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Rhythm Of The War Drums... by Mizu-no-Akira Rhythm Of The War Drums... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,131 188 Lying Down by Hellobaby Lying Down :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 10,515 960
Winning and Losing (Gray Fullbuster x Reader)
Winning and Losing
(Gray Fullbuster x Reader)
“Juvia wishes that Gray-sama would come back to the guild soon…” Juvia sighed.  You waved your fingers around your glass, making a few droplets of water follow them idly.  You were trying to work on your concentration, and Juvia certainly wasn’t helping.
“I’m sure he’ll be back soon,” you shrugged.  You tried to act like you didn’t care about Gray one way or the other, but the fact was, you were totally in love with him.  You’d never let it show, however.  Juvia was like a sister to you.  It would break her heart if she knew.
 Juvia glanced past you.  Her lips curved into the usual goofy grin she got when Gray was around.  Her pale cheeks turned bright scarlet as she tugged on your sleeve.
“Gray-sama is back~!”  She exclaimed.  You turned your head to see Gray, Lucy, and Natsu near the door chatting with a few othe
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 485 103
Madness Returns by FracturedxPorcelain Madness Returns :iconfracturedxporcelain:FracturedxPorcelain 3,166 532 Dark Angel - Losing Hope by Zindy Dark Angel - Losing Hope :iconzindy:Zindy 2,639 287 Itachi x Sasuke by KarlaFrazetty Itachi x Sasuke :iconkarlafrazetty:KarlaFrazetty 2,022 279 Fell on Black Days by kuschelirmel Fell on Black Days :iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 325 82 Desperation by Moiscen Desperation :iconmoiscen:Moiscen 2,468 158
Knock Yourself Out
How to Write a [Near]-Fainting Experience
Brought to you by Super Editor
You've probably all read books or seen movies in which a character passes out. The heroine might swoon gracefully and collapse onto the floor or into the hero's arms. People rush to bring water, a doctor, or something to revive her. She then wakes up, rosy-cheeked and a bit distressed, and she fans herself for a while while insisting that she is fine.
Fainting in real life is not nearly so beautiful. Authors, especially ones with no experience, can sometimes fall for such idealized descriptions. I am (un)fortunate enough to have experience in this area, so I will share it here.
Quick Losses of Consciousness
Usually this involves an impact or a sudden pain. The character may have no idea what happened to him or her afterwards, and later results vary depending on the severity of any injuries sustained.
Real-life example: My mom used to work as a waitress during her teenage years, and Aunt Jennifer, her
:iconmisslunarose:MissLunaRose 516 312
Being Okay Is The Hardest Thing We Do
Being Okay Is The Hardest Thing We Do
because being okay is expected,
if we’re not okay, that’s not okay,
what can we do to be okay?
we can scribble illegible words
on a canvas made for by painters
masquerading as notebook paper,
and hope that we can sell the burn
of stinging emotions for some paper.
but the funny thing about that thought?
is that american money isn’t paper,
it’s 75% cotton and 25% linen fibers.
so even the money you'd earn from your misery,
isn't anything you can write on
when you realize your money isn't 
made to heal. even if it does talk. 
but it never really ever says enough, does it?
But that's okay...
being okay is the hardest thing we do
because sticks and stones do break bones,
but you can hide the scars 
with a jacket or longer sweatshirt.
or put on pants as opposed to athletic shorts.
words kill, words heal, and words are so much more.
and you can't hide the scars that riddle your face,
the way your
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 130 119
Piggo and Mushroom by Hellobaby Piggo and Mushroom :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 2,658 417
here's to losing you
hey, wow,
you look...
great! you do!
I'm well,
and you?
good, good.
are you happy?
am I? 
no, but here, have my
nervous laughter, 
see me turn myself
upside down when we run
into each other.
while you are shaking hands
and kissing babies
still smiling for smiling's sake,
I've seen the real you
crying into wine. I've felt you
stain my shirt black-streaked
with hidden away things
creased things, folded 
upturned-lip things
and in the process, you
soaked my soul in 
everything you.
spooning your vulnerability
was better than 
exchanging virginities
in one blind night,
better than the electric jolts
you sent burning up my arms
when you grabbed my hand
one day, out of the clear blue,
better than that first kiss 
when both our tensions 
dissolved into each other
like butter in a hot pan.
nothing has quite matched the night
when I saw you naked, saw you
emotionally undress for the first time:
I'm fine,
:icon0hgravity:0hgravity 376 124
...Space Illusions... by AlexLibby ...Space Illusions... :iconalexlibby:AlexLibby 1,676 281 let it fly.. by devils-horizon let it fly.. :icondevils-horizon:devils-horizon 487 45
Losing You...
