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Queen's Rage by CNeko-chan Queen's Rage :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 266 83 So many Sans! by Aggablaze So many Sans! :iconaggablaze:Aggablaze 891 105 Zombie Apocalypse Meme by pistachioZombie Zombie Apocalypse Meme :iconpistachiozombie:pistachioZombie 1,616 119 Zim dressing up game by InvaderMar Zim dressing up game :iconinvadermar:InvaderMar 2,389 783 Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Extinction Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 15,591 986 Special Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Special Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 18,192 1,276 :ayylmao: by romenX :ayylmao: :iconromenx:romenX 676 0 Squidward Devours Spongebob by MatthewJWills Squidward Devours Spongebob :iconmatthewjwills:MatthewJWills 1,293 1,204 MY BALLS! - Markiplier playing Happy Wheels GIF by GEEKsomniac MY BALLS! - Markiplier playing Happy Wheels GIF :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 896 84 Kirikitty Icon Base - Female by Hatty-hime Kirikitty Icon Base - Female :iconhatty-hime:Hatty-hime 1,573 384 How do I begin... by Ravietta How do I begin... :iconravietta:Ravietta 5,308 308 Commission - Eren Jaeger by JurgenKuqi Commission - Eren Jaeger :iconjurgenkuqi:JurgenKuqi 2,576 103 Cloud Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Cloud Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 17,275 1,420 Hatake's Blinking Tutorial by Hatty-hime Hatake's Blinking Tutorial :iconhatty-hime:Hatty-hime 912 211 I don't wanna hear you've got a boyfriend by cutgut I don't wanna hear you've got a boyfriend :iconcutgut:cutgut 1,418 0 surprise by Megson surprise :iconmegson:Megson 1,825 221 Anti Mlp:Fim Meme by Tuailait-Sperkul Anti Mlp:Fim Meme :icontuailait-sperkul:Tuailait-Sperkul 44 44 SMITE - Susano Cyber by ChrisBjors SMITE - Susano Cyber :iconchrisbjors:ChrisBjors 158 8 Edward Kenway by leaf-gem Edward Kenway :iconleaf-gem:leaf-gem 453 31 emotes need to eat too by jennifuh emotes need to eat too :iconjennifuh:jennifuh 6,350 705 Rio - BFFs by DS-Hina Rio - BFFs :iconds-hina:DS-Hina 2,319 108 Foxy cute ROFL chat icon by gold94chica Foxy cute ROFL chat icon :icongold94chica:gold94chica 459 111 Funny Avatars by GoddessofHockey Funny Avatars :icongoddessofhockey:GoddessofHockey 724 95 Patrick Boistar by VoltTecher Patrick Boistar :iconvolttecher:VoltTecher 222 31 L4D2 - Fashion Police by Operative-Nova-Eagle L4D2 - Fashion Police :iconoperative-nova-eagle:Operative-Nova-Eagle 575 92 The Reach Around by Splinks The Reach Around :iconsplinks:Splinks 6,530 774 Draw the squad like this by Leafyisnthere Draw the squad like this :iconleafyisnthere:Leafyisnthere 171 54 Toothless Teddy by pichud Toothless Teddy :iconpichud:pichud 1,371 130 :lol: by iDJPanda :lol: :iconidjpanda:iDJPanda 366 91 AMON SHIPS MAKORRA. by HannahHochArt AMON SHIPS MAKORRA. :iconhannahhochart:HannahHochArt 889 180 Rofling Coaster by darioart Rofling Coaster :icondarioart:darioart 1,587 478 Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke by CoreyPies Squish Hug 2 - The Eye Poke :iconcoreypies:CoreyPies 1,416 126 M o a n a by VolaPardus M o a n a :iconvolapardus:VolaPardus 176 10 I NEED U!! .:FNaF SL:. by SpringBelleBunny I NEED U!! .:FNaF SL:. :iconspringbellebunny:SpringBelleBunny 510 80 The Toast Holocaust by jennifuh The Toast Holocaust :iconjennifuh:jennifuh 682 294
Pamper Evening (Bucky x Reader)
It was a quiet evening in Stark Tower. The Avengers were all in the living room floor, relaxing. The only person missing was (f/n), who had gone grocery shopping.
Bruce was reading, Clint and Natasha were chatting, Tony and Steve were bickering and Thor was eating- the usual. Bucky had also been invited and was flicking through the shows on the television quietly.
"Sir, Miss (l/n), has arrived." Jarvis informed.
After a couple of minutes, the lift's doors opened and you stepped out to greet your friends.
"Phew...hey guys. It's been a tiring day, I think this calls for a pamper evening!" (F/n) squealed. The Avengers suddenly became silent and looked at each other with panicked expressions. They knew that if they stayed around when (f/n) was having a pamper evening, they would also get a few beauty treatments themselves, like the time you shaved Tony's beard or plucked Clint's eyebrows a little too much.
"Oopsies, I forgot one of the bags of shopping, I'll just nip down and grab it!" (F/
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With the Times. by Slinkers With the Times. :iconslinkers:Slinkers 2,829 782 made of clouds by werram made of clouds :iconwerram:werram 478 74 LOL by BlazeTwoe LOL :iconblazetwoe:BlazeTwoe 1,034 384 time warp meme by penkidievo time warp meme :iconpenkidievo:penkidievo 352 53 Delivery for Derpy H. by muffinexplosion Delivery for Derpy H. :iconmuffinexplosion:muffinexplosion 1,205 116 Raichu 'n' Furret Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Raichu 'n' Furret Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 11,857 876 Pokemon battle by sudadera02 Pokemon battle :iconsudadera02:sudadera02 805 151 Male!Betty[WIP/Collab] by CNeko-chan Male!Betty[WIP/Collab] :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 197 78
Picture this part 4-Lukemc-1878-
Hi, My name is Luke, I am your usual kind of person, and I was walking through town one evening when I came across a high tech looking camera, it seemed strange it looked about really new and was pristinely clean, I flicked it on and checked the media files to see if there was pictures of the owner, to my surprise there was nothing on there at all. "Aw well looks like I got a free camera, I muttered to myself as I got on the train back home, whilst on there I bumped in to my mate Nathan and his Girlfriend Penny, we started talking and Nathan said to me "you know what lad? I need to get you a bird, when the train stops at the next spot we will get off and try and get you one." I looked at Penny and said "what do you think Penny do I need a girlfriend?" Penny giggled and said "every man needs a special someone; it's natural, besides people who are alone are pretty much depressed."
As we got off the train we went straight to the park we saw a lone girl sitting on the bench, she was really
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I'm bored so I'm making a meme by CNeko-chan I'm bored so I'm making a meme :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 148 60 grumpy worker - now a PLZ by KatataEtc grumpy worker - now a PLZ :iconkatataetc:KatataEtc 801 191 SMITE - Nemesis Red by ChrisBjors SMITE - Nemesis Red :iconchrisbjors:ChrisBjors 140 3