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Green (Loki X Reader)
You grinned, sitting on the counter and taking a sip of your hot chocolate. You were in your apartment, usually at this time of day you'd be rushing at top speed to work. But Tony had convinced your boss to give you the day off. Of course by convince you meant threaten. It was St. Patrick's day and you were put in charge of planning a party at the Stark tower. You were brought out of your thoughts when Your boyfriend Loki stormed through the front door and angrily sat on the couch. The two of you had been secretly dating and he regularly visited you, while also making sure the others didn't suspect anything. You raised an eyebrow and cleared your throat.
"What did I tell you about knocking?" You asked him.
He glared at you. "I'm your boyfriend I shouldn't have to knock" He growled, getting up and walking back out. A few seconds later he knocked. "May I please come in (Y/n)?" He asked sarcastically.
"Yes of course" You said smiling.
He again angrily stormed in and you sat next to him. Y
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New [Loki x Reader (pt8)]
Waking up felt a lot like...well, like thawing. You supposed you were, because the more you awoke it felt like coldness was shimmering off you in layers. It felt like walking into a heated room from a snowy outdoors; that delightful little tremor of your body coming back to life.
Your eyes opened readily into gentle lighting; sort of a soft, amber glow, like sunset, but lighter. You were in a small, blank room; beige walls, a ceiling and a floor, and not much else besides an empty end table and the bed you were on. Thoroughly confused, you put a hand on the soft mattress beside you and pushed up to a sitting p--"Ow..." Something jabbed into your hip and you winced and reached down into your pocket. You had slept on your phone all night...great.
When you pulled it out, you were alerted of two things; you had no cell service, and you had twenty-one messages from your best friend, and two from Toby.
Before you could read them you thought you heard a shuffling sound, but when you sat up an
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Unexpected [Loki x Reader (pt7)]
Your phone rang as the cashier rang you up, and when you answered you were greeted by the kind voice of a good friend of yours.
"Toby, hi! How are you?"
"Doin' awesome as usual, sweet cheeks," he chirped. "Hey, I saw you on the sidewalk a bit ago, I think. You in that thrift store?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Well, it's been awhile since we hung out. Wanna come over to the park with me? I'm playing football with the guys."
"I'm right in the parking lot! Come with me, it'll be fun!"
You looked around for your little bluejay--I mean, Loki--and spotted him just outside the window, peering in at you. "Well, I really want to, Toby, but..."
"Come on, please?" he begged. "You know, all my friends are athletes. Very fit."
"Hah." You paid the cashier and whispered thanks, taking the bag of clothes, and went outside to meet the bird. "Well, I dunno. The park sounds nice." You looked right at Loki while you were speaking, and the bird cocked its head to the side.
"Attractive boys running around in the
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Trust [Loki x Reader (pt2)]
If you're not a fan, move along. Please. For my own self-esteem.
You found yourselves in close company by the time the credits rolled.
"May I sleep with you?"
"Excuse me?" you thundered, glaring dangerously at the smirking man.
"Oh, no, I meant--" he chuckled under his breath, feigning innocence with a hand resting daintily on his lips. "I meant, may I stay the night here?"
You gave him a flat look. "You're joking, right? I never wanted you in my house in the first pl--I never wanted to be affiliated with you in any manner! The hell would I let you spend the night for?"
He sighed, pinching his lower lip absently as his eyes tried to reason with you. "Well, I'm sort of being pursued--"
"Oh hell no--"
"Please, listen" he mock-begged, chuckling as you let out a passive sigh. "The last place anyone would think to look for a power-mad, egotistical, half-god fugitive would be the humble suburban home of a young lady."
That last comment stalled your rebuttal, and you blinked. Young
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Text [Loki x Reader]
Please don't read this if you're already rolling your eyes at the title.
I'm going to go crawl under a rock now and deny my love for Loki.

Your eyes started stinging, but didn't threaten to leak. You were tired of that sensation, and sick of it; it made you want to throw your phone across the room.
You sniffed, focusing your attention on the movie you were watching, the TV the only source of light in the room at this hour of the night.
"You seem distraught," said a low voice behind your chair, laden with condescending certainty; which you read as pity.
"I told you to leave me alone," you growled, not bothering even to glare at the Norse god peering over your shoulder.
A slender hand grabbed your phone out of your lap. "Um, hey! That's mine!"
You turned around to see Loki pondering over the messages on your phone reflecting in his green eyes. He didn't have a trace of a smirk on his face, though he still held a sense of arrogance in the way he stood, the flourish with wh
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Right [Loki x Reader (pt 5)]
Why you received the text at 6:34 AM on a summer morning was beyond you, yet you really didn't care, because it was from your best friend.
Hey! I'm actually free today, wanna hang like we said?
You typed your eager reply before reaching over to set it on the end table, stretching your arm as far as you could so as not to disturb the man still asleep and embracing you.
"Something wrong?" came a voice, husky from sleep. Alright, maybe not still asleep.
"Nh, gonna hang out with my bestie today," you yawned. "She's free after all." You slowly unfurled his arms and sat up in bed, dragging a hand down your face. His arms dragged you back down with a thp and you yelped. "What the hell?"
"Don't go yet, you're warm!" he whined, burying his face in your neck.
"L-Loki, stop being a baby and let me get up!"
"Hmm-mm!" he moaned, wrapping his arms over your chest and applying just enough pressure to make your breasts...ah...hurt. Yeah, hurt.
You rolled over to break his grip, only bare
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Changes [Loki x Reader (pt6)]
You woke up in one of those rare cases of remembering exactly where you were and who was wrapped around you. The reason you remembered so quickly was because it was Loki's voice calling your name that roused you.
You blinked your eyes open, staring sleepily at his bare chest beneath your hands. His skin was the faint blue color of early dawn. "Hm?"
"Are you alright?" he whispered. "You began to shiver..."
You closed your eyes and snuggled tighter to him. Slowly his body temperature began to rise. Glimpses of a dream flashed through your mind; a foreign face and a place surrounded by water and a feeling of fear. That was all, though, and the vision wouldn't form clearly in your head and you feared it was lost. "I think I had a nightmare," you croaked.
A small chuckle vibrated in his chest. "Only think?"
"Yeah, well, I can't remember it." But you did remember what happened last night. That was slowly coming back. And you decided you would have preferred the nightmare, because your eyes w
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Ring [Loki x Reader (pt33)]
When your eyes fluttered open, you immediately smiled, chest filled with golden joy. It only took you a second to remember the reason; Loki's arms wrapped snugly around you, his cheek pressed against your back.
And that gave you even more of a thrill because you remembered how close to naked you were. It made your stomach twist, and made you giggle stupidly and smile even bigger. You snuggled against him and snuggled your face into the pillow you shared, trying to keep your breathing at a steady rate.
"You're awake?" he asked, giving your back a light kiss. Shivers ran through your whole body and you smiled so hard your cheeks hurt.
"Yeah...good morning, Loki." That felt so good to say! You turned around in his arms, wrapping your own around his bare torso and nuzzled your forehead under his chin, kissing him just under the collar bone. He let out an audible exhale.
"Oh my, that was unexpected..." He kissed you on top of the head, tightening his arms around you. His cool fingers slid o
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Jack [Loki x Reader (pt40)]
"She already has a man. Back off," said Loki.
"I was just saying hello--"
"Loki?" said Lynda, suddenly emerging from her room a few yards down the hall.
Loki looked from her to Jack, eyes wide. "What are you doing? Go hide before she sees you!"
"Don't need to," said Jack, staying put and perfectly calm, though not looking at Lynda. "Just pretend like you're not talking to me."
What? "But what's going...what do we talk about?" You panicked a little, trying to think up some sort of casual conversation, when suddenly Loki caught you by the lips, pinning you to the wall and kissing you passionately.
"Mmfh!" After a moment of shock, you eagerly kissed back, holding his head in your hands and wrapping a leg around his waist, drawing him closer. It didn't take long for your lips and tongues to battle back and forth, the both of you moaning and quickly getting caught up in your actions. You almost forgot about the handsome man and Lynda and why you were so confused.
"Best casual conversation I
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Virginia [Loki x Reader (pt12)]
"I did it!" you celebrated, creating another pulse of heat through the air from one palm to the other.
Loki granted you a half-hearted smile, walking to one of the walls of the training room. "Good, great job," he congratulated blandly. He touched a few of the bricks and they vanished in a whirl, allowing bright light to pour over the floor. You blinked at the brightness. "So you can play with your own body. That will not get you anywhere."
"Humans haven't nearly enough energy," he explained. "So they need to learn to draw from other sources. A good source is sunlight."
"Wait," you said, "But...we're underground."
"Actually it's the Underground, we're not under the crust of the earth..."
"And we're downstairs."
He nodded toward the window and you looked out and sure enough, it was a sun. Perhaps it was a bit too orange to be your sun, but it was definitely a sun, as you could tell from the swimming black dots in your vision when you looked away. "Ow. How is...?"
He gav
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