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Legolas x Reader
   You were in elf, traveling the forest. You had your bow in one hand, arrows on your back, a sword on your side, and lastly a dagger in your boots. Brown boots go up to your knees, a long green cape hung on your shoulders. You had a dark green dress falling to your mid thighs, but had tights underneath. Lastly you had a brown belt going across your chest connecting to your belt around your waste.
    You come from a kingdom in the mountains. It wasn’t much known to many elves. Your land knows about the ring, and how dangerous it was. The king wants it destroyed and no one wanted to go, but you were the only one that was brave to do so. Your king knew you were very strong and brave, so this would be easy for you. Little did he know you were a bit shaken.
   The Hobbit, Frodo, was the one with ring. You learned that much from village’s you passed, but you would never show yourself. You never been by men before, only elves.  Your people nev
:iconwir-sind-die-jaeger:wir-sind-die-jaeger 322 27
Harry Potter Comic 08 by Loleia Harry Potter Comic 08 :iconloleia:Loleia 6,050 743 Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader by wraithdt Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 3,312 95 Kataang family bits by Aleccha Kataang family bits :iconaleccha:Aleccha 14,614 1,070
Legolas x reader
   “(y/n)!” The Elven Kings voice startled you. You were in the garden, making sure the plants had water. You worked for the royal family, and you knew the Kings wife. She was sweet, had such a playful side. She made the King such a sweet heart, but ever since she died, he locked himself up. The Elven King’s heart was stained with pain.
   “Yes” you bowed slightly. You were a maid in other words. You didn’t have those stupid maid dresses; you had a nice dress that stopped at your knees. It was (f/c) and had little furls at the bottom rim. Your hair was placed into a pony tail; your pointed elf ears poked out of lose hair that was sticking out. You smiled.
   “I need you to tend to the horse, they need water and food” Thranduil looked down at you, waiting for your answer.
   You bowed once more “Yes sir, I’ll be right on it” You put down your things, and began on your way towards th
:iconwir-sind-die-jaeger:wir-sind-die-jaeger 758 93
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Legolas x Human!Reader
Legolas x Human!Reader
"You better leave me alone!" You yelled, running a hand through your hair while you picked up your weapon. "Elf Prince.." You grumbled.
Legolas smiled softly and made sure he had all of his arrows before he cleaned off his sword. "You needed my hep and you knew it. Foolish Human Princess."
Sighing, you moved closer to him. "Do not test me. I could kill you now if I wanted to."
"No you couldn't. Orcs would kill you before you could even have time to kill me." He said, slipping his sword back into its cover. "Shouldn't you get back to your father?"
"Shouldn't you be getting back to your father?" You teased.
He sighed. "You know very well that if you don't, I will be in trouble for your actions."
You rolled your eyes and looked around for your necklace that must have fallen off. "You don't have to hang around with me."
"You know very well why I hang around with you. Your father makes me."
"But I don't need protection from an Elf. I can handle myself." You said, rais
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Ancient Order by AdamBurn Ancient Order :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 3,245 102