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Logan Imax Poster :icondaverapoza:DaveRapoza 2,217 108
[anger issues] (Logan Howlett x Reader)
"Logan. It's a trip to the store. We need food and stuff for school" You sigh. "Nothing could happen."
"Humans don't like us, babe." He counters gruffly, folding his arms. "They'd kill us."
You pout. "They can't see our mutation." You pause, before squinting your eyes at your boyfriend. "Well, not unless we decide to show them. And we're not going to."
Logan grunts.
"Logaaan.." You call, putting on a puppy dog face. "Please?" 
He takes one look at you and melts.
"Fine. But no promises on the no mutation show."

"Hey, babe?" You ask, looking at the different cake mixes. "Which one for dessert?"
Logan shrugs. "Anything you like, 'darlin."
You chuckle. "Black Forest it is." You proclaim, pulling the box off the shelf. "Now, Betty Crocker's chocolate frosting?"
Logan pecks you on the cheek. "What else? Here, it's on the top shelf, I'll get it." 
He's just about to get it for you when his eye twitches as a boy yells "ewwwww". Logan turns to him in
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One with nature (Logan x Reader)
One with nature (Logan x Reader)
A light spring breeze filled the air with the scent of rich pollen as two figures walked along the edge of a forest, an older, larger man being followed by a petite little girl as they carried bundles of wood on their backs and in their hands. It had been a long day for Logan and his daughter (d/n) collecting firewood for their cabin in the hills and he couldn't wait to get home.
"Hey Daddy?" The small girl called out, running up along side her father, "Can we get some flowers for mommy?" Logan looked down at his daughter, an exact copy of his wife (y/n), and gave a heavy sigh before giving her an answer.
"Sure, why not." (d/n)'s (e/c) eyes lit up as her request was granted and grabbed her father's hand.
"Mommy likes the flowers over here," she stated, pointing towards the direction and slightly dragging her dad along. Logan couldn't help but smile at this as the pair reached a small field, littered with bright and colorful flowers of all shapes an
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Star Crossed Lovers - (Logan x Reader)
“The sky is beautiful tonight, isn't it Logan?” You called to man that laid so close by your side.
When he refrained from replying, you slowly turned over to face him. The cool spring grass graced you skin as you propped your head up slightly to look to him upon him.
As you pulled yourself ever closer to his side you noticed Logan had fallen into a deep state of sleep.
His chest rose and fell in a slow manner as he dozed in a peaceful manner beside you. His arms crossed behind his head as he laid by you.
Slowly you shifted yourself closer to him as you examined him more thoroughly. His features were gorgeous within your own minds eyes. He saw himself as animal yet you saw him for the man he truly was.
You couldn’t stop the small smirk that graced your lips as looked upon him. The Wolverine. Never would you of thought this man would become yours.
This seemingly perfect man before you was nothing short of a miracle within minds eye.
Logan had saved you from all
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Tony x Reader x Logan: Trouble Trio
:bulletpurple: Tony x Reader x Logan: Trouble Trio :bulletpurple: 

(Full name) sighed heavily as she trudged through the spacious halls of the School for Gifted Youngsters and internally cursed. The twenty-year old mutant had long since graduated from the classes held here, but it had been her home for too long to have even considered going elsewhere. This woman was a member of the X-Men, but had openly refused to be a teacher at the school. This wasn’t because she wasn’t capable of such a task, but rather the fact that she mostly enjoyed keeping to herself. This might have been due to the personality she was born with, or the fact that her mutation allowed her to go unnoticed when she wished. But either way, (F/n) was a lone wolf. . .
Unless the boys roped her into something. Then she was anything but lonesome.
Today was promising to be one of those days, seeing as (F/n) was the school handyman (or woman) and the Danger Room had started living up to it
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(Logan Howlett/Wolverine x Reader) Uh Oh...
Logan Howlett/Wolverine x Reader
Uh Oh...

