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Favorite Characters Meme 2 by sharkie19 Favorite Characters Meme 2 :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,591 280 THE RACE FOR WHO'S FASTEST (Now on YouTube) by ShoNuff44 THE RACE FOR WHO'S FASTEST (Now on YouTube) :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 1,673 359 McQueen and Doc by kaz320 McQueen and Doc :iconkaz320:kaz320 1,023 196 Ka-chow by mrlorgin Ka-chow :iconmrlorgin:mrlorgin 159 25 All of Pixar by Vilva All of Pixar :iconvilva:Vilva 929 124 Lightning and Dusty by sharkie19 Lightning and Dusty :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 435 86 Insubordinate Autobot by ArtistAbe Insubordinate Autobot :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 749 141 CARS that never made it by wannabemustangjockey CARS that never made it :iconwannabemustangjockey:wannabemustangjockey 492 255 Race Before Breakfast by Blue-Fox Race Before Breakfast :iconblue-fox:Blue-Fox 706 130 Why? by GlassesGirl95 Why? :iconglassesgirl95:GlassesGirl95 25 6 I know all your tricks by Mistrel-Fox I know all your tricks :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 520 168 Real Life Lightning McQueen by RexiDoodle Real Life Lightning McQueen :iconrexidoodle:RexiDoodle 96 48 F16 - Dork of the Moon by jbwarner86 F16 - Dork of the Moon :iconjbwarner86:jbwarner86 307 77 Happy Valentines! by GlassesGirl95 Happy Valentines! :iconglassesgirl95:GlassesGirl95 23 3
Cars Fan Oath
I'll remember Francesco
When somebody annoys me,
And I shall think of Chick Hicks
When someone is a bully.
I promise that I'll think of Red
When I'm feeling shy
And I will think of Siddely
Each and every time I fly.
I will always think of Sarge
When I meet someone who served
And I'll remember the Lemons
When I hear words that hurt.
I'll think of Ramone and Flo
When true love I someday find
And I'll  remember Leland
Whenever I'm in a bind.
I'll promise to remember Finn
When I must be strong
And I'll remember Strip Weathers
When I have been wronged.
I will think of Lightning
When I am in a race
And I will think of Fillmore
When all I want is peace.
I will remember Lizzie
When somebody ages
And I'll think of Professor Z
When somebody rages.
I'll think of Radiator Springs
When I visit a small town
And I'll honor Doc's memory
When I finally must slow down.
I promise to think of Mater and Holley
When opposites attract
And of brave Rod Redline
When I hear of an attack.
I'll think fondly
:iconlarkfeather425:Larkfeather425 14 7
Lightning McQueen by Black-Charizard Lightning McQueen :iconblack-charizard:Black-Charizard 349 258 DC-Lightning McQueen and Sally (color) by vanillacoke-disney DC-Lightning McQueen and Sally (color) :iconvanillacoke-disney:vanillacoke-disney 145 28 Mother Road by DaBurninator Mother Road :icondaburninator:DaBurninator 104 15 Lightning McQueen by bensonput Lightning McQueen :iconbensonput:bensonput 78 24 Lightning McQueen Cake Topper by GrandmaThunderpants Lightning McQueen Cake Topper :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 82 15 Cars | Hollywood Star by danyboz Cars | Hollywood Star :icondanyboz:danyboz 148 58 Frank's gonna get you by Splapp-me-do Frank's gonna get you :iconsplapp-me-do:Splapp-me-do 220 87 McMater by vladimirmasters McMater :iconvladimirmasters:vladimirmasters 83 16 Mcqueen is Fading. by wizarddoc205 Mcqueen is Fading. :iconwizarddoc205:wizarddoc205 22 5 Sense of Right Alliance Poster by mrlorgin Sense of Right Alliance Poster :iconmrlorgin:mrlorgin 75 28 - Lightning McQueen - by Lizkay - Lightning McQueen - :iconlizkay:Lizkay 244 93 Cars 2 Gijinka The Racers. by Shadoru-Flames Cars 2 Gijinka The Racers. :iconshadoru-flames:Shadoru-Flames 97 47 V:1 McQueen by marsbarrl V:1 McQueen :iconmarsbarrl:marsbarrl 540 16 ::Cars:: LightningxSally HS by Mistrel-Fox ::Cars:: LightningxSally HS :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 451 135 Cars :: Pit Stop by Pumkin-Portfolio Cars :: Pit Stop :iconpumkin-portfolio:Pumkin-Portfolio 65 16 At the Door by pancake-ss At the Door :iconpancake-ss:pancake-ss 45 66 Lightning by xanderthurteen Lightning :iconxanderthurteen:xanderthurteen 63 10 CARS ... as people by wannabemustangjockey CARS ... as people :iconwannabemustangjockey:wannabemustangjockey 241 88 On My Own by GlassesGirl95 On My Own :iconglassesgirl95:GlassesGirl95 14 1 Lightning Pls by RexiDoodle Lightning Pls :iconrexidoodle:RexiDoodle 50 26 Cars Cake Topper Progress by GrandmaThunderpants Cars Cake Topper Progress :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 54 11 The Kiss, Meme. by Shadoru-Flames The Kiss, Meme. :iconshadoru-flames:Shadoru-Flames 81 77 Lightning McQueen by Candy-Coupe Lightning McQueen :iconcandy-coupe:Candy-Coupe 57 59 Are you LIGHTNING quick? by pancake-ss Are you LIGHTNING quick? :iconpancake-ss:pancake-ss 55 61 What do I do, Doc? by AgentFizzalButt What do I do, Doc? :iconagentfizzalbutt:AgentFizzalButt 129 86 Lil Cars by Nevuela Lil Cars :iconnevuela:Nevuela 170 105 Impressionistic McQueen by PadawanLinea Impressionistic McQueen :iconpadawanlinea:PadawanLinea 119 45 Teaser Reaction by TardyPrincess Teaser Reaction :icontardyprincess:TardyPrincess 50 29 Pudgy Lightning by RexiDoodle Pudgy Lightning :iconrexidoodle:RexiDoodle 63 34 Lightning McQueen Wallpaper by JoeGrafix Lightning McQueen Wallpaper :iconjoegrafix:JoeGrafix 51 21 Lightning McQueen Hat by AnimeNomNoms Lightning McQueen Hat :iconanimenomnoms:AnimeNomNoms 51 17