Why are you so different?
You're not who you used to be
And why am I so lonely,
When you're right infront of me?
Something isn't right,
I can see it in your eyes
I'm just trying to find
A truth behind the lies
You act like we're so close
But we couldn't be more far apart
And right now I can't handle
Someone playing with my heart
Tell me that I'm dreaming,
Tell me our love's still strong,
Tell me you're not leaving,
Please tell me that I'm wrong
Tell me that everything
Is going to be just fine
Tell me you love me
And you'll always be mine
Constantly, we're fighting
It gets worse everyday
And I don't want to stay
Just to watch you slip away
I only want to make you smile
But I only make you frown
I just want to make you happy
Seems all I do is bring you down
I've never felt so far away from you
And I need you here so bad
But I feel like we've already lost
Everything we ever had
Please tell me that I'm dreaming,
Tell me our love's still true,
Tell me you're not leaving,
I'd give up anythin
:iconskinnylittleschizo:skinnylittleschizo 521 395
The Truth. by Perfectly--Imperfect The Truth. :iconperfectly--imperfect:Perfectly--Imperfect 4,371 415
Losing Your Virginity
Mother makes buds out of cigarette butts
smashed into the clay dish,
though it may not have intended to be used this way,
given to her some countless Mothers days ago.
Daughter lies on her back ,
her tan legs like the orange filters that stuck out
at nasty angles from the mess of unkept ashes,
thinking about the hundreds of Sundays that went to waste,
(though she never intended to be used this way)
and how her mother never taught her she was only an animal.
:iconso-pretty-when-i-cry:so-pretty-when-I-cry 254 111
Losing Myself by Gwendolyn1 Losing Myself :icongwendolyn1:Gwendolyn1 170 114
The Maze
The Maze
Divide reality from illusion
Forwards is backwards
Separate belief from redemption
Success is failure
Where shadow crosses light
The ground meets my face
I'm surrounded by lies
The truth is too far away
Hope is this-
Faith is this-
Pain is this-
It's just another dead end / It's filled with emptiness
This is death's discontent / Resenting life's rhetorical existence
Fear is this-
Chaos is this-
Peace is this-
An infinite cycle mocks
Turn after turn
The timelessness cannot stop
As the same path is reborn
An unstable prisoner drowns
Lost inside my own encrypted mind
The way out can never be found
In this maze called “my life
:iconsurvivingnights:SurvivingNights 59 32
Virginity Lost by JeanFan Virginity Lost :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 583 160 SP_The Losing by bji4z06kimocom SP_The Losing :iconbji4z06kimocom:bji4z06kimocom 1,205 99 .:Losing your color by IsaiahStephens .:Losing your color :iconisaiahstephens:IsaiahStephens 1,295 174 Loki - the art of growing by wikigiuli Loki - the art of growing :iconwikigiuli:wikigiuli 1,434 338 love is a losing game by saturdayx love is a losing game :iconsaturdayx:saturdayx 806 320 losing color by precurser losing color :iconprecurser:precurser 226 42 Rouge's Expansion 2 by XSuperiX Rouge's Expansion 2 :iconxsuperix:XSuperiX 1,368 40 Rouge's Expansion by XSuperiX Rouge's Expansion :iconxsuperix:XSuperiX 1,280 70 Losing a Bet TG by MikaTG Losing a Bet TG :iconmikatg:MikaTG 502 13 Rouge's Expansion 3 by XSuperiX Rouge's Expansion 3 :iconxsuperix:XSuperiX 996 49 wrong spell! by VoreQ wrong spell! :iconvoreq:VoreQ 368 45 Uncontrollable by SchifferCake Uncontrollable :iconschiffercake:SchifferCake 812 94 Busty Amy by XSuperiX Busty Amy :iconxsuperix:XSuperiX 753 58
I stand afraid,
On the Shores of Time,
Where liars whisper their pleasing tones,
And Oracles sing their sweet melodies.