A/N: Small rating for cursing. It's only one word, so don't like, don't read.
-Beep beep beep beep-
(Y/n) groaned, having been woken up by the annoying sound of her alarm clock. She sat up and stretched, mumbling profanities when her back popped. She looked around her neatly made room, which was in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. She smiled when she saw she was still here.
(Y/n) moved to the school about three months ago; she was scared of her abilities and refused to display them. However, she quickly made friends with Ororo, better known as Storm, as well as Anna Marie, or Rogue. But even they didn’t know of (Y/n)’s powers; she was afraid they’d leave her if they knew.
She finally swung her feet onto the hardwood floor and made her way into the bathroom. She stripped down and got in the shower, letting the warm water wake her. When she was done washing, (Y/n) stepped out and wrapped a (f/c) towel
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Wolverine x Reader [Heart Strings]
It had only been a span of a few short minutes since you had battled against Magneto's forces with unrelenting vengeance.
Just as your allies had began to bring them down, you fell within their ranks before any could reach your side.
But suddenly, you found your form weightless as the ground began to crumble under your feet.
'Oh no-'
“(NAME)?!" Logan screamed frantically as he turned over every stone in sight. Endlessly he searched through the debris, silently praying that you were alive, wherever you were.
He couldn’t lose you, especially not today. He would fight through Hell and back if it meant saving you from damnation.
You were his angel and lone savior. The one soul who pulled him back from the brink of darkness. Without you, he was nothing but an angry, empty shell of a man.
The other X-Men spread out from the site as they began to search for you, too. The team checked every nook and cranny as they searched through the broken and charred remains of the facility.
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Claws For Livvy (LoganxReader)
You sighed as you heard your little baby scream.
God dammit Logan...
"No claws!"
You heard your husband snicker as you entered the living room. Logan was currently holding year-old Olivia, scaring her once again. You placed your hands on your hips as you witnessed the interaction.
"Yes claws. It's gonna hurt too, there's gonna be blood everywhere-"
Olivia screamed again, "No! Livvy want Mommy's power!"
"You're gettin' Daddy's."
"No!" She shrieked, on the verge of tears.
Logan kissed her cheek, "Don't cry baby, it won't be so bad. Just be careful not to nick yourself in the face-"
"No! Livvy gon' have Mommy's power an' not gon' ha'e claws!"
"Nope, Livvy's gonna have claws just like her Daddy, and he's gonna teach her how to cut up any boys that try and mess with her."
"No, Livvy not!"
Logan chuckled deeply and began singing in a teasing voice, "Livvy's gettin' bone claws... And they're gonna hurt like hell... The blood's gonna splatter, everywhere..."
Olivia began b
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Kitty And Logan VS The Sentinels :iconportohle:portohle 1,022 45
Evolution Logurt - Spirit Day
'Attention students,' Professor Charles Xavier telepathically called out to all the teenagers residing in the mansion, 'Please report immediately to the main hall. I have an announcement to make.'
And so, begrudgingly, everyone shuffled their way out of bed.
Once every single mutant had gathered in the main hall of the mansion questions began to abound about why they had been called in her so early in the morning, they didn't need to get up for another hour!
"Good morning everyone, thank you for joining me," Xavier said as he maneuvered his power-chair into the main hall. Everyone was shocked at his current apparel: a light purple (borderline pink), button-up pajama top and pajama bottom underneath a dark purple bath robe.
"Uh, professor? You do know that, like, purple just doesn't work on a man your age," Kitty Pryde said.
Xavier gave a sad smile and said, "My apparel is actually part of the reason I've called you in here. As you know, today is October 20th. Today is known, world-wide
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Logan and Mariko :iconedufrancisco:eDufRancisco 704 47 X-Men First Class Meme BY ME :iconjuliahiddles:juliahiddles 224 115 About to Bring the Hurt :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 943 84
Wake Up: 1 -Logan/Wolverine x Reader-
(Authors note: Just a heads up guys, there will be one of my OCs in here and also their will be a change of POV. If you do not like it then please let me know because I can have it changed.)
Readers POV
Flashing, so many flashing lights. Red and blue are the only colours that my eyes can detect in the darkness. What on earth has happened? So many voices, all mixing together as one; I cannot tell them apart. What is going on? Is that someone calling my name? I’m so tired; maybe I just need to sleep…
That voice, I know it. But, who does it belong to again? Why are my memories so fuzzy? And why does my head feel like it is spinning? What in the world is going on?
“Let me through! I need to see her!”
Logan? Is, is that you? Why can’t I call out to you? What is wrong with my voice, why isn’t it working? Come to think of it, I can’t move at all. All of my limbs feel heavy, numb almost.
“Oh god, (Name)!”
I feel myself getti
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Wolverine x Reader [Heart Strings] Chapter 2
The Wolverine himself did his best to not smirk at your snide remark. You were in severe pain and this was no time for jokes, yet here you laid in his arms near death, ever so abrasive. This was his girl, alright.
Even though you laid at Death's door, your humor never faltered. Doing his best to keep the shining crest of tears from his eyes.
Yet even he couldn’t stop the pained grimace that crossed his face as he lifted your broken form into his chest.
Even Logan himself had stilled for a short moment as he felt your warm blood trickle down his fingers.
As the rest of the X-men began to near your side. Scott and Jean broke out into a wave of torment of pure emotions as they both took in your current state. “Get the jet down here now!” Jean screamed out to her bloodied teammates.
Just as Scott neared your side, he yelled into his inter com in a feverish manner.“(Name), is In criti
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My Clarity (Logan x Reader)
Logan was awoken quickly from his deepened slumber in the midst of the night. Feeling the mattress beneath him shake furiously.
Instantly he turned his sight, looking over to your sleeping form. Nestled tightly against his chiseled chest.
You laid there curled up tightly in a small ball as your head slowly moved to lay upon his warm chest.
Yet what worried wolverine the most was the constant trembling that shook your small form while you began sweating profusely.
Even your arms were stained with a bright red blush as you laid against him shaking.
His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked down upon you, sorrow shinning brightly within his dark brown orbs.
If only he had been there to protect you before, to protect you from your own past.
If he had done what was true to his heart you wouldn’t be here now Shaking in an unrelenting manner as your anxiety brought waves upon waves of nightmares upon you.
Every dream involved you falling down in a weaken state before your peers pleading t
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X-Men - What happened Next... :iconravengrimm:ravengrimm 564 196 Emma and Logan :iconshrouded-artist:shrouded-artist 169 33 Goo Lion Logan TF 1/6 :iconst-alpha:St-Alpha 85 1 Rage :iconjimbo02salgado:Jimbo02Salgado 172 5 Wolverine :iconururuty:Ururuty 253 27 90's X-Men Animated :iconpinkhavok:pinkhavok 752 85 Wolverine :icontarantinoss:Tarantinoss 304 55