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Carl/Caroline from Gone Fishing by Mary-Margret Carl/Caroline from Gone Fishing :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 14 3 Goth Twins by Mary-Margret Goth Twins :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 12 7 Gary/ Mary Callahan from Career Shift by Mary-Margret Gary/ Mary Callahan from Career Shift :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 8 2 But it is Literature by rnbwbrt4eva But it is Literature :iconrnbwbrt4eva:rnbwbrt4eva 15 14 Audrey/Tom from Career Shift by Mary-Margret Audrey/Tom from Career Shift :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 7 0 The100 Raven and Clarke by Mary-Margret The100 Raven and Clarke :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 8 4 Robin from The New Waitress by Mary-Margret Robin from The New Waitress :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 8 0 Debutante to Punk Princess by Mary-Margret Debutante to Punk Princess :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 6 0 The ladies of GoGirl magazine from Career Shift by Mary-Margret The ladies of GoGirl magazine from Career Shift :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 6 0
MMCH1 In The Shadows
Chapter One In the Shadows
      The clock ticks slowly as seconds pass into minutes, closer & closer to midnight; lust slowly licks up the neck of lovers waiting to meet. Air from the ocean sweeps upon lands breast & lands upon the wall of a nightclub where a fair-faced woman waits to meet someone. Patiently she leans against the wall, waiting. Standing outside shivering as the salty wind pushes up her skirt lining, tickling her senses. She has been stood here, outside this cocktail bar since eleven o clock. She is waiting. Waiting for him to arrive. He is her lover. She is his mistress. She is anxious. She is excited. She hasn't seen him in a while, its been a long few hours since they last enjoyed the pleasure of each others body. She is excited, in more ways than one... She has been waiting for him to arrive for a while, she doesn't mind, she knows he is usually late. She knows temptation's grasp upon her will prevail. She has been saving herself for
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Molly collage by Mary-Margret Molly collage :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 5 4
Spin -3-
                                      "Are you going to tell me?"
                                                 "No," I said.
            Pat had been bugging me all week. I wasn't going to budge. If I told him he'd probably think I was being ridiculous. 'No one loves me!' I would say. 'None sense, that is ridiculous!' he would reply. I guess to a point it was.
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Bleed For Her X | Love Poem by AnujKorrupted Bleed For Her X | Love Poem :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 4 0
MMCH3 Sweet Dreams
Chapter Three Sweet Dreams/Strip Tease
  The sexual sensations continue to pulsate through their veins despite his losing its hardened state slightly, she continues to play with herself slightly at the nipples as she lays back on the bed laying next to him, talking.
I don't think you've missed me, it really didn't come across that you missed me much at all. Well apart from the small gift of a multiple orgasm, you do realise I'm going to have to repay you for that, I don't mind being slave again as long as I get to play a little game later on, maybe even dance for you if you desire it. I may not have a pole here but a bedpost will have to do.
to be continued....
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Creeping, Sexy Horror by daliadaudelin Creeping, Sexy Horror :icondaliadaudelin:daliadaudelin 2 0 Laurie from One Of The Girls by Mary-Margret Laurie from One Of The Girls :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 2 0 Elsword - NA - Add by Luxari Elsword - NA - Add :iconluxari:Luxari 0 0 Bleed For Her IX | Love Poem by AnujKorrupted Bleed For Her IX | Love Poem :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 0 0 Lovestruck VI by AnujKorrupted Lovestruck VI :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 1 0 Keyno from The Harvest by Pennyiscute Keyno from The Harvest :iconpennyiscute:Pennyiscute 1 2 Lovestruck #15 | Paradise | Romantic Poem by AnujKorrupted Lovestruck #15 | Paradise | Romantic Poem :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 1 0 My Cure | Love Poem by AnujKorrupted My Cure | Love Poem :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 0 0 Keyno and Dale by Pennyiscute Keyno and Dale :iconpennyiscute:Pennyiscute 1 2 Bleed For Her VIII | Love Poem by AnujKorrupted Bleed For Her VIII | Love Poem :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 0 0 CATAM 2 | Art Quote by AnujKorrupted CATAM 2 | Art Quote :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 1 2
Mix and Match Results Round 1
Since Alice got her own story, what do you think her old friends and roommate could be up to now that they've graduated...?