It only fills me with fright.
In accepting reality, I merely lost it.
Like a Ghost you revived me,
You breathed new life into me.
I rose as your Guardian, and fought your Darkness.
In doing so, I opened the vault to your Heart,
Broken like Glass,
And I let the Light in.
In twisting labyrinths, She caught sight of me,
And her Gorgon's Gaze made me unreal, a lie.
In Her sight, I lost my Ghost,
I lost my Light,
And the Darkness consumed me.
Here, I stand, alone and afraid,
On the Shores of Time,
Where liars whisper their pleasing tones,
And Oracles sing their sweet melodies.
Here, I am without my Ghost,
And the Darkness still surrounds me.
Two paths stand before me, doors open,
But the Darkness petrifies me.
For memories of the Vault still plagues me.
:iconvadamus:Vadamus 38 7
Go go Power Rangers by miyavihoney Go go Power Rangers :iconmiyavihoney:miyavihoney 810 214 losing friends by ErinBird losing friends :iconerinbird:ErinBird 867 444 Losing my leaves by temporary-peace Losing my leaves :icontemporary-peace:temporary-peace 498 133 Losing you.... by moro003 Losing you.... :iconmoro003:moro003 213 23 forget me not. by this-is-the-life2905 forget me not. :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 451 32 Losing Grip by glasseyes Losing Grip :iconglasseyes:glasseyes 64 8 IZ. FINISH HIM by AngelNocturne IZ. FINISH HIM :iconangelnocturne:AngelNocturne 884 102 Losing my marbles again by uncubitodehielo88 Losing my marbles again :iconuncubitodehielo88:uncubitodehielo88 127 16 I'm losing my favourite game by Basistka I'm losing my favourite game :iconbasistka:Basistka 444 47 hope...? by Ende26 hope...? :iconende26:Ende26 1,239 90 WIP: Candy Lolita by FahrSindram WIP: Candy Lolita :iconfahrsindram:FahrSindram 1,042 85
There is nothing more devastating
Than losing a loved one
Knowing that you will never
Hear their voice again
Or feel their touch, or see them smile
It's heart breaking
Time is a powerful thing
One that is forever
Time takes everything
And makes it it's own
They say that time
Heals all wounds
I disagree
Time only created more scars
As the ones that it caused before
Begin to heal
To lose a loved one
Is a tragedy all in its own
But don't be sad
You will see them again
Because while time takes everything it can
Will take you too.
Time takes everything
And eventually it even takes you.
:iconoilux:Oilux 766 100
Exodus III: Resignation by Rowye Exodus III: Resignation :iconrowye:Rowye 359 103
The thing is, I lose everything.
I've     misplaced     all the
things I own at least twice.
No thing is safe
from disappearing,
it all slips between the threads
rough stitched fabric
of my universe.
A few weeks ago,
a pair of rose colored
rabbit-shaped earrings
went missing.
They must have scampered away
from my bedside table
as I slept.
and yesterday too my class ring,
with dragon insignia
carved into its metal side,
lost so many times
I've just stopped looking.
It always turns up again
like a hungry cat.
Long ago I bid farewell
to a book of poetry
by Billy Collins,
each page dressed
in a suit of marginalia,
kissed my favorite teacup goodbye,
the pond-green one,
topography of cracks down the side,
and one sock from almost every pair
has      fluttered free      like a pet parakeet
through the open window.
So I hope you understand, love,
why I hold you so close,
afraid that if
:iconkaseykillface:KaseyKillface 249 41
Count the Ways
I wrote your name 1,003 times on multiple pieces of paper,
             In books, on my desk, with broken hearts,
In print. In cursive. Smeared by tears,
                    On chalkboards, On posters,
          Things I could burn, Things I could break,
Anything that said you existed but no more--
                In hopes my hands would be utterly exhausted,
Would loathe the very thought of your name,
                And I would no longer find it slipping into my poetry,
My stories, my dreams, my thoughts—MY HEAD.
I wrote my name by itself without yours 2,056 times
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 103 32