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Favorite Characters Meme 2 by sharkie19 Favorite Characters Meme 2 :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,594 280 McQueen and Doc by kaz320 McQueen and Doc :iconkaz320:kaz320 1,033 196 THE RACE FOR WHO'S FASTEST (Now on YouTube) by ShoNuff44 THE RACE FOR WHO'S FASTEST (Now on YouTube) :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 1,683 363 Lightning and Dusty by sharkie19 Lightning and Dusty :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 442 86 All of Pixar by Vilva All of Pixar :iconvilva:Vilva 928 124 I know all your tricks by Mistrel-Fox I know all your tricks :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 527 168 Ka-chow by mrlorgin Ka-chow :iconmrlorgin:mrlorgin 190 27 Race Before Breakfast by Blue-Fox Race Before Breakfast :iconblue-fox:Blue-Fox 714 130 Mother Road by DaBurninator Mother Road :icondaburninator:DaBurninator 109 15 Real Life Lightning McQueen by RexiDoodle Real Life Lightning McQueen :iconrexidoodle:RexiDoodle 98 49 Insubordinate Autobot by ArtistAbe Insubordinate Autobot :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 754 141 Why? by GlassesGirl95 Why? :iconglassesgirl95:GlassesGirl95 26 6 The Kiss, Meme. by Shadoru-Flames The Kiss, Meme. :iconshadoru-flames:Shadoru-Flames 84 77 Cars 2 Gijinka The Racers. by Shadoru-Flames Cars 2 Gijinka The Racers. :iconshadoru-flames:Shadoru-Flames 97 47 Impressionistic McQueen by PadawanLinea Impressionistic McQueen :iconpadawanlinea:PadawanLinea 123 45 CARS that never made it by wannabemustangjockey CARS that never made it :iconwannabemustangjockey:wannabemustangjockey 491 255 LightningMcQueen by shutobon LightningMcQueen :iconshutobon:shutobon 181 23 What do I do, Doc? by AgentFizzalButt What do I do, Doc? :iconagentfizzalbutt:AgentFizzalButt 162 131
Cars Fan Oath
I'll remember Francesco
When somebody annoys me,
And I shall think of Chick Hicks
When someone is a bully.
I promise that I'll think of Red
When I'm feeling shy
And I will think of Siddely
Each and every time I fly.
I will always think of Sarge
When I meet someone who served
And I'll remember the Lemons
When I hear words that hurt.
I'll think of Ramone and Flo
When true love I someday find
And I'll  remember Leland
Whenever I'm in a bind.
I'll promise to remember Finn
When I must be strong
And I'll remember Strip Weathers
When I have been wronged.
I will think of Lightning
When I am in a race
And I will think of Fillmore
When all I want is peace.
I will remember Lizzie
When somebody ages
And I'll think of Professor Z
When somebody rages.
I'll think of Radiator Springs
When I visit a small town
And I'll honor Doc's memory
When I finally must slow down.
I promise to think of Mater and Holley
When opposites attract
And of brave Rod Redline
When I hear of an attack.
I'll think fondly
:iconlarkfeather425:Larkfeather425 15 7
McQueen and Sheriff by shutobon McQueen and Sheriff :iconshutobon:shutobon 148 16 Happy Valentines! by GlassesGirl95 Happy Valentines! :iconglassesgirl95:GlassesGirl95 23 3 DC-Lightning McQueen and Sally (color) by vanillacoke-disney DC-Lightning McQueen and Sally (color) :iconvanillacoke-disney:vanillacoke-disney 150 28 Vacations by RoronoaxPhantom Vacations :iconroronoaxphantom:RoronoaxPhantom 131 245 Lightning McQueen by bensonput Lightning McQueen :iconbensonput:bensonput 78 24 ::Cars:: LightningxSally HS by Mistrel-Fox ::Cars:: LightningxSally HS :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 451 135 Lightning McQueen and  Jr. by shutobon Lightning McQueen and Jr. :iconshutobon:shutobon 120 6
Cars 3-The final answer.
This was originally a journal entry, but I wanted to make it official among the fanclubs.
I recently took the trip of my life, and this is a summed-up retelling of it. (I cut out a lot of major stuff.) But I swear that if you're a Pixar fan, you'll want to read it through. There's some good info in here.
So this past July, I did something that I've been wanting to do since '06. It's no secret that I'm a diehard Cars fangirl, argueably the biggest. There's this Pixar-based animation course in Disneyland (California) that I've always wanted to dobut have never had the funds. But by some miracle, my folks had some extra vacation cash that allowed for more than a float trip. So I went on the ultimate OCD-er's trip- a road trip down Route 66 to California to visit Carsland and take the animation course. I was, by all means, estatic.
The trip started out on a good note. I hopped our family's trusty 12 year old Lexus with my laptop in hand, ready for the long drive. I turned on the radio to t
:iconpixar-porsche:Pixar-Porsche 19 64
Frank's gonna get you by Splapp-me-do Frank's gonna get you :iconsplapp-me-do:Splapp-me-do 222 87 Lil Cars by Nevuela Lil Cars :iconnevuela:Nevuela 169 106 - Lightning McQueen - by Lizkay - Lightning McQueen - :iconlizkay:Lizkay 242 93 cars - nuzzlenuzzle by RedDestiny cars - nuzzlenuzzle :iconreddestiny:RedDestiny 192 65 DAD GUMI by shutobon DAD GUMI :iconshutobon:shutobon 116 17 Cars 3 Lightning McQueen vs Jackson Storm 1000x416 by LightningMcQueen2017 Cars 3 Lightning McQueen vs Jackson Storm 1000x416 :iconlightningmcqueen2017:LightningMcQueen2017 30 5 Lightning McQueen by Candy-Coupe Lightning McQueen :iconcandy-coupe:Candy-Coupe 57 59 Cars | Hollywood Star by danyboz Cars | Hollywood Star :icondanyboz:danyboz 151 58 V:1 McQueen by marsbarrl V:1 McQueen :iconmarsbarrl:marsbarrl 539 16 Lightning McQueen Cake Topper by GrandmaThunderpants Lightning McQueen Cake Topper :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 82 15 At the Door by pancake-ss At the Door :iconpancake-ss:pancake-ss 48 66 They say that... by Shadoru-Flames They say that... :iconshadoru-flames:Shadoru-Flames 33 36 you weren't even watching by Rainmaker113 you weren't even watching :iconrainmaker113:Rainmaker113 143 29 McMater by vladimirmasters McMater :iconvladimirmasters:vladimirmasters 85 16 CARS ... as people by wannabemustangjockey CARS ... as people :iconwannabemustangjockey:wannabemustangjockey 242 88 Thinking Portada by RoronoaxPhantom Thinking Portada :iconroronoaxphantom:RoronoaxPhantom 84 52 On My Own by GlassesGirl95 On My Own :iconglassesgirl95:GlassesGirl95 14 1 Planes Stamp by FelineMyth Planes Stamp :iconfelinemyth:FelineMyth 116 24 Lightning McQueen by Black-Charizard Lightning McQueen :iconblack-charizard:Black-Charizard 351 259 Memories by TanyaLis Memories :icontanyalis:TanyaLis 103 24