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Girls Everywhere 47 by Falln-Stock Girls Everywhere 47 :iconfalln-stock:Falln-Stock 401 96 The Powerpuff Girls BADASS by Tohad The Powerpuff Girls BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 1,368 150 Princess and Unicorn by victoria-ying Princess and Unicorn :iconvictoria-ying:victoria-ying 2,118 59 Role Model by CrownePrince Role Model :iconcrowneprince:CrownePrince 2,282 1,111 Tom Sawyer by Obsessed-by Tom Sawyer :iconobsessed-by:Obsessed-by 1,071 80 Where We Once Lived by neverdying Where We Once Lived :iconneverdying:neverdying 706 257
TG Caption This: The Little Catgirl After Story
"NYaaaaaaaaaaaannnn." I said. I felt something wooden on my tongue. I was at the doctors with Onee chan. She told me I needed a check up when we got home yesterday after I changed, but I feel fine, oh well, she's older than me so she knyows more.
"Hmm, nothing wrong here." The doctor told us, taking the stick out of my mouth. "I'll need to check your heartbeat now, do you mind putting your shirt up?" I nodded with a large grin. I lifted my shirt and he put his ste... stetho...stethoscope on my chest. I giggled, the metal was cold and it tickled. "ok." the doctor turned to my sister. "She looks alright, not sure about he ears and tail, but the human parts of her are how they're supposed to be a this age..." I stopped hearing what was being said at this point,  I was looking at the posters in the clinic room.
"Chris..." I heard Onee chan call out to someone, nyot sure who, oh wait, that was me. I turned to face her. "We have to go now."
"Ok." I jumped up and down, indi
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TG Caption This Cat Hairbands Are For Little Girls
"Now then, this goes... here." I say to myself as I put the toy car back into it's proper drawer. I can hear the soft giggle of Mrs Shay behind me, no doubt at my habit of thinking out loud. Now I should probably go back and explain a bit, My name is Mr Chris. Well, that's what the kids call me anyway; I work as a teachers aid to the Reception class of my old primary school. Mrs Shay was actually my teacher back when I used to come here as a student, and time has faired nicely to her. At around 46 at this point I believe, she has thick brown hair cut into a bob style, vivid green eyes that still had a twinkle of childish mischief in them, one or two wrinkles on her face that are barely noticeable unless you knew her about 17 years ago like me (for those of you that failed maths that makes me 21), a figure on the more beautiful side of modest and attire to compliment it; button up shirt that looked a little tight, probably shrunk in the wash, a flowing red ankle length skirt, black 2 in
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Best Friends 1, Sleepover
Sarah was so excited. Her best friend Natalie was coming over for a sleepover! Neither of the girls had ever had a sleepover before, so naturally they were both incredibly excited. Sarah could hardly sit still as she waited for her friend to come.
Natalie rang the doorbell around 8 in the afternoon, already wearing her pajamas. She had jet black hair which she had up in pigtails. Her skin was dark, since she was from an Indian family, and her pajama top was baby blue. Her bottoms were pink with blue polka dots and they were hemmed just above her ankles. She was only wearing a pair of pink flip-flops on her little feet.
When Sarah came to the door, she was in her red night gown and her feet were bare. Her fire red hair was pulled back in a ponytail. The girls' moms talked for a bit while the two went up into Sarah's room to play. The girls played with Sarah's dolls for about a half-hour, but then Natalie got frustrated.
"Ugh! I can't get her shoes on!" Natalie said. She had one doll in
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m i r r o r m i r r o r
my mirror is filled with photos of little boys who grew into men, best friends who faded into the shadows, and one young girl who is faulty and flawless and just trying to be.
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The Snake's Embrace - Part 13
As soon as his footsteps went away from the door, Folsek looked to Alcan and said, “Take a seat.”
Alcan folded her arms. “No.”
Folsek smiled. “Your call. But I could easily convince my people to shoot an ‘escaping prisoner’ with the right look.” Alcan didn’t move. She glanced at Chark. Folsek reached down for his son’s hand. Alcan didn’t remark this time. The kid cautiously reached out and touched the edge of his hand. She looked at him. She studied his features. He rubbed his finger against the back of her hand.
He asked her, softly, “Are you happy?”
She watched him, looked up at me, and asked me softly, “Should I answer, Mommy Pygo?” I felt stunned. It was most I’d heard her say yet.
As I absorbed the idea of being called ‘mommy’, I answered, “Uh…sure.”
The ‘son’ leaned away from me and watched Folsek. She said softly, “I feel very calm. Is that okay?”
Folsek c
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