- - -
Megan Mahoney...moved back in with her parents, and has become a lazy jobless millennial!
Pale doughy arms lifted high towards the ceiling at high noon, rolling and folding over themselves as they slowly fell back to rest on either side of her belly, spread-eagled and pooling on top of the sheets. She smacked her lips lazily, the taste of last night's Taco Bell binge still lingering on the tip of her tongue. Her green eyes drooped, lids heavy, as she greeted the day—
—Oof. That one hurt.
She felt blindly for her phone, idly falling into her morning routine of facebooking and buzzfeeding before breakfast. Her doughy digits pressing against her mattress as she struggled against her growing girth. Not over here, not over there. Where could...?
"MOM!" Meg shouted, clamoring to a propped-up position on one wobbly elbow, "H
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Mick/Molly from One Of The Girls by Mary-Margret Mick/Molly from One Of The Girls :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 11 1 Characters from Sister Mary-Margret and Jenna by Mary-Margret Characters from Sister Mary-Margret and Jenna :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 16 2 On the set of Supergirl by Mary-Margret On the set of Supergirl :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 6 3
Free to Be a Slave (Chapter 3)
WARNING: This story contains Vore, Scat, Sexual themes, and BDSM elements. You have been warned. If you are ok with these things then you may proceed. If you aren't then leave immediately. Thank you.
Chapter 3: Progress is Key

Chapter 3:
Nate has just helped pick out his mistress Mina's outfit for her upcoming party at her mansion. His and Zack's escape is now the light at the end of the tunnel that they are almost at, but not just yet. *BLLLRRRFRRRT* *BLLLRRRFRRRT* *KERPLUNK* "One piece of shit down. A few more to go." Mina exclaimed. "Yes mistress." Nate replied. *PFFFFRRT* *BLLRRRFRRRT* Ugh! *KERPLUNK* "Ok slave. Now caress my belly a little. It'll help." "Yes mistress." Nate began caressing Mina's belly as it pushed its contents into her intestines to be pushed out her asshole. He smelled the familiar smell of digested human but didn't complain. He was more than used to it by now. *BLLRRRRRFRRRRRRRT* *PFFRRT* *KERPLUNK* "Ah, that was the last one." Mina panted. "Ok s
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Big Black Bimbo by daliadaudelin Big Black Bimbo :icondaliadaudelin:daliadaudelin 5 0 Ashley from One Of The Girls by Mary-Margret Ashley from One Of The Girls :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 4 2 Lovestruck VIII by AnujKorrupted Lovestruck VIII :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 2 0 Lovestruck V | Love Quote by AnujKorrupted Lovestruck V | Love Quote :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 1 0 Lakeside Memories | Lovestruck IX | Love Poem by AnujKorrupted Lakeside Memories | Lovestruck IX | Love Poem :iconanujkorrupted:AnujKorrupted 0 0
MMCH2 Lingeret and Foreplay
Chapter Two - Lingerie & Foreplay
  Hand in hand they walk, down the lamp light street, dancing without music, only their heartbeats as rhythm & beat to guide them to dance together. Stopping at a hotel & deciding not to go in. walking on ahead they walk glancing at one another every so often, shy almost, holding within how much they want to show one another. Finally, walking along the pebbled dimly lit streets to her flat. Walking a little quicker he rushes to a door almost daring her to get to the door first, she takes the chance & runs after him getting to the door first & leaning against it, hand on the door handle. She beckons him closer for a kiss, he smirks suggestively & moves a little closer to softly press his lips against his while she keys in the code to unlock the door with her free hand. The door buzzes unlocked & she twists the door handle puling away & walking backwards inside the hallway.
