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All My Fault: Link x Reader

    (e/c) = Eye Color
    Link watched as you lay on the solid rock platform, the fairies tending to your wounds. You looked angelic even when injured. How could this have happened? How...could he have let this happen?
    The blonde swallowed the lump forming in his throat. He had promised himself he would protect you. From the moment you joined him on his journey. From the moment he knew you wouldn't leave his side, he had promised.
    Now look at what happened. Was he sure he could protect you anymore? Or at all?
    He mouthed a curse under his breath, choking back tears. He couldn't cry. Heroes don’t cry. But you both had been through so much together….and to see you like this…all because of him…
    Link was lost in sorrowful thought, not noticing
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dA Guide: Text Formatting
This is just a quick text formatting guide for dA. My goal was to make a simple html guide for easy reference.  Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work!  (Certain codes won't work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
I provided "working examples," which might make the codes easier to understand because you can see them in action. (Keep in mind that when you type html tags, the effects won't be visible until AFTER you hit "Preview" on your comment, journal, etc. I only made them visible for the purpose of demonstration.) Enjoy!!!

The following codes can be used in
comments, deviation descriptions, journals, and profile page widgets.

This will make bold text.
This will also make bold text.
This will make italicized text.
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