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The Legend of Zelda by kowan The Legend of Zelda :iconkowan:kowan 9,142 1,005 Mr. Twilight - Ride Home by Ferisae Mr. Twilight - Ride Home :iconferisae:Ferisae 2,156 617 Link and Zelda by Kyuriin Link and Zelda :iconkyuriin:Kyuriin 1,650 76 Defending Hyrule -Link Cosplay by LiKovacs Defending Hyrule -Link Cosplay :iconlikovacs:LiKovacs 7,976 1,073 Sunny Link by Laovaan Sunny Link :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 8,408 387 Wolf Link Chaos by Humanoid-Magpie Wolf Link Chaos :iconhumanoid-magpie:Humanoid-Magpie 2,000 226 Heal by awanqi Heal :iconawanqi:awanqi 2,172 139 Midna by Xenonia Midna :iconxenonia:Xenonia 6,725 563
Fairy's Fountain Link X Reader
       Some time far past midnight, you woke from your sound sleep. With the reason you had woken up a mystery, you snuggled back into bed and tried once more to rest. A cool breeze from the open window swept through the room, bringing with it all the smells of the night. Just as you began to drift, you heard a noise. “Who's there?” There was no moon tonight, making your room pitch black. Afraid that the intruder wasn't just an animal, you began throwing everything on your bed in the direction of the noise.
“Ouch. Hey be careful, it's only me. Stop throwing stuff.” A bright blue light appeared from nowhere, showing the face of your guest. “Thanks Navi, wait until after I get hit with a book to come out of my hat. I could have used the light a little earlier.”
“Link? What are you doing here? It's late, you should be asleep.” Without the moon, it was almost impossible to tell the time of night.
“I know, but there i
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Legend of Zelda Seven Minutes in Heaven Link
         It was finally your turn to play. Midna called you to the center of the room so you could choose your item. She was holding out an old bag that looked to be made of leather. "Just put your hand inside and pick something out. Make sure you choose wisely. You don't want to end up in a closet with Ganon."
A slight shiver went down your spine at the thought of being stuck anywhere with Ganon. You placed your hand in the old bag and began your search. It didn't take you long at all to pick your item, it was a small blue earring. You immediately recognized it as belonging to Link. "Looks like I escaped Ganon this time. I got your item Link." You walked over to him and placed the earring back on his ear. "There we go." You smiled sweetly.
"Okay, okay. No getting all kissy and stuff before you even get in the closet." Midna twirled around you both and opened up the door. "Hurry and get in already. I can tell your eager to get things started." After you two walked into the closet she s
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LoZ- Feverish night by Noe-Izumi LoZ- Feverish night :iconnoe-izumi:Noe-Izumi 573 86 Twili Link by EternaLegend Twili Link :iconeternalegend:EternaLegend 2,735 164 Legend of Zelda - Protector by Rei-Suzuki Legend of Zelda - Protector :iconrei-suzuki:Rei-Suzuki 1,465 284
Sky x Time x Twilight x Reader - Fourth Triforce 1
You sat on the fence outside your house, taking in the calm air. Finally, some peace and quiet.

You sighed heavily. It's been two years since these three magically started living with you. You didn't mind half the time. Half the time, you enjoyed it. Quite a lot. But even though they're technically the same person, just from different timelines (the explanation for that, of which they never want to sit down and explain to you) they still act and argue like brothers. Who plays the oldest, you'll never know.
Twilight, as they call him, is the most calm and serious out of them all. He's not very open to new, unexplored things, when it comes to his social or personal life. He has set tastes and sticks to them very well. He's very closed off and often quiet when the situation doesn't involve him. He has a very big brother atmosphere about him, and likes to
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Tutorial: Link's Gloves by AdlezAxel Tutorial: Link's Gloves :iconadlezaxel:AdlezAxel 1,475 78 Another Sunny Link - WIP by Laovaan Another Sunny Link - WIP :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 3,580 125 Link got his best treasure by AlineMendes Link got his best treasure :iconalinemendes:AlineMendes 1,892 639 Twilight Princess: ZeLink glomp by Zelbunnii Twilight Princess: ZeLink glomp :iconzelbunnii:Zelbunnii 4,106 291 Happy Valentines Day - Zelda The Twilight Princess by GENZOMAN Happy Valentines Day - Zelda The Twilight Princess :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,817 112 unstoppable by HylianGuardians unstoppable :iconhylianguardians:HylianGuardians 4,662 550 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by Smudgeandfrank The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 1,323 105 Tutorial: Link's Boots: Part 1 by AdlezAxel Tutorial: Link's Boots: Part 1 :iconadlezaxel:AdlezAxel 797 55 Zelda Cosplay: I need you by Yesta-sensei Zelda Cosplay: I need you :iconyesta-sensei:Yesta-sensei 1,363 143 Twilight Princess Heart Container  Avatar Icon by Shattered-Earth Twilight Princess Heart Container Avatar Icon :iconshattered-earth:Shattered-Earth 1,182 168
Legend of Zelda Seven Minutes in Heaven Dark Link
      “Sorry that last couple took so long, apparently someone passed out or something.” Midna quickly floated to the center of the room and grabbed hold of the sack of items. “Are you ready to play?”