Walking backwards up the stairs the seconds hand moves each moment as s
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L.A. Rockin' PPMC Anti-Angel by elrothiel L.A. Rockin' PPMC Anti-Angel :iconelrothiel:elrothiel 16 26 Stepping away from Heaven by joemerican Stepping away from Heaven :iconjoemerican:joemerican 0 2
An inner wind blows through my ears
As the oppressive heat smothers me
The screen flashes on and fornification takes the stage
Pleasure! Crescendo! Ecstasy! Ecstasy! A concert all my own!
Then it halts as quickly as it started.
And my heart tries to smash my chest
Slowly breathing in time to the thrumming
While my world goes dark.
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heaven or not by joemerican heaven or not :iconjoemerican:joemerican 0 3
Heavenly High Chapter 2
Chapter 2!~~~
It was a boy wit long hare that was blond an he had his blue eye's that sparkled wit the glow of amazing. His skin glowed wit the lite of pure virginty.
“Who are you?” I asked? “im Harold” he said back.
Omg hes cute!! I thott to my self. “Squeelzies!” I said grazeously!
“AS IF WHATEVER!!!!” aclaimed Athena. “Why you dont you cum sit wit me!” beautifull Harold said to Trinity.
“Ok move out my way” Trinity moved by Athna an she glared at her.
Trinity slowly waked slowly over back to the back of the buss.
Hairold painted the seat next two his but with hi shand an smiled at her an she sat down.
“Was youre name” he asked her? “Titnity” she said back and she felt her cheaks, get hot cuz she was brushing?
“That name woz pretty” he said to her he was ovbiously flurting.
They starred depthly into eachothers eyes genterly for a long time for a very long time. then the buss st
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Heavenly High Chapter 1
~*~*~*~*~*~*~CHAPTER ONE~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
It was a cold windy mourning an she huddleded up next to her bookbug which sat on the wench next her her whil she sipped on her hot cocacola and waited for her buss to show up arrive.
After she finushed her drunk the bus turned the courner it had cracked window and it had dents and it had chipped paint and it wass rusty like a rusty medals.
"Damed it!! Finaly that motherfuckin buss is hear!!" She told to herself forcefully.
She wasnt very popular because she wasnt a prep and she was homeshooled alot. Her parentals were a buncha bitches an were strictly and never let her hang out with ppl she thot were really interesting or rly hot emo ppl guys.
The buss stopped in front of her as it was hisssing like Tony (my cat lol). She got on the buss and started looking for a seat.
A voice sqwaked from behinde her "HEY YOU!" "whats your name girl?" the buss driver asked and he coughed a few times.
She turned seeing an old man in a white staind robe
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MvC1 by Jackdorian MvC1 :iconjackdorian:Jackdorian 0 0
Cate and Sessyne
The day had come. Cate was next to be Sessyne's guest.
Yet...there was a sense of foreboding as Cate made her way down to Sessyne's quarters. Maria's encounter still fresh in mind, though Maria didn't really specify much of what happened, it was obvious something had, and something bad.
Cate had wondered if the same would happen to her, but she couldn't worry about that now. All she had on her mind was one thing. She still wasn't too keen on the idea of being inside any creatures' organ, no matter the reason.
Cate had reached the huge doors to Sessyne's quarters, and found it odd to be slightly open. She took a deep breath, entered, only to find Sessyne was not there.
"Hello? Sessyne? Anyone here?"
There was no response, other than the sounds of rippling ocean waters from the pool where Sessyne should have been.
Just as Cate was about to leave, Sessyne came crashing up to the water's surface.
"Sorry I'm late. I've been sleeping a lot more since...well..."
Cate looked at Sessyne. Sessyn
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MvC3 by Jackdorian MvC3 :iconjackdorian:Jackdorian 0 0 MvC2 by Jackdorian MvC2 :iconjackdorian:Jackdorian 0 0 Gabby from One Of The Girls by Mary-Margret Gabby from One Of The Girls :iconmary-margret:Mary-Margret 2 0