,
But the reason that I'm writing this poem to nobod
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,140 241
MADARA and IZUNA _ the brotherly blood _ 624 :iconzetsuai89:Zetsuai89 1,536 64 When The Music Is Over :iconpieces-of-my-heart:Pieces-Of-My-Heart 245 182
she asked
not smiling
should I do now
living with the memory of your losses?
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red dress set 1 :iconmagikstock:magikstock 454 74 Entropy of Love :iconkimded:kimded 666 46 Butterfly Kisses :iconluciole:luciole 4,388 361 Filly Fluttershy :iconkp-shadowsquirrel:KP-ShadowSquirrel 1,905 159 Standing still :iconfrozenstarro:FrozenStarRo 891 116 Diary :iconjulienlasbleiz:JulienLasbleiz 2,018 130 Se Lang Wolf Commission :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 3,181 361
First time making love
Trembling lips gently graze
while soft hands explore
stimulating me,
for whats in store
A trail of kisses
Down the small of my back
Enticing me,
My body reacts.
A brush of fingertips
Gently trace every outline
Melting me,
With love undefined
Heartbeats accelerate together
Racing at new speeds
Hypnotizing me,
Desire succeeds
Bodies embracing one another
A sharing of heart and soul
Filling me,
Making me whole
Sensuality ignited by every touch
Bonding through love and lust
Giving me
An exchange of trust
Minds losing innocence
Trusting and loving the best we can
Accepting me,
For who I am.
Embraces of more than flesh
in our romantic pantomime
this is to me
Making love for the first time
:iconsinginchic7:Singinchic7 284 232
The Final Gig: Portrait :iconpollyuranus:PollyUranus 1,553 265
- All I Wanted -
All I wanted was your heart
All I needed was you
But you tore my world apart
And there was nothing I could do
Please tell me that I'm dreaming
Please say it isn't true
Please tell me you're not leaving
Because I mean the world to you
What did I do to make you hate me?
I need you by my side
But all I can think of lately
Is why I ever tried
Because now you're so much
Ever since you've been
With her
And it hurts so bad
To have to see
You with her
And not with me
I don't know
What you see in that whore
Why can't you
Love me anymore?
I lived for you
And I'd die for you
But now I sit
And cry for you
All I wanted was your heart
All I needed was you
But you tore my world apart
There was only one thing I could do
You were my
Entire world
But yours revolved around
Another girl
And it hurt so bad
To have to see
Because you were supposed to
Be with me
But you left me here
Torn apart
All alone
With a broken heart
And now you're lying
On the floor
And you're not breathing
I dragged y
:iconskinnylittleschizo:skinnylittleschizo 134 140
SW - Everything dies, Anakin Skywalker :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,311 187
Nothing ever happens the way you read in the history books. In war there are never two armies, there is only a field of men. Never a number of dead; but individual lives snuffed out. That is what the subject of history is, years shelved and decimalized. Birth and death, graphed to the simplicity of lines. Great wars a footnote to the next great war. The achievements of men and women plotted out against the bookmark of day, month and year.
And somewhere amongst this, my mother breathed. Somewhere danced in now long-closed nightclubs, laughed at jokes told by a younger version of my Father. And then the unpin-able moment she fell in love with him, after which she would have sworn there was no moment, that she'd always loved him.
I try to place things, to tell the story to myself, but you cannot know the story of a life; you can only tell a new story from theirs, as one cannot speak with another's tongue.
Whilst other children would be given sweets, I would have to excavate them. Taught t
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School Called Today :iconpelboy:Pelboy 235 18 Spider Web :iconvampirekingdom:vampirekingdom 185 121 Memories :iconfrozenstarro:FrozenStarRo 621 82