“I'm ready.” Midna had let you know that your turn would be next a bit earlier. But before you could even stand up, she'd floated over to you, sack in hand. "Thank you."
“Go on then, get something. We have to make up some lost time you know.” Knowing how she could get, you said nothing and grabbed the first item you could. “You got a Deku nut huh? I think I know who that might belong to.”
Surprising both of you, Link didn't move. Instead, what you thought was nothing more than a shadow did. “It belongs to me. Didn't even know I was here did you? Figures, most people don't know when I'm there.”
“Oh, I was wrong. Oh well.” Midna shrugged and sped off to the closet. “Let's get you and the
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Sunny Link - WIP by Laovaan Sunny Link - WIP :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 2,890 150 Tutorial: Link's Boots: Part 2 by AdlezAxel Tutorial: Link's Boots: Part 2 :iconadlezaxel:AdlezAxel 636 42 Watching Over You by tallydraws Watching Over You :icontallydraws:tallydraws 2,447 427 Link-Wolf FINAL by YamaOrce Link-Wolf FINAL :iconyamaorce:YamaOrce 2,460 282 Zelda Countdown by Zaphk Zelda Countdown :iconzaphk:Zaphk 8,523 1,158 Another Sunny Link by Laovaan Another Sunny Link :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 3,788 136 Saving the prince (Color) by Queen-Zelda Saving the prince (Color) :iconqueen-zelda:Queen-Zelda 1,248 114 Finders Keepers by aquanut Finders Keepers :iconaquanut:aquanut 1,875 306 Hero Chosen by the Gods - Twilight Princess by LiKovacs Hero Chosen by the Gods - Twilight Princess :iconlikovacs:LiKovacs 1,830 64
Sky x Time x Twilight x Reader - Fourth Triforce 2
It didn't to take long to get to the Market on Epona. Shopping was a breeze with Time. He never picked up any random items, or asked for you to buy him something. He calmly and quietly looked around at the merch, played with some dogs, and followed you around. Truth be told, he goes with you just to get a peek at dinner and be outside, not working or fighting.
Countless times you can look behind yourself and catch him smiling and staring off into god knows what, his mind just wandering. He always gets like that, really, whenever he's calm. He's currently carrying two bags for you, as you just finished buying the meats.
"Here, you take this bag, let me carry the meat." He offered, reaching out. You shook your head politely.
"Nope, not this time~" And made your way out of the Market. He pouted and followed, mumbling to himself. You know he likes to treat you like a princess, and you'd let him carry you around everywhere to be honest. It just made you feel bad every now and then...
He tie
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Armogohma - sculpture by Escaron Armogohma - sculpture :iconescaron:Escaron 1,377 508 LOZ: Why Link doesn't talk... by yesi-chan LOZ: Why Link doesn't talk... :iconyesi-chan:yesi-chan 2,502 600 Sunny Link - Scan by Laovaan Sunny Link - Scan :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 2,822 95 Skyward Sword:The Suicide Link by AlineMendes Skyward Sword:The Suicide Link :iconalinemendes:AlineMendes 1,801 546 Link and Midna2 by Sui-yumeshima Link and Midna2 :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 1,268 74 Morning Light by Zoroko Morning Light :iconzoroko:Zoroko 3,677 481 Legend of Zelda - Wii/WiiU/DS/etc Era by lucidsky Legend of Zelda - Wii/WiiU/DS/etc Era :iconlucidsky:lucidsky 3,061 156 Twilight Princess: Midna? by Zelbunnii Twilight Princess: Midna? :iconzelbunnii:Zelbunnii 1,208 270
In the Shadows Dark Link X Reader
      “We are going to get caught, and when we do, do you know what's going to happen to us? Jail, we're both going to go to jail.” Throwing your arms in the air, you let out a frustrated sigh. “I don't want to go to jail. I have a really good life, I'm happy.”
Dark Link, who you now lovingly referred to as Dink, placed his hand over your mouth. “If you would shut your mouth for even a second, it would greatly lower our chances of getting caught. Not to mention it would really raise our chances of success.” After a quick peek over the bushes to  make sure  no one heard you, he looked back down at you. “Now please, try to be a little more quiet.” Slowly he removed his hand from your mouth. “Now follow me.” While on hands and knees, Dink crawled under bushes and scurried through the open areas until he felt safe.
Tired from crawling all that way, you leaned against a grey stone wall of the castle and cau
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Final Smash/Seal by Lethalityrush Final Smash/Seal :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 1,972 267 Twilit Arachnid by Escaron Twilit Arachnid :iconescaron:Escaron 1,803 618 Link Portrait Bead Sprite by SerenaAzureth Link Portrait Bead Sprite :iconserenaazureth:SerenaAzureth 454 45