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the logistics of love
here's where i begin, begin
trail your lips across my skin,
your mouth's making tiny movements that
interpret too many thoughts. you're
quietly calculating the logistics of love and of
unspoken things that might have happened between us.
once we were done, finished with love, we shot
lustful bullets at the stars
making it rain space dust down on us
[heaven was not so very far].
we had a plan to get away and rediscover the world,
split that road right in half, lacing fingers between us.
letting the wind whip our faces, always all windows down.
we would laugh at the sting and throw our hands in the air,
watch as the lights of town grow far and farther,
just orbs floating on the horizon-
dusk's smiling eyes.
oh, remember how you'd hold me and i'd
clutch your shirt,
we would be standing at the train station ready to go
anywhere, anyhow.
we're such wild, wild things: monsters of flight and love.
it's alright to hold tight, but don't try to hold on.
you see, the world turns so fast it's asto
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Logistics :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 89 0 Landcrawler Delta Complete :iconevilonavich:Evilonavich 66 36
Aperture Logistics
When it's turrets for the chamber
Or a magazine for a staff member
That's logistics
When the parts for the Turret Redemption line
Come precisely on time
That's logistics
A continuous link
That's always in sync
That's logistics
Downtime reduced
Testing gets a boost
That's logistics
With new ways to compete
That'll keeps test subject on their feet
That's logistics
GLaDOS knows
Were everything goes
That's logistics
Bells will ring,
That's logistics
There will be no more stress
and no test subject duress
That's logistics
That unnerving still
Right after the kill
That's logistics
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