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Piece of Cake
Piece of Cake
Mary was setting out yet another tray of sticky raisin buns when the door to her shop jingled.  She smiled at the pretty woman who’d entered and gestured to the back of the shop.  “Come in, come in, I could use some more variety.”
“More... what?” asked the brunette, confused.  “I’m here about...”
But Mary had already headed into the back of the shop, leaving the younger woman to follow.  She looked around in surprise.  There was no oven, but dozens of cooling racks, and tray after tray of raisin buns on them.
“What?” she asked again.  “No, where.... Where is what I need to know.”
“Just stand right there and we’ll see what you’re made of,” said Mary, holding up a small device that looked like a hand-held grocery scanner.  “You’re right-handed, right?”  At the woman’s confused nod, Mary pressed a button and bright pu
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Life as an Amputee Chapter IV
"You did this for me?"
Lily checked the outfit carefully, it was superman blue, her favourite colour.
"It's called cover-all."
'What a good name' she thought.That outfit would cover her scars, and she was quite sure that this outfit would look great on her.
"I wanna try it!"
Her husband dressed her carefully, rolled her and zipped the clothe in the end , when he rolled her back he realised that she was smiling.
"Do I look good?"
"Yes, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.."
Lily looked herself in the mirror,her new dress  fitted on her and it was so beautiful.His husband made her hair carefully,put a little hat on her hair.then put some make-up on her face.
"I thought you wouldn't want to go outside.."
"You're right,I don't want it, but I can't object someone who's great at make-up!"
He smiled.He lifted her up took her to car tighten her seatbelt, put her wheelchair to the back into the car and started to drive.
He didn't show it but he was nervous, she knew
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Life as an Amputee chapter II
I woke up to another day.another day that I was going to lie in my bed.
It had been a month after the accident and I was still at hospital.Lying down in my bed and doing nothing..But I didn't think it was boring –yet.Nurses took care of me everyday.Fed my, changed my diapers and talked to me, tried to make me think that my life is not bad at all.But it was.I never get use to being fed by others.Nurses were really good at their work but I was always uncomfortable with it.And the thing that I hate was diapers.after they pt out my cast they put a diaper on me.I was so embarassed and I couldn'y say anything.But I couldn't pee in it.It was impoossible for me.But after a few hours I realised that I wont be able to hold it any longer.after that I used them but never get use to it.
Nicole – one of the nurses- came into my room by saying " Good Mornign!" with a cheerful voice.She opened he curtains, then came next to me.
"How are you today?"
"same..What about you?"
"I'm fine!" she sai
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Xifeng's origin part 2
The days went on and Xifeng health slowly improved. One morning she woke up and didn’t find anyone in the cave. That day, Xifeng felt strong enough and she crawled slowly toward the cave entrance.
Xifeng found outside the religious man along with the twins, training with the swords. The twin girls were using Jian swords and coordinated perfectly their attacks working as one.
Xifeng lost balance and fell face forward. The Taoist heard the girl voice when she tried useless to stop her fall. He went to help the handicapped girl along with the girls.
“I see you are much better now, girl. I healed your injuries; I served as a battlefield medic in my youth. You’ve been this last nine days, recovering from your wounds.” The Taoist man told the girl. “My name is Gan Mei Rao and these are the cursed Mao twins, Xi Shi and Ta Rou. Do you have a name, girl?”
Xi Shi, the pink haired sister, jumped over Ta Rou’s shoulders. Both of them bow to Xifeng a
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Xifeng's origin part 1
By Yomero.
During the early XIX century in southern China, people at a small village prepared for work. That summer morning, the sun rose above the distant hills presaging another beautiful summer morning. Not far from the village, a man in his late thirties walked toward the forest accompanied by two young girls.
The older of the girls was nine. She had shoulder long dark straight hair. She was wearing her training red uniform and had a long stick in her hand.
Aside of her and running around the man, was the younger of the two. She was a seven year old peppy girl. She had short red hair and a uniform similar to the older girl, but blue color.
“Calm down, Xifeng.” The man told the younger girl. “Please walk aside of your sister.”
“Yes dad!” Xifeng replied happy.
“She is not my sister.” The older girl interrupted while waving her stick.
The man remained quiet for a while. As they reached the top of the hill, the man